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Wednesday May 23, 2018. 01:43 AM
Guest post by Jeremy Young. This article originally appeared on Soundfly’s Flypaper It’s all about the story. Fundraising experts will say this time and time again: “People fund people, not ideas.” In other words, when asking for money, what tends to get through to your...
Monday May 21, 2018. 11:00 AM
Moving your band to a new rehearsal venue may seem overwhelming but it does not have to be. You can take steps to make the move less stressful. The following are some steps you can take to avoid some of the pitfalls of moving. Make a List You should create a list detailing...
Saturday May 19, 2018. 11:00 AM
Catherine Harris-White | “Dirty Computer” Ushers In New Era of Janelle Monáe GoGoirilla Media | How To Promote Your Product Or New Project On A Budget Rachelle Wilber | How To Keep Yourself Safe And Secure At A Music Festival Kristal Bean | Top Ways To Promote Your Music...
Friday May 18, 2018. 01:56 PM
Guest post by Catherine Harris-White of Soundfly’s Flypaper In the era of Cardi B, Beyoncé, Lena Waithe, Laverne Cox, Tiffany Haddish, and many others, we bask in the glory of Black womxn. No longer are we afraid to show our thick thighs, curvy curls, and infectious...
Thursday May 17, 2018. 02:20 AM
When a product or service promises consumers greater bang for their buck, it’s a powerful motivator. Getting the highest value from spending the least amount of money is what most people want from the products they buy. It’s no different for the marketers themselves....
Wednesday May 16, 2018. 01:30 AM
With longer summer days comes plenty of music festivals held across the country. Whether you are a lover of alternative, rock, country or Christian rock, there is a fun and vibrant festival calling your name. However, not everything at a festival is fun and games. Instead,...
Monday May 14, 2018. 02:22 PM
No matter which field you choose in life, marketing has become an integral part of every field. Whether you cook food, paint or make music marketing is something you should keep yourself updated about. If you’re an up an coming musician, the first thing that you will need is...
Saturday May 12, 2018. 11:00 AM
Brandon Jackson | 5 Ways To Market Your Music To New Fans Vanessa Ferrer | How To Use Merch To Engage Your Fans Tom Jager | 7 Laws For Smart Songwriting Bandzoogle | What To Do After Your Band Breaks Up MusicThinkTank | Streaming Is Killed The CD - And It’s OK Daniel...
Friday May 11, 2018. 05:00 AM
Building a fan base for your music is often the hardest obstacle to overcome as an independent artist. As artists, we tend to feel that the music should speak for itself, but that leads to an endless cycle of us releasing music and getting no response. Learning how to...
Wednesday May 9, 2018. 03:09 PM
Fan engagement and direct-to-fan are hot topics these days because it’s finally come to light that fans are the real gatekeepers in the music business. And by now we should also know that merchandise is one of the surefire ways that artists can make solid money today. Like...
Tuesday May 8, 2018. 10:25 AM
Music surrounds us every day – we hear it while driving the car, shopping in the mall, or eating in a restaurant. It has become a part of our everyday routine, and some of us can’t imagine an hour of our lifetime without a favorite song. Music is something we aspire to....
Monday May 7, 2018. 10:54 PM
Earlier this year, US-based supermarket chain Best Buy announced it will no longer carry music on physical support - CDs, mostly - due to its dwindling record sales. According to sources speaking to Billboard Magazine, the chain was making a mere $40 million a year from...
This post was written by Lisa Occhino and originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog Being in a band is just like being in any other relationship: the beginning is exciting and full of possibility, but at some point, you might realize that you and your bandmates just aren’t...
Wednesday May 2, 2018. 11:27 PM
If you’re a traveling musician who doesn’t have a desire to settle down anywhere in particular, there’s a lot of precedent for you (bohemians, Robert Johnson, Bob Dylan), but the modern world doesn’t necessarily seem friendly to your lifestyle. At least that’s what it seemed...
I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not musically inclined. I can draft a novella quicker than some can cook breakfast, copyedit with my eyes closed, and do a spot-on impression of Cher from Clueless. Yet, if you put a music book in front of me and sit me down at the piano, c...
Saturday April 28, 2018. 11:00 AM
Joan Selby | How To Write A Hit: 5 Psychological Tricks Andrew Rodgers | 3 Scientific Examples That Music Is Good For Health Yannick Weiler | The Future Of Drumming Rachelle Wilber | How Do Professional Bands Get Ready To Go On Tour? Kevin Brown| 8 Reasons Why Artist To Fan...
Friday April 27, 2018. 02:03 PM
When you’re sitting down at the piano or the guitar and getting ready to write a new song, it’s often difficult to know where to start. If you watch interviews with well-known songwriters, you start to notice that half of them have no idea how they do it. They just sit down...
Thursday April 26, 2018. 03:12 PM
Music is an amazing form of art. No other way of transmitting information could overcome all possible barriers: language, age, nationality… But do we all know about it? Modern scholars believe that music is not just art, because it affects not only our consciousness, but...
Wednesday April 25, 2018. 08:55 PM
Modern technology is here to stay — that much is an understatement. In fact, not only is new technology here, it is progressing, and it is doing so at an increasing rate. Our lives are changing, revolutionizing, more quickly than anyone could have ever guessed. It has...
Tuesday April 24, 2018. 04:55 PM
It’s such an exciting experience for professional bands to get to a place where they’re able to go on tour. This means that it’s no longer a local garage band that only friends and family come to hear. Now, there are people in other states who want to hear the live version...
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