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Thursday February 25, 2021. 09:18 PM
Visualists and audiovisualists, rejoice. A major rabbit hole of 3D eye candy is now free for both Unreal and Unity. The post Procedural visuals for everybody: Houdini is now free for Unreal and Unity appeared first on CDM Create Digital Music.
It's like something out of a William Gibson plotline. Nothing is headquartered in London and will make... something. And apart from tapping alumni of Apple, Twitch, Reddit, YouTube, and a CEO from OnePlus - they're also bringing in Swedish designers Teenage Engineering. The...
Wednesday February 24, 2021. 12:33 AM
You've seen some feature lists - and this time Ableton is even doing a 90-day free trial. But how do you actually dig into what's new in Live 11 and start working? Here's a deep guide to all the essentials. The post Monster cheat sheet: what’s new in Ableton Live 11 and...
Tuesday February 23, 2021. 12:40 PM
Live 11 is now available - not a beta, final release. And there's a slightly different Max version out this week, too. Here's the quick overview: The post Ableton Live 11, Max 8.1.x, are both live now; ask anything appeared first on CDM Create Digital Music.
Monday February 22, 2021. 10:11 PM
Notch is the latest 'it' real-time visual effects tool. So as motion maven Defasten produced a dazzling science fiction video for my latest release, I asked him to share how it all works. Enter the nodegraph. The post Behind the scenes of a sci-fi 3D music video, as Defasten ...
Friday February 19, 2021. 09:49 PM
From Beirut to Berlin, Perth to Orange County, Moscow to Nanjing, 42 labels are joining the Indonesian underground in imagining a decentralized musical future. Even as DIY duo Senyawa planted the seeds, Alkisah seems a movement as much as an album release. The idea might...
Thursday February 18, 2021. 06:48 PM
What is this MPE 'polyphonic expression' about? Well, you can get your hands all over the vintage test tone goodness of Fundamental, and a bunch of synths will be easier to control in Ableton Live 11 out of the box. Let's explain. The post These instruments work with MPE...
Tuesday February 16, 2021. 07:11 PM
Mutable Instruments' Clouds defined granular instruments even beyond the modular world. Beads - making a surprise debut today - is a brilliant-looking follow-up, retaining the design but improving almost every element. The post Beads is the new sequel to Mutable Instruments’...
Monday February 15, 2021. 10:31 PM
You've got an iPhone or an iPad, and you want to control.... a Max patch, a live visual or VJ app, Unreal Engine, a live-coding synth in Tidal/SuperCollider. Finally, there's a worthy, fresh option for making it happen - one that makes making layouts uncommonly easy. The...
No obscure Moog synthesizer past is left out - it's like a party. The latest is IK Multimedia, the 1981 Moog Memorymoog, and - it's available for free (with mailing list sign-up). The post Get a free Memorymoog: Syntronik Memory-V freebie from IK Multimedia appeared first on ...
Thursday February 11, 2021. 09:33 PM
Ableton Live 11 has its final release on Tuesday, 23 February. Near-release beta is available, too. Here's a refresher on what's new - and an open thread on what you might like to know. The post Ableton Live 11 has a release date on 23rd – what’s new, what do you want to know...
How do you set the mood to concentrate, especially in times of distraction and anxiety? Adjust the light, open a window to allow some air flow? Here's a unique set of sound design tools and music to match that accomplishes that with audio. The post Focus your distracted mind ...
Wednesday February 10, 2021. 05:49 PM
Analog synth + Sinevibes digital effects - the Dreadbox Typhon is one of the most compelling synths of the moment. So we turn to one of its bug testers to let us know how to get the most out of this week's big new update. The post Deep testing: new Dreadbox Typhon firmware,...
Tuesday February 9, 2021. 06:37 PM
Novation's Circuit Tracks is out now - I've got one to test. Circuit Rhythm is coming in summer. It's the one that samples directly; here's what we know so far. The post Novation’s Circuit Rhythm is coming in summer; here’s what we know appeared first on CDM Create Digital...
Okay, everybody's been seeing their computer too much lately. So Novation's Circuit Tracks does stuff with no screen, no menus, even no power plug - and squeezes tons of musical power for the money, at US$399 (about 399 EUR with VAT). The post What’s in Novation’s new...
Monday February 8, 2021. 05:08 PM
'It's very brave to look complex things in the eye and say, calm down.' Some Björk TV clips from the 90s explore minimalism, immediacy, tiny handheld instruments, and the work of the late Mika Vainio. The post Inside a note: explore minimalism with Björk home studio visits ...
Friday February 5, 2021. 10:12 PM
Forget what platform it's on for a moment - a Friday is a perfect time to support independent DIY music production, by directly supporting the artist and downloading something that you can come back to again and again. The post Fresh picks to dowload from Bandcamp –...
In self-released sounds emanating from the state of Virginia, glia's studies in rhythm and phrase are absolutely essential. The post Don’t miss the gorgeous, shuffling loops of glia [bandcamp picks] appeared first on CDM Create Digital Music.
Thursday February 4, 2021. 07:23 PM
With a panner that can be flown with a joystick - even for surround sound - and loads of other inventions, Erica Synths and Liquid Sky's Ingmar Koch are boldly going deeper in Dada. The post Erica’s modular Dada Noise System II dives into joys of joysticks, history of Dada...
Wednesday February 3, 2021. 12:15 PM
Crowds of people, bright lights piercing the darkness, techno bouncing against cavernous industrial concrete – oddly the game Hitman 3 is a refuge for people who miss clubbing. Heh, even the early morning open-air birdsong is familiar. Daniel D has made a loving tour of the...
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