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Friday July 1, 2022. 06:36 PM
Roland just dropped a huge update for their SP-404 MKII, with a bunch of new features for playing and processing sound - including TR-REC step sequencing. Here's your guide, if you're lucky enough to have one of the units. The post Roland SP-404MKII 2.0: TR-REC step...
Thursday June 30, 2022. 06:41 PM
It's the ultimate music gear you can swallow. Sorry, make that carry in your pocket. And now the TX-6 starts to make more sense. The post The insanely tiny Teenage Engineering TX-6 now records and connects and makes more sense appeared first on CDM Create Digital Music.
Wednesday June 29, 2022. 06:54 PM
It's official: video games, or certainly their leading icon Atari, have crossed the half-century landmark. But maybe that's why the aesthetics of some of Atari's earliest greats now sound newly fresh - not only retro, but as something elemental no deep in music, art, and...
'Picked up this machine at a local garage sale. The owner said he picked up in the 90s and it was not working. Poking around and fixing the power board, it fired up and it turned out to be a tracker sampler. Looks very similar to a modern tracker?' The post Check this...
Tuesday June 28, 2022. 04:52 PM
When it comes to chilly polar sounds, it's tough to top the incredible Antarctic Weddell seal. These creatures live in some of the most extreme conditions on Earth, above and below sea ice - and scientists are discovering more and more about their audible and inaudible...
Monday June 27, 2022. 01:43 PM
Acoustic instruments we think of largely in wood, string, gut, metal. Terje Isungset has spent decades making music out of ice. The post Terje Isungset makes musical instruments out of carved Arctic ice appeared first on CDM Create Digital Music.
It's the unsung software modular platform - Voltage Modular has an eminently usable interface and now some 1500 modules. And now a bunch of rare Moog-derived effects, oscillators, filters, and vocoder they created with MRB arrive where they belong: natively in the Voltage...
Thursday June 23, 2022. 02:40 PM
What a week - the Juneteenth commemoration in the US, Chicago house music interest trending as it's repurposed for new big-name pop, and the death of disco legend Patrick Adams. Every day is a good day to know your roots, so let's do this. The post Trace the Black roots of...
Wednesday June 22, 2022. 03:13 PM
Forget for a second industrial and techno and 'queerness' as social media fashion and commodity. Don't even worry if you particularly like the music on this EP. Berlin's Gegen remains a bastion of opposition to norms - and in spite of that, perhaps its greatest feat has...
Tuesday June 21, 2022. 12:36 PM
It's free, lightweight, simple, and clean - but make no mistake. Monolit can get big with sound, with FM, massive unison up to 7 voices, filter drive, and plenty of modulation. The post Free monosynth BLEASS Monolit for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad appeared first on CDM Create ...
Friday June 17, 2022. 02:34 PM
If you feel like a kid in a candy store, here’s still more eye candy you can make for free. A little bit of patchable generative graphics, a little bit of rendering live and interactively, and a little bit of keyframe animation and editing so you can hold it together? That...
Thursday June 16, 2022. 06:06 PM
It started as small collections of effects 'you'd actually use,' and Arturia's full FX Collection suite has grown well into that. I've been hands-on with the latest edition - here's all that's new. The post Arturia FX Collection 3: now with tube and op-amp distortion and...
Wednesday June 15, 2022. 11:21 PM
Bitwig and plug-in maker u-he today are announcing a new plug-in format into beta, dubbed CLAP, for CLever Audio Plug-in API. It's open and has features missing from the leading proprietary formats - and boasts some significant support at launch. So what will that mean for...
Tuesday June 14, 2022. 06:02 PM
It looks like another budget semi-modular, but look closer: Moog's latest is a distillation of a lot of what distinguishes a Moog modular voice, with some significant twists (wavefolder!). And it can work on its own or as an ideal companion to other patchable instruments....
Monday June 13, 2022. 04:48 PM
You're spoiled for choice in standalone drum machines. But Akai is leaning heavily on frequent updates - and there's plenty in the latest MPC 2.11 release for all their standalone devices. The post MPC standalone updates look tasty: retro and vinyl FX and amps, probability,...
Friday June 10, 2022. 11:13 PM
The free browser-based patching environment for visuals has one hot summer update. New ray casting and the power to walk around and walk into walls. The post Hot visual patch summer: adds character camera control, new physics, remote viewing appeared...
We truly live in a golden age of indie game development, for we have a breathtaking, achingly realistic simulation of French Horn controllable by crank on the pocket Playdate. The post Crank it up: A noble and elegant simulation of playing French Horn for Playdate appeared...
Thursday June 9, 2022. 07:01 PM
'Hey girls! Hey boys! Superstar VJs! Here we go!' Erm... ask your parents. Yeah Resolume will now sync your visuals to Pioneer mixers and CDJs, in a debut for PRO DJ LINK Bridge. And there's plenty more visual candy where that came from. The post Resolume 7.12 now syncs your ...
Wednesday June 8, 2022. 09:29 PM
Arturia's V-Collection 9 is more than just another 'add some more instruments, update a few things' V-Collection refresh. This one goes somewhere new and dreamy - both with new instruments that aren't remakes of old stuff, and some of the biggest advancements coming in the...
Tuesday June 7, 2022. 11:33 PM
The most powerful impact anyone can have in music is not just to find their own voice but to help others find theirs. It means that song echoing across the hills. And across hardware and software, few have shared passion and understanding of DIY musical expression quite like ...
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