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Tuesday April 23, 2019. 08:43 PM
Awaken from your dream of rolling lush hills of ambient reverb and softly churning waves of modulation to find the Walrus Audio SLÖ multi-texture reverb pedal nestled softly on your pedalboard. At first, there looks like a lot to unpack about the SLÖ, but once you stomp on ...
Monday April 22, 2019. 08:58 AM
Week On Walking The Floor Singer/songwriter Parker Millsap drops by Walking The Floor World Headquarters to discuss the joys of life in not-quite suburban Oklahoma, practicing fingerstyle on your high school binder, and of course, S.E. Hinton! About The Guest Parker Millsap...
Friday April 19, 2019. 06:57 PM
The new era in Taylor tone is upon us with the release of the Grand Pacific body shape! Featuring a wider waist, rounded shoulders, and game-changing V-class bracing, the Grand Pacific’s voice projects powerful low-end clarity with a rounded top-end. These highly musical...
Most drummers can remember that first moment when we understood our destiny. For me it goes back to the time I strolled into my middle school friend’s basement where his older brother had a Pearl Export kit set up, ready to rock. I more than anything in that moment wanted to...
Wednesday April 17, 2019. 09:01 AM
2019 marks the 40th anniversary of one of the most iconic and most copied overdrive pedals of all time: The Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer. Designed by Maxon and re-branded by Ibanez, the Tube Screamer has been a favorite among guitarists of all genres. Whether you’re trying to...
Tuesday April 16, 2019. 05:12 PM
There are countless guitar-based covers of the Game of Thrones theme on YouTube, but only one that’s played by show runner D.B. Weiss and theme composer Ramin Djawadi…and guitarists Tom Morello, Nuno Bettencourt and Scott Ian, plus Fender Principal Master Builder Ron Thorn. W...
Friday April 12, 2019. 08:00 AM
In Cymbal Anatomy, we’ve covered the structure of cymbals, from the bell down to the outermost lathed ring. With shape, thickness, and material (among other attributes) all making an important contribution in each cymbal’s unique sound, use this as your guide and reference to...
Wednesday April 10, 2019. 05:37 PM
The piano is a beautiful instrument with unmatched emotional depth. Without it we would be without the music of Elton John, Thelonious Monk, Alicia Keys, and many more. There are many types of pianos and each presents a different challenge for recording engineers. Recently,...
Tuesday April 9, 2019. 10:47 PM
Life’s questions never come to you clearly. Sometimes, such pondering comes to you in places where you have to face them. For me, it was staring at a wedding DJ, who I can best describe as your friendly, local church lady, firing up her Lenovo laptop and proceeding to do...
Monday April 8, 2019. 05:22 PM
Week On Walking The Floor Charlie Starr and Brit Turner from Atlanta’s one-and-only Blackberry Smoke hang out with me in a hotel room and talk about guitars, record labels, the touring grind, etc… About The Guest Blackberry Smoke is an American rock band from Atlanta,...
Friday April 5, 2019. 07:15 PM
There is an entire world outside of your hi-hats, crash, and ride cymbals that you might be ignoring. From the brash to the subtle, using effects cymbals can add a lot of personality to your sound. With an ever-expanding product category, it would be impossible to cover it...
Thursday April 4, 2019. 12:07 PM
Podcasts are blasting through a popularity level we really haven’t seen since the release of the Apple iPod back in the mid-2000s. There was a time when podcasts were a very hip thing that was just on the cusp of becoming mainstream. Well, welcome to the mainstream kids:...
Monday April 1, 2019. 05:41 PM
At first glance, Orange’s latest amp appears to be just like a typical 30-watt Orange combo – but that couldn’t be more wrong. What sets the TremLord 30 apart from the usual Orange flavor is the addition of an actual 12AT7 tube-driven, two-spring reverb tank. Couple that...
Saturday March 30, 2019. 07:00 AM
Where to start? If I somehow ended up in another universe and needed to explain what rock music was, I’d just put on an AC/DC record and be done with it. They are an absolute powerhouse of a group and are undeniably one of the most successful rock bands in history. For any do...
Friday March 29, 2019. 07:00 AM
Endorsements are a huge sales driver in any industry. It’s why young basketball stars are wooed to sign shoe deals with brands like Nike and Adidas. Or former NBA stars like Shaq, who get courted by brands like Icy Hot and Gold Bond. Music gear is no different, with a...
Wednesday March 27, 2019. 09:25 PM
It’s become a standard practice of modern recording to try and isolate each vocal and instrumental track as much as possible. For instance, making sure there is only snare coming through the snare mic, or isolating the vocals from the guitar during a simultaneous...
Tuesday March 26, 2019. 05:43 PM
G&L was founded in 1980 by George Fullerton and the legendary Clarence “Leo” Fender. Few people know about Leo’s time after leaving Fender, in which he designed some of the first Music Man models and then founded G&L where he worked until his passing. These instruments...
Monday March 25, 2019. 08:02 PM
Week On Walking The Floor Live from the Beer Garden stage at Luck Reunion 2019… it’s Shakey Graves! About The Guest Shakey Graves is an Americana musician from Austin, Texas. His music combines blues, folk, and rock and roll. Still interested? Visit the artist’s official...
Loved by many — and mildly perplexing to perhaps the same number of players, — the patiently enduring flanger effect has been found on recordings since the mid-20th century, and at the feet of guitarists since the ’70s. Even though the effect can yield mild, nuanced results,...
Friday March 22, 2019. 04:48 PM
If you’re in the market for a new PA system, you may have noticed the emerging category of consumer line array speakers from brands like JBL, Altec Lansing, and QSC. What makes these speakers ideal (or not) for a given venue or live performance situation? Let’s take a look....
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