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Monday October 15, 2018. 05:31 PM
Why do you need an analog mono synth? Surely any sound that you can make with an affordable, tabletop analog model like the IK Multimedia UNO can be recreated digitally, right? Wrong. Serious synth players know that analog has its own inimitable vibe and sound. As interest...
Thursday October 11, 2018. 06:51 PM
Electro-Harmonix has surprised us once again with the resurrection of a classic iteration of their most beloved pedal. Based on the original from 1969, the Triangle Big Muff Pi is a one-way ticket to high-gain heaven, with tons of extra volume on tap and a powerful tone...
Wednesday October 10, 2018. 04:03 PM
So, you’ve managed to record the perfect guitar take, but now you’re playing back the mix and and there’s something just a tad off. Maybe the guitars don’t seem quite big enough, or maybe they just aren’t as punchy as what you were looking for. Well, fear not my...
Monday October 8, 2018. 07:31 PM
Week On Walking The Floor Arkansas native Justin Moore stops by Walking The Floor world headquarters ahead of the release of his brand new single, “The Ones That Didn’t Make It Back Home!” About The Guest Justin Cole Moore is an American country music singer and songwriter...
Friday October 5, 2018. 08:00 AM
The grooves that make the sound move: lathing. Lathing is the rarely mentioned cymbal spec you may not know about, but you’ve certainly seen. These record-like grooves allow the cymbal to resonate and send the resonant frequencies out into the world. Lathing is the process ...
Thursday October 4, 2018. 08:49 PM
Deep within a secret mountainous facility underneath a waterfall, Orange designed the Brent Hinds Terror amp head in collaboration with the Mastodon guitarist himself…or so Brent says. This 15-watt beast boasts two foostwitchable channels — “Natural,” with just a single volum...
Pedal heads have a lot to be excited about today: Boss has just announced the DC-2W Dimension C and MT-2W Metal Zone! Like other pedals in the Waza Craft series, these pedals are made in Japan and incorporate a best-of-both worlds approach, letting players instantly recall...
Friday September 28, 2018. 08:00 AM
The redesigned Orange Terror Bass has arrived — and it sounds better than ever. With a tube preamp and 500-watt solid-state power amp, the Terror Bass mimics the tone of Orange’s flagship AD200 bass head in an affordable, gig-friendly package. The front panel of the Orange...
Thursday September 27, 2018. 08:21 PM
In our previous post we talked a little about DMX controllers and DMX-capable lighting fixtures. Now we can get creative and create a couple of scenes! Just like before, the ADJ Operator 384 and the Chauvet DJ SlimPar 56 LED light will be referenced. Now, what is a scene? A...
Tuesday September 25, 2018. 10:10 PM
Great recordings are defined by their drum sound. Think about your favorite album — can you picture that snare timbre in your head? Arctic Monkeys’ AM is a perfect example of a drum sound that truly defined an album. Tchad Blake took a high-energy group of performers and...
Monday September 24, 2018. 03:22 PM
Week On Walking The Floor Chris sits down with Brent Cobb backstage at the Fabulous Forum to discuss his latest record, “Providence Canyon,” and the joys of camping at KOA’s while on tour! About The Guest Brent Cobb is an American country music singer-songwriter and artist....
Friday September 21, 2018. 08:00 AM
Trying to navigate the vast scope of drum companies, kit sizes and materials, it can get confusing and hard to make a choice for your first kit. Finding the perfect shell kit to base your entire drum sound on is incredibly important and there are many variables to keep in...
Wednesday September 19, 2018. 08:00 AM
First released in 2007, iZotope’s RX software has become an increasingly popular option for audio repair work in music and post-production. One big reason for RX’s popularity is the regularity of major updates, which tend to include improvements as well as useful new capabili...
Tuesday September 18, 2018. 09:23 PM
Mike Matthews and his crew of tone-tweakers are up to their old tricks again. Just today they dropped the latest Electro-Harmonix pedal, Mod Rex, out of the blue. This isn’t the first time a new EHX pedal has appeared out of the ether, but this one is a real doozy! The Electr...
Saturday September 15, 2018. 08:00 AM
In our next installment of Legends of Tone, we’re showcasing a band that certainly deserves this special title based upon their influence on hard rock. That band is none other than Heart, a genre-defying group that reshaped what the general landscape of rock was or could...
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