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Monday September 24, 2018. 12:55 PM
This guest post by Patrick McGuire originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog If you’re a serious musician, I don’t need to tell you how tough it is to cut through the literal and symbolic noise to find and reach audiences. Yes, creating great music should always be at the...
Saturday September 22, 2018. 11:00 AM
Evan Zwisler | 10 Great Mobile Apps For Creating Music From Scratch Courtney Myers | Music Copyright Law And The Consumer Daniel Matthews | Are Musicians Really More Likely To Use Drugs? Victoria Greene| Kurt Cobain & Elliott Smith   
Friday September 21, 2018. 08:15 PM
NEWS: Lindsay Ell is headlining the final Monster Energy Outbreak Tour of 2018. Lauded as “one of the most exciting and talented young artists in country music” (Forbes), Lindsay Ell is a triple threat: accomplished musician, unique vocalist and songwriter. Her first...
Guest post by Evan Zwisler of Soundfly’s Flypaper For such a long time, I resisted using apps to make music. I thought they must just be crappy, tiny versions of what they’re attempting to emulate (soft synthesizers, DAWs, digital instruments), or lame tools for musicians...
Thursday September 20, 2018. 06:46 AM
Most of us remember the glory days where a blank CD and 10 of our favorite songs could quickly turn into the mixed tape playlist of the summer. As a tween, I would sit by my boom box in my room, waiting for my favorite songs to come on the radio so I could click “record” and...
Tuesday September 18, 2018. 04:47 PM
I used to do social work for a living, the kind of social work where you work with people in the field to reinforce what they’re learning in therapy. I was also (and still am) a musician. Throughout my time as a social worker, and really throughout my life, I’ve noted the...
Kurt Cobain and Elliott Smith are two musicians who share more than just a North West residency. Fiercely independent, and committed to doing things their own way, they epitomize the vibes of Seattle and Portland respectively. Below I explain how Cobain and Smith, and...
Saturday September 15, 2018. 08:12 PM
Nat Danger | Why I Quit The Music Industry To Join My Local Music Scene Warren Fowler | How To Prevent And Deal With Arthritis As A Musician Rachelle Wilber | Fortunate Musician: How Your Band Can Get More Gigs Brian Clark | How Music Affects Your Memory  
Friday September 14, 2018. 01:00 AM
In the spring of 2009, I was a college senior staring down the barrel of graduation, and I was clueless. I knew just one thing: I wanted to make music.  So I did the best thing I knew. I moved to Chicago, where I knew a few other musicians who had been making a living. I...
Wednesday September 12, 2018. 11:37 PM
Arthritis is a widespread disease and one of the main causes of disability among adults. Reports show that approximately 54 million people in the US have doctor-diagnosed arthritis, but the number is expected to grow to 78 million by 2040. The situation is particularly...
Tuesday September 11, 2018. 08:03 PM
Every band has to start out somewhere—even today’s most popular bands were once local bands looking for gigs to play. While you may get your fair share of shows here and there, you’ve probably found that combing through Craigslist and posting on social media isn’t enough to...
Monday September 10, 2018. 11:00 AM
Has it ever happened to you that you hear an old touching song that brought up beautiful memories? The power of music is so strong that it creates some special links in our minds, especially during the earlier stages of our lives. Music can help people with damaged memory...
Saturday September 8, 2018. 10:00 AM
Michael Hahn | 7 Weird Mixing Terms And What They Mean Hazel Ramsell | Do You Still Think You’re A Music Expert After This Vinyl Challenge? Casa Palmera | Learning To Love Music Festivals As A Sober Person Victor Taylor | Crash Course On Using Spotify And Other Streaming...
Friday September 7, 2018. 01:34 AM
NEWS: Universal Audio has announced their new Apollo X models, now with hexacore processors as standard. The Apollo X is UA's new flagship Thunderbolt 3 audio interfaces, 'featuring elite-class A/D and D/A conversion, new HEXA Core UAD plug-in processing, Unison mic preamps, ...
Thursday September 6, 2018. 02:20 PM
Guest post by Michael Hahn. This article originally appeared on Soundfly’s Flypaper Engineers can get pretty fired up when they’re talking about mixing music. Your sound is a difficult thing to describe — throw in a layer of technical jargon and it can be downright...
Tuesday September 4, 2018. 11:28 AM
Think about some of the most iconic albums in history… The sound. The artist. The cover art. Real music fans will be able see the hear the music and visualise an image when they think about some of the bestselling albums in history. But would you be able to spot these vinyl a...
Thursday August 30, 2018. 12:28 AM
Music festivals and nightclubs may seem like places to avoid if you’re recently sober. That might be true, if the scene is a specific trigger for your addiction. However, attending music festivals sober can be a fantastic experience and a welcome opportunity. Here is a series...
Wednesday August 29, 2018. 11:38 PM
The subscription-based music streaming model of Spotify and others – at the moment – makes it extremely unlikely for independent artists to make any significant money from sales of their music directly via those services. It’s still also yet to be proven as a viable business ...
Tuesday August 28, 2018. 02:40 PM
Artist Point Of View Is it time for a manager? Well, before we answer this, let’s quickly describe what a personal manager really does. Now the requirements can vary from case to case, but in general, the manager guides the artists career by becoming your business front. The...
NEWS: The Bob Moog Foundation has announced a new 2018 charity benefit raffle for three iconic Moog Synthesizers to benefit music education including Dr. Bob's SoundSchool, and the Moogseum. The raffle includes three winners for a vintage Memorymoog, Moog Source, and Moog...
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