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Saturday May 18, 2019. 02:20 PM
A new feature of the All Access Pass I have just added is Video Feeback. When you become a member, you’ll have the ability to get direct video feedback from me. You will just need to post an audio or video in the Forum section, then I’ll post a video giving you some pointers...
Tuesday May 14, 2019. 02:00 PM
[update May 14th 2019] After listening to music for so many years, there is one thing I have realized when it comes down to feeling the emotion from a guitar performance. Almost every time, the most passionate blues solos that make the hair on the back of my neck stand up...
Tuesday March 26, 2019. 05:59 PM
[ Updated March 2019 ] Eric Clapton is not only one of my favorite guitarists, but he has also been a big influence on the way I approach my guitar tone. Through the years he has created a number of amazing sounds coming from his guitar and below I’ll link to some of my...
Sunday February 3, 2019. 03:14 PM
In my new Blues Rhythm Guitar pt 2 course I want to continue on with the blues rhythm guitar lessons that were started in pt 1. There were personal and health reasons that Blues Rhythm Guitar pt 1 came to a hault but now have re structured the plan to teach the rest of the...
Saturday January 19, 2019. 03:33 PM
As the demand for download versions of the lessons has steadily decreased, I’ve decided to stop selling them. The amount of work it takes to create the download version then try to sell them individually takes up too much time where I could be creating new and better...
Thursday December 6, 2018. 01:34 PM
The next course I’m releasing is how to play in the style of Duane Allman over a Soul Serenade track. You’ll learn the concepts and techniques behind playing like Duane and a complete solo in the style of the legendary Soul Serenade. The first three lessons are now available...
Saturday November 10, 2018. 06:55 PM
For the 10 Year Anniversary I’m running a special promotion where you can win 1 of 5 All Access Passes. There will be 3 Yearly passes and 2 Lifetime passes given away. To qualify you will need to make a purchase of one of the following by Monday Feb 26th at 8am EST. Play...
Tuesday November 6, 2018. 05:48 PM
I have heard so many people tell me that they feel like they are stuck in a rut with their guitar playing and they don’t know what to do to get out of it. In this blog post I want to give you 7 tips to help YOU start getting out of that guitar rut so many people seem to end...
Sunday November 4, 2018. 04:36 PM
This week marks the 10 year anniversary for the release of my first ever DVD video course Slide Guitar Method 1 Open E Tuning. This is the course that started it all for me and was the catalyst that led to this website being my full time job for 10 years now. It’s crazy how...
Friday November 2, 2018. 03:00 PM
We’re approaching the end of 2018 and headed into a new year. Hopefully you’re super pumped that this WILL BE the year that you start learning how to improvise blues and slide guitar more proficiently. I’ll also assume that you might be really excited about that one piece of ...
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