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Wednesday July 10, 2024. 09:07 PM
Any graphic EQ will have a dramatic effect on your tone. I chose the GE-7 because I trust BOSS quality. Though I don’t gig nearly as much as I used to, a lot of my equipment choices over the years have been driven by durability. I know BOSS pedals will stand the test of time...
Thursday June 6, 2024. 01:57 PM
I’m pretty late to the game with the Tumnus, but I wanted a new overdrive. As if I needed more. I’ve got a milk crate full of old overdrives that I don’t use. And we’re talking about some pedals that cost me a couple of hundred bucks twenty years ago. But for some reason or [...
Thursday May 23, 2024. 07:50 AM
I got an original hand-wired Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay back in May of 2010. It was a huge expense for me at the time, costing $325.00. It was one of those pedals that, once I played it, I just had to have it. I remember that queasy feeling I had when I bought it, […]
Monday May 13, 2024. 08:56 PM
Every few years, I write about things I’ve learned. I’m an eternal student of guitars and music and performing and I never stop trying to learn because there is always something to learn. So, here’s another chapter in my learning experience. The sound is all that matters One...
Tuesday May 7, 2024. 09:06 PM
Summary: I’m amazed that after all these years of playing I hadn’t used one in my signal chain. But as many have discovered, if there’s one pedal that can have a dramatic effect on your tone, it’s this one, and it’s a pedal that every guitarist, whether playing electric or ac...
Sunday April 28, 2024. 12:29 AM
I just pulled the trigger on a BOSS GE-7 EQ pedal last week. It was a game-changer for me. And while I looked at a bunch of different graphic EQ pedals such as the Behringer EQ700, the MXR Six- and Ten-Band EQ, and even the very cool Source Audio EQ2, in the end I went […]
Thursday April 25, 2024. 09:19 PM
Duke Ellington once said, “If it sounds good, it IS good.” I’ve used that saying when talking about gear for years. And it still rings true today. When my rig sounds good to me, I’m inspired to play. I become more creative and expressive. I do more to eek out more from what I...
Thursday February 8, 2024. 12:40 AM
tldr; Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard it all before. There’s no way a solid-state amp could sound as good as a tube amp. Tell that to Joe Satriani who used a Roland Chorus on “Surfing with the Alien” or George Benson who used one for years. The point is that if sounds good, it is...
Tuesday January 23, 2024. 01:33 AM
As in Gear Acquisition Syndrome… Here’s the backstory… Back in May of 2021, I got an email from the keyboardist of my former old farts classic rock band asking if I’d be willing to fill in for their lead guitarist who was going to be away on a business trip. I agreed and we...
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