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Thursday January 21, 2021. 05:34 AM
I love my BOSS Katana Artist. It has such a great sound. And on top of that, it’s incredibly versatile. I can use the Line Out and go directly into a board and keep my stage volume low. It has totally changed the way I approach live performance. But there’s the rub. For live...
Monday January 11, 2021. 02:15 AM
Today, Jack Johnson put on a live streaming event called the Kokua Festival 2020. This is an annual event to help raise money for various schools and to fund various programs in and around Hawaii. Usually, it’s a concert festival with lots of different acts, but because of...
Wednesday January 6, 2021. 05:14 PM
Ten years ago, I was literally gigging over 200 days a year. I played in a band, did A LOT of solo acoustic gigs, and played weekly at church. Back then, I had a big electric board (I know, “big” is relative) that had anywhere from 10 to 20 pedals, depending on the gig. I’d...
If you record at home like me, you’ve probably devised different ways to get good quality sound in your recordings; all without breaking the bank. Make no bones about it, to record good-sounding songs is going to take a small investment but it shouldn’t make you spend your...
Saturday June 6, 2020. 12:44 AM
If you didn’t hear about this, here’s a good article about what transpired on In essence, Mike Fuller vented online about the looters and how they were ruining businesses. People somehow conflated that with him making racist statements which, from what I’ve read...
Monday June 1, 2020. 09:06 PM
Much love has been given out to the BOSS Katana amp line since it was released and over time, it has gained many devotees; myself included. Still, there are those folks out there who will argue that it’s still just a solid-state amp and could never be as good as a real tube a...
Sunday May 31, 2020. 06:40 PM
Summary: Smooth. That’s the one word I can describe these strings that applies to both sound and feel. Amazingly enough, even Elixir describes the feel as “smooth” on their website. They’re no making baseless claims. These feel and play as smooth as silk. Pros: It’s a coated...
Saturday May 30, 2020. 10:20 PM
Look no further than Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue album released in 1959. I’m not even close to being a fan of jazz, but I could listen to that particular album over and over again. The reason for this is that the entire album was a study in modes. In Kind of Blue, Miles Davis...
Friday May 22, 2020. 08:13 PM
Summary: When I first saw ads about this, I thought: It’s just another thumb pick. But the spring-loaded “holster” changes the game, allowing you to move the pick to a comfortable position on your thumb – something traditional thumb picks can’t do. Plus, the pick is a...
Friday May 15, 2020. 05:51 PM
With the lockdown, it has been such a great time to play guitar. But even before the lockdown, I’d normally play at least a half-hour a day. However, over the last several days, I’ve been putting in some serious time on my guitars, especially my Gibson J-45 Avant Garde acoust...
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