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Tuesday December 20, 2016. 04:32 PM
Like many, I tend to ignore ads when I’m surfing the Web, especially on Facebook. But this morning, I saw a picture on a Facebook ad that really intrigued me, so I clicked on it. It just so happens that I had been considering adding some kind of storage rack for my guitars...
Sunday December 18, 2016. 08:14 AM
Okay… so I’m in a band… again… And I’ve got GAS… again… BUT having reviewed literally hundreds of different kinds of gear of over the life of this blog (has it really been 9 years?), I’ve developed the discipline to not give into my initial urges and force myself to test...
Saturday December 17, 2016. 08:12 AM
At first blush, this idea sounds funny, but it’s not, because it can potentially train you for the real thing. Okay, okay… I’ll let you in on it. Imagine practicing to the drunkenness level of your drummer, with the variations of playing that that implies. Funny, right? But...
Friday December 9, 2016. 01:33 AM
Got the following in an email from Keith at Ernie Ball: Ernie Ball, the premiere builder of strings, accessories, guitars and basses, has a new documentary series, Ernie Ball:The Pursuit of Tone on AT&T AUDIENCE Network (DIRECTV ch.239 or on AT&T U-verse ch.1114), that...
Wednesday November 16, 2016. 06:13 PM
Okay, I lied. I said in my previous article that I’d have a First Impressions article in the next couple of days. But I got to play around with the amp for a couple of hours yesterday and decided that I played it enough to get a good idea of what I like and don’t […]
Tuesday November 15, 2016. 06:52 PM
I haven’t been this excited about some gear in a long time! Actually, I haven’t done all that much reviewing in awhile. Sure, I’ve done some little things here and there, but haven’t done an amp in a LONG time. When I picked this up at my buddy Dave’s house yesterday (he was...
Saturday November 12, 2016. 07:52 PM
This article leading up to the book advertisement is important. Give it a read… In any case, that article kind of hit home with me in that while I feel it’s important to know theory and scales, I believe that you can eventually arrive at that knowledge in your learning...
Wednesday November 9, 2016. 09:33 AM
Check out this video of a Branford Marsalis interview… The best line for me was: “We live in a country that seems to be in… …just a massive state of delusion where the IDEA of what you are is more important than you actually being that.” OMG!!! That phrase rang true for me...
Tuesday November 8, 2016. 11:12 PM
Last week, after watching the video of George Benson describing the construction of his new Fender Twin Signature, I got that ol’ familiar feelin’ of GAS. I loved the sound of that amp, and as the new band I’m in plays mostly classic rock from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, I...
Friday November 4, 2016. 08:13 PM
You’ve probably figured out by now – if you’ve read this blog with any regularity – that I’m a huge fan of the Jensen Jet series of speakers. Apparently, I’m not the only one. Fender has just released the George Benson Twin Reverb, and he chose the Jensen Jet Tornado 12″ for...
Wednesday November 2, 2016. 09:12 PM
Jensen Jet Nighthawk (P-A-C12-75NH) Summary: As described by Jensen, the Nighthawk features fat lows, firm mids, smooth highs, and smooth overdrive. My experience in a band setting is fairly similar, but I would characterize the lows as more “full” rather than “fat,” which...
Saturday October 22, 2016. 09:52 PM
I recently saw a video of Frank Zappa sharing his thoughts about playing a solo. All of it was great, but the one section that struck me the most was this: “My theory is this: I have a basic mechanical knowledge of the operation of the instrument and I got an imagination....
Wednesday September 28, 2016. 05:51 PM
Now this is a box I can gig with! No sound samples just yet, as I have been playing around with it and practicing before I do demos, but let me just say that this scaled-down version of the BeatBuddy is every bit as high-quality as the original. I’m impressed! For those of...
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