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Friday August 10, 2018. 06:54 PM
Earlier today, I was watching a video demonstration of the Seymour Duncan Mag Mic acoustic guitar pickup. It was a great demo and really showed off how the pickup performs and sounds with a variety of musical styles. Several people made some negative comments on how they...
Sunday July 22, 2018. 06:14 PM
I have this thing about gear and that is that it has to “speak” to me, and it’s probably why I’ve taken so long to get gear the last couple of years. I’ve pretty much found my sound, so I’ve become incredibly discerning. It used to be that if I thought something was cool, I’d...
Thursday July 19, 2018. 12:54 AM
So I did a little digging on my “new” guitar and contacted Godin directly to see if I could get some provenance information. By the way, the folks at Godin are awesome! Michel, the support person who answered my query originally, was so very helpful. If you have any Godin pr...
Sunday July 15, 2018. 06:14 PM
Sorry, no official pictures yet. But I will follow up… Out of the closet… Wow! It has been a LONG time since I announced an NGD! (New Guitar Day) Part of it has been due to the fact that since I found my sound, I haven’t been that compelled to get any new guitars. But […]
Friday June 15, 2018. 08:34 PM
When my boys were playing roller and ice hockey, I coached their teams, head coaching for roller hockey and doing dry land training for ice hockey. Over the years, I had several players who would have a habit of getting down on themselves when they made a mistake, and it...
Wednesday May 2, 2018. 05:50 PM
A friend of mine forwarded me an article published in the Wall Street Journal this morning, stating that “Gibson Brands” filed for Chapter 11 as it’s Gibson Innovations division, which operates under the Philips moniker, seeks protection to reorganize “in the face of $500...
Tuesday April 24, 2018. 12:54 AM
Fender FA 135 CE Concert Acoustic-Electric Guitar Summary: Part of the Fender Classic Design series, this lower-end model is a real surprise; especially in the sound department. Nice, low action, and a great feel. If you’re looking for a starter guitar or getting your child...
Thursday April 19, 2018. 04:18 PM
I’ve now been gigging and recording with this mic for a couple of weeks straight and I just couldn’t be happier. I have to admit that it has taken me a little while to work out positioning in front of the capsule, as I’ve spent years practically swallowing other mics just to...
Friday April 6, 2018. 10:03 PM
I just read this excellent article on SonicScoop on the importance pre-production work and how many artists/bands haven’t done their homework prior to going into the studio or finding a producer. Then the author finishes up with two approaches to cutting an album: The “insan...
Monday April 2, 2018. 06:33 AM
Heil Sound PR-22 UT (Utility) Dynamic Microphone Summary: The “utility” version of the PR-22, this is the same mic, but with a single mesh (the regular PR-22 comes with three), and comes with a leatherette bag instead of a nice box; hence, the “utility.” Heil cut down on the...
Tuesday March 20, 2018. 11:00 PM
Aroma AGS8 Instrument Stand Summary: For me, this is a gigging musician’s wet dream as far as guitar stands go. Not only is it sturdy, well-designed and well-built, it is light AF! Pros: Did I mention that this stand is light? It doesn’t seem to weigh much more than a pound...
Friday February 23, 2018. 09:18 PM
When we find gear the works and get us totally inspired, it’s so easy to overlook the little quirks in our gear that, in other circumstances, might be a bit annoying. Such is the case with my magnificent Seymour Duncan SA-6 Mag Mic. I’ve raved and raved about how it sounds, ...
Monday February 12, 2018. 07:01 PM
Since I haven’t written on this blog very often for the last couple of years, I haven’t shared much about where I’ve been playing. Well, after about a 2 1/2 year hiatus from playing music in church, I decided to go back to doing a weekly church gig again. But this time, it’s...
Saturday February 10, 2018. 08:31 PM
Wow… That’s usually first – and only – thing I can say when having a visceral reaction to an experience. And a visceral experience was exactly what happened when I finally got my guitar set up for last night’s gig. After I played the first song, I had to pause for several sec...
Wednesday February 7, 2018. 04:57 AM
Seymour Duncan SA-6 MagMic Summary: The SA-6 MagMic combines a magnetic pickup with a condenser mic to capture full tone of your acoustic guitar, but does it at a lower price point than similar pickups. But don’t let the more than $100 price difference fool you. This...
Monday February 5, 2018. 07:11 PM
It has been months since I purchased some new gear, and as I wait for it to arrive, I’m squirming in anticipation!
Friday February 2, 2018. 10:37 PM
  I’ve got amps. Ten of them, in fact. Truth be told, I only play three with any regularity – though I’d play the fourth had I not burned out the transformer – but I still want another amp; specifically, I’m eyeing the new Fender Hot Rod V4 with its updated overdrive and...
Thursday January 25, 2018. 03:58 AM
As they say, “Information is power,” and I’ve spent much of my career consuming various books to inform myself on a variety of topics be they technical or management or leadership. I have hundreds, may be thousands of books either in paper or electronic form that I’ve read...
Wednesday January 24, 2018. 08:04 PM
Back in the early days of this blog, I used to look forward to news from NAMM, anxiously waiting with bated breath for quips and news articles from manufacturers and magazines. NAMM was always such an exciting time. But now? Not so much. It’s not that I’ve lost interest in...
Tuesday January 23, 2018. 08:09 PM
I haven’t had much time to devote to in the last couple of years, so when I do post something, it has to be meaningful to me. And surprise, surprise… I got an email in my inbox this morning that kind of intrigued me. It was an announcement from Fender that...
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