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Tuesday October 9, 2018. 06:15 PM
I could simply start off and say that after my church gig last night, the Katana 50 delivers on all fronts for me, and leave it at that. I could simply start off and say that all the dynamics that I was expecting were present in a big way, and leave it at that. I […]
Saturday October 6, 2018. 08:30 PM
Overdrive Creates Distortion Overdrive is the process of overloading a device and the end result – what you hear – is distortion. Here are the fundamental ways distortion is created. As I like to put it: overdrive is a verb, distortion is a noun. As you can see above, there...
I was talking to a sales guy in a shop and got into that age-old debate about overdrive vs. distortion and what they sound like. I’m not a mean person, so before he started flailing wildly, opining on how each sounds and the differences between soft clipping and square-wave...
Summary: The BeatBuddy revolutionized practice and even solo performance by providing great backing beats with its default set of beats. But with the Premium Library SD Card 2019, entire songs and even more beats extend the usability of this already incredible drum machine...
Friday October 5, 2018. 09:00 AM
Back in the mid-70’s (gawd, I’m dating myself), Eddie Van Halen redefined how players approached playing the guitar. His tapping techniques and blindingly-fast fingerwork, not to mention his natural showmanship combined with a dynamic frontman, and a HUGE sound completely...
Thursday October 4, 2018. 09:00 AM
This is not a rant, though the beginning may seem like it… Nothing is easy. In fact, mastery of anything requires work. Hard work. But most people don’t want to do it. They want to take shortcuts. They want to reach stardom instantly. Why do you think shows like American...
I’m not much of demo guy. For sure, I do them, especially because the nature of this blog demands that I do. But gear like an amp is a tool, and trying to use that tool in isolation is a bit boring to me. So usually when I get some new gear, especially an amp, […]
Wednesday October 3, 2018. 05:59 PM
I’ve been playing guitar for over 46 years, and no matter what might be in my signal chain, the difference-maker between sounding good and sounding great has ultimately lain with the guitar. To me, when you play a great guitar, it can bring the best out of any signal chain;...
Tuesday October 2, 2018. 07:27 PM
Amazing. I’ve posted more in the last two days than in past several months… Oh well, being sick and at home allows me to do some catching up…
Summary: The littlest brother of the BOSS Katana line of amps, this amp packs heaps of tone and dynamics comparable to a valve amp. But instead of trying to cop the sound and feel of a tube amp platform, the Katana has a sound all its own, providing the characteristics one...
Monday October 1, 2018. 10:27 PM
Conceivably, all capos operate pretty much the same way: Place the capo at a fret position and go. I’ve played with many capos over the years, starting out with the traditional folk guitar, elastic strap capo, then moving to Shubb then most recently, Kyser capos, of which I...
Or… this could be called Confessions of a Tube Amp Snob… For the past decade or so, I’ve been a complete devotee of the tube amp. I’ve literally got 10 of them, and believe it or not, I still use most of them. In my mind, there has really been nothing like the feel and […]
Thursday September 13, 2018. 12:09 AM
I’ve tended to focus on electric guitar in this blog over the years as it started out as a diary for my move into tube amps. But truth be told, I play acoustic guitar at least 75% of the gigs I play. And through the years, James Taylor has been a major influence on how […]
Tuesday September 4, 2018. 07:54 PM
About six weeks ago, I inherited the guitar to the left from a friend, who had it passed to her when her uncle passed away in 2003. Since I got it, I’ve been playing it every day. The only thing I’ve done to it is to replace the strings, add a strap peg to the heel of […]
Friday August 10, 2018. 06:54 PM
Earlier today, I was watching a video demonstration of the Seymour Duncan Mag Mic acoustic guitar pickup. It was a great demo and really showed off how the pickup performs and sounds with a variety of musical styles. Several people made some negative comments on how they...
Sunday July 22, 2018. 06:14 PM
I have this thing about gear and that is that it has to “speak” to me, and it’s probably why I’ve taken so long to get gear the last couple of years. I’ve pretty much found my sound, so I’ve become incredibly discerning. It used to be that if I thought something was cool, I’d...
Thursday July 19, 2018. 12:54 AM
So I did a little digging on my “new” guitar and contacted Godin directly to see if I could get some provenance information. By the way, the folks at Godin are awesome! Michel, the support person who answered my query originally, was so very helpful. If you have any Godin pr...
Sunday July 15, 2018. 06:14 PM
Sorry, no official pictures yet. But I will follow up… Out of the closet… Wow! It has been a LONG time since I announced an NGD! (New Guitar Day) Part of it has been due to the fact that since I found my sound, I haven’t been that compelled to get any new guitars. But […]
Friday June 15, 2018. 08:34 PM
When my boys were playing roller and ice hockey, I coached their teams, head coaching for roller hockey and doing dry land training for ice hockey. Over the years, I had several players who would have a habit of getting down on themselves when they made a mistake, and it...
Wednesday May 2, 2018. 05:50 PM
A friend of mine forwarded me an article published in the Wall Street Journal this morning, stating that “Gibson Brands” filed for Chapter 11 as it’s Gibson Innovations division, which operates under the Philips moniker, seeks protection to reorganize “in the face of $500...
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