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Wednesday September 7, 2022. 06:00 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Michael Gallant Software synthesizers can open up huge musical possibilities when you’re producing music. Here’s how to get started. When I first started producing music years ago, I remember being blown away by the sheer quantity of digital...
Wednesday August 3, 2022. 11:29 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Michael Gallant Pre-made loops are great tools for creative inspiration while you’re recording. A few simple techniques can help make them sound less like stock sounds and more like you. In 2017, I wrote Producing music with loops? Find a way to make...
Friday July 29, 2022. 07:56 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Disc Makers From mic placement tips to prepping for a recording session, these home recording posts from the Disc Makers Blog offer insights for recording and mixing in your home studio. Get your free copy today! Looking for expert tips to help you get ...
Tuesday July 12, 2022. 11:34 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Disc Makers This post is excerpted from The 90-Day Album Release guide, which helps you plan and organize all the events and decisions that go into making an album — from day one in the studio to your continuing sales and promotion efforts. You may...
Friday June 24, 2022. 06:07 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Rob Mayzes If you keep these five principles in mind when working on audio mixes in your home studio, you can avoid a muddy mix every time. Have you ever heard the Primus song, “My Name is Mud”? I have a saying inspired by this song: My BANE is mud. As...
Thursday June 23, 2022. 06:14 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Keith Hatschek Home recording is easier and more affordable than ever, which makes the role of mastering ever more important. Here are some objective reasons that make the case for mastering your recordings. Before the advent of affordable home...
Friday June 17, 2022. 04:59 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Michael Gallant Music technologist, inventor, and synthesizer creator Dave Smith died on May 31, 2022. His innovations will continue to shape music for years to come. You may not know the name Dave Smith, but you’ve certainly heard echoes of his...
Friday June 10, 2022. 04:33 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Michael Gallant With the right technology, strategies, and planning, indie artists can record and produce amazing music anywhere. Hotel rooms, tour busses, airports, beaches, coffee shops — nearly anywhere on earth can be a recording and production...
Thursday May 26, 2022. 03:14 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Dan Gonzalez Getting a quality drum recording in your home studio requires a space with proper acoustics and mics that are up to the task — and your mic placement goes a long way to a pro result when you record a snare drum. The recording of a snare...
Wednesday May 25, 2022. 05:15 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Keith Hatschek The mics you use on any instrument in your home studio recording are a major variable in how your recording will sound, but mic placement is a big part of capturing the best tone for your recording. If you’re recording music in a home...
Wednesday May 18, 2022. 01:54 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan The fifth and final chapter in our series on maximizing music revenue with your songwriting and recording focuses on the various final versions and formats you can create and the different ways you can promote and earn...
Tuesday April 26, 2022. 02:29 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Keith Hatschek and Robert Bassett Paul McCartney’s basslines are an integral part of the Beatles’ evolution from world-beating pop band to musical pioneers. We identify just what McCartney did to make his parts stand out from what other bassists were...
Wednesday April 20, 2022. 03:34 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan In part three of our series on making money with your songwriting and recording, we explore ideas to restructure how you record music so you can make more money from the recording process. In our last two articles, we...
Saturday April 16, 2022. 02:14 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Scott McCormick While Nashville tuning uses the same notes as a standard guitar tuning, used by itself and in layers with other guitars, this tuning can bring an articulate presence to a recording. Though it’s a bit of a misnomer, the Nashville...
Saturday April 2, 2022. 04:14 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Keith Hatschek Thinking of putting a home recording studio together? Here are five things to consider before you start investing in materials and gear. If you decide to convert space in your home to function as a recording studio, it’s easy to spend...
Tuesday March 1, 2022. 07:02 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Mark Bacino Are you a songwriter ready to record your music but not exactly sure how to go from song idea to music producer? These ideas will get you started. With most songwriters/musicians/bands writing and recording music at home these days, many...
Friday January 14, 2022. 03:57 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan As we crawl out of the holiday fog to greet the new year, why not sign up for the RPM Challenge or February Album Writing Month and produce an entire album of new music in 28 days? It’s cold outside and we’re not quite ba...
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