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Monday February 20, 2017. 11:16 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Michael Gallant Jordan Rudess, keyboardist for Dream Theater and founder of Wizdom Music, gives us his picks and favorites in the ever growing world of music making apps for your mobile devices. In “Synths and virtual musical instruments on your mobile...
Friday February 10, 2017. 08:45 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Michael Gallant You can transform your mobile device into a Swiss army knife of synths and virtual musical instruments with these recommendations from Dream Theater keyboardist and musical entrepreneur, Jordan Rudess. Smart phones and tablets can be...
Thursday February 9, 2017. 08:08 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Rob Mayzes Engineer Rob Mayzes joined our January Twitter Chat to discuss how you can overcome some of the challenges of mixing in a home studio environment. Rob Mayzes is an audio professional, musician, and educator. He has helped thousands of home...
Thursday January 19, 2017. 01:06 AM
By Disc Makers' Author Michael Gallant The Hammond organ has earned its place in music history, and here are five examples of why it spans genre and time to endure. In our recent article “Six tips for adding Hammond organ to your music“, we introduced you to the sounds,...
Tuesday January 17, 2017. 05:40 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Izotope When mixing bass guitar, don’t get discouraged if it takes a while to get the track just where you want it – bass can be the most difficult instrument to manage in a mix. Here are some tips to get started. The relationship between the bass...
Saturday January 14, 2017. 12:33 AM
By Disc Makers' Author Keith Hatschek From his earliest work to his successful career as a solo artist and collaborator, the simplicity of George Harrison’s songwriting belies the brilliance of one of popular music’s great artists. George Harrison was a musician and...
Tuesday January 3, 2017. 05:39 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Izotope Mixing vocals in your home studio can be one of the more exciting stages in the recording process,. It can also be a complex challenge. Work to construct the instruments around the vocal so that everything gets to shine. Mixing vocals in your...
Thursday December 29, 2016. 08:37 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Michael Gallant The Hammond organ is the most commonly heard type of organ in popular music. It can be a complicated and challenging instrument, so here are some tips to help you get started. Whether it’s roots rock or straight-ahead jazz, classic...
Friday December 16, 2016. 06:01 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Izotope These nine tips will help you understand how panning can help add width, space, and depth – and generally help you make better audio mixes in your home studio. This post was excerpted and adapted from Mixing With iZotope, a guide produced by...
Thursday December 8, 2016. 12:16 AM
By Disc Makers' Author Rob Mayzes If you steer clear of these five common mistakes when working on audio mixes in your home studio, you can avoid a muddy mix every time. Have you ever heard the Primus song, “My Name is Mud”? I have a saying inspired by this song: my BANE is m...
Monday December 5, 2016. 07:36 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Johnny Dwinell I want to get into the most common conceptual mistake that just about all indie music artists make when thinking about a YouTube marketing strategy. YouTube is one of the most valuable assets you have as an independent music artist. It’s...
Friday December 2, 2016. 05:56 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Cari Cole In our November Twitter chat (#DMchat), veteran vocal coach and music biz mentor Cari Cole fielded questions about how vocalists can prepare for a show as well as offering performance tips for singers to maintain your voice over the long...
Monday November 28, 2016. 09:44 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Tony Bacon Excerpted from The Bass Book, here’s a brief history of the Fender Precision bass – an instrument that revolutionized rock ‘n roll. Fullerton, California, 1951 Leo Fender is alone in the workshop, bathed in a pool of light from his lamp....
Monday November 21, 2016. 08:07 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Michael Gallant When sharing music tracks, having a plan for how to prepare your material for easy remote collaboration can save significant time and help avoid headaches. Indie musicians everywhere are taking advantage of powerful digital audio...
Monday November 14, 2016. 05:19 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Tony Bacon Excerpted from The Gibson 335 Guitar Book, take a glimpse into Eric Clapton’s heralded Gibson 335 semi-solid that was first featured with Cream and went on to garner $847,000 at auction in 2004. Eric Clapton bought a ’64 cherry Gibson 335...
Thursday October 27, 2016. 06:25 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Chris Huff Playing cover songs can boost your visibility, warm up a crowd, or be a way to earn a living. Whatever the end goal, there is more than one way to approach playing someone else’s well-known – or little known – song. I perform other people...
Tuesday October 25, 2016. 08:33 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Michael Gallant Whether you’re stuck in a creative rut or just looking for something to energize your music, these ideas can get you inspired to create your best work. Whether you’re performing live or recording your next album, finding new, custom...
Wednesday October 19, 2016. 09:13 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Jason Moss These five tips will help you approach EQ and your audio mix like a pro. Follow them, and you’ll add clarity, separation, and depth to your tracks. Do you struggle with EQ when working on your audio mix? If so, you’re not alone. While...
Monday October 17, 2016. 09:02 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Greg Savage Once you have the equipment you need, the next step toward video domination is staging and recording. Part 2 of our Vlogging For Musicians series focuses on setting up for a professional result. In “Vlogging For Musicians: The equipment...
Tuesday October 11, 2016. 11:41 PM
By Disc Makers' Author Greg Savage For music artists looking to build a brand for themselves online, videos can factor heavily into a music marketing plan. This is part one of a two-part post with advice about vlogging for musicians. Here, we take a look at the equipment...
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