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Saturday July 13, 2024. 06:00 PM
The Very Loud Indeed Co. have announced their Summer Sale 2024, with generous discounts being applied across their entire product line until 25 July 2024.
As I meticulously crafted the neck of a custom guitar, my eyes caught a glimpse of the morning newspaper. The crossword puzzle stared back at me, its clues a jumble of letters and numbers. Suddenly, a six-letter clue caught my attention: “Famous electric guitar maker.” My...
Geddy Lee only had one solo album. “My Favourite Headache” was released in 2000 during the iconic prog-rock trio’s four-year hiatus following tragedies in drummer Neil Peart’s life. It was rereleased on vinyl in 2019 as a limited edition Record Store Day Exclusive,...
Imagine unlocking a whole new dimension of sound with just one extra string. That’s the power of a 7-string guitar, but only if you can master its tuning. As the former Editor in Chief of Guitar Player magazine, I’ve seen countless guitarists struggle with this seemingly...
I’ll never forget the moment I first laid hands on a true intermediate electric guitar. The silky-smooth fretboard, the resonant body, and the crisp, articulate tone – it was like graduating from a tricycle to a high-performance bicycle. That transformative experience...
Before The Flood - Dylan's comeback that became the blueprint for the heritage act
As I strummed the final chord of our set, I felt a sudden snap. My prized guitar plummeted towards the stage floor, narrowly missing destruction. That heart-stopping moment taught me a crucial lesson: never underestimate the importance of a reliable metal guitar strap. As a...
Cypress Hill collab with the LSO, as predicted by the Simpsons
Orchestral Tools have teamed up with Samplicity for a limited-time offer that bundles together a full orchestral sample library collection with a fully featured reverb plug-in.
I’ll never forget the day I stumbled upon a hidden guitar fingerpicking technique that revolutionized my playing. It was like unlocking a secret door to a world of musical possibilities. As someone who’s been strumming since childhood, I thought I knew it all—until that...
I’ll never forget the day I picked up my prized 1959 Martin D-28, only to hear the sickening crack of its bridge lifting off the body. That moment changed everything. As a luthier with over two decades of experience, I’ve witnessed countless guitars fall victim to the silent...
The moment I strapped on my first Grateful Dead guitar strap, I felt an instant connection to decades of musical history. It wasn’t just a piece of leather and fabric; it was a portal to the psychedelic era, a badge of honor for Deadheads, and a statement of musical...
As a long-time editor of ‘Acoustic Guitar’ magazine, I’ve witnessed countless guitarists grapple with the enigmatic G# minor chord. It’s a shape that has brought both frustration and epiphany to players of all levels. I remember the day a young guitarist walked into our...
I never imagined that my passion for guitar-making would lead me to the kitchen, but here I am, slicing cheese on a fretboard. As a luthier, I’ve crafted countless instruments, each with its unique voice. But when I first encountered a guitar cutting board, it struck a chord ...
Friday July 12, 2024. 10:27 PM
In a recent video interview, Thompson reflects on his career with Michael Bolton, Toni Braxton, Shania Twain and more, and talks about that time he showed Michael Jackson how an EBow worked
The first time I held a sapele wood guitar, I was skeptical. Could this lesser-known African tonewood truly rival the revered mahoganies and rosewoods that had dominated guitar craftsmanship for centuries? Little did I know that this encounter would spark a journey of...
Since Fender launched the Player Series basses in 2018, it’s been one of their most successful lines. They expanded on it with the Player Plus models, but now they’ve revamped it with the Player II Series.
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