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Sunday March 5, 2017. 01:05 PM
While Adam and I were waiting for the Lyft to take us to Holocene to start setting up Sync02 yesterday, I was taking a quick scroll through Facebook, and it threw up one of those 'memories' things from the same day in 2016, which happened to be the day I arrived in San...
Thursday February 9, 2017. 07:24 PM
Sync02 is the second in what is apparently going to be a yearly 1st-Saturday-Of-March affair. Last year's event went off well enough that we decided to do it again, despite the torential rain. As you may remember if you attended, Sync01 took place at JWZ's excellent CodeWord ...
Friday February 3, 2017. 03:45 PM
The second in my Sound Experiments series for the Analog Industries YouTube channel. In this one, I'm using various tape sources in lieu of my normal tools. (Although, it's worth noting, all these decks are part of my normal toolset.)The speech, running on the small Marantz...
Wednesday January 18, 2017. 03:04 PM
It is no doubt apparent to long-time readers that I coasted this site for most of 2016, preferring to experiment with other outlets. Having now done my research, it's time to get back in the saddle with a new plan for 2017. So here's some things that are coming up: 1....
Tuesday December 27, 2016. 07:58 PM
During the course of testing products, I often end up with more-or-less full patches. It is important to test everything in context; you can't just listen to something by itself and expect to just know how it sits in a mix. This is especially important for effects, as they...
Wednesday October 26, 2016. 03:21 PM
Oscillator Breach by Chris RandallAs some of you may know, I dropped a new album on Detroit Underground™ two weeks ago. It is unusual for me not to self-release, as has been my habit for the last 15 years or so, but I really like what Detund is doing; they first popped...
Tuesday September 27, 2016. 05:47 AM
Pleased to report that our Karplus-Strong (or, well, 'Karplus-Wrong,' amirite?) voice module, Proton, is now shipping to retailers! It is a complete synth voice in a single module, with some AD Secret Sauce™, and is US$325.00. It should be hitting the stores in the next ...
Thursday September 22, 2016. 01:30 AM
In order to do the overview video for our Proton module, I needed to multi-track and clear a patch I've been playing with for the last couple days. Before I did that, I thought I'd do a quick live performance video of the patch, which you can watch above. I'm using the four...
Tuesday September 20, 2016. 06:37 PM
A couple people have asked me to do some more basic videos, so I thought I'd give that a whirl. This one is a quick-ish demonstration of using external effects and modules in a Live session, and the hidden gotchas of same. Let me know if you have any specific topics you'd...
Sunday September 18, 2016. 03:40 PM
Although I don't actually make music to pay the rent any more (and thank all the various Gods and wildland færies and whatever for that!) it is still rather important to my personal well-being and understanding of the world to keep my feet wet. I find people that make...
Monday September 12, 2016. 08:33 PM
Just a fun little Saturday afternoon project. My only comment not covered in the video is that, like all piezo-based projects, you need an amplifier of some sort to bring it up to modular levels. I use a Circuit Abbey Axis module, but any preamp will do. The Music Thing...
Monday September 5, 2016. 03:23 PM
To do this video, I went through a bunch of the techniques I use in normal production to add indeterminism to tracks over the course of a couple days. I then sat down to edit it and realized I had over an hour of footage, and I didn't even cover most of the non-Live apps I...
Wednesday August 24, 2016. 02:31 PM
I didn't realize it until I'd rendered and uploaded the video, but this week's quasi-philosophical meandering actually has a theme, and that theme is 'milestones.' In the first half, I ramble for a couple minutes about the minor yet not minor at all milestone of crossing...
Sunday August 21, 2016. 08:13 PM
Like the subject line says... I was curious as to how the Onde Magnétique OM-1 worked. Originally, I thought that these super cheap little decks might be powered directly from the sequencer. I went out and hit a few thrift stores and bought several and gave that a try,...
Sunday August 14, 2016. 03:18 PM
Part of the problem with having been in this business so long is that some of this stuff seems really self-evident to me. Someone in one of the Facebook groups I follow asked about this contact mic shit, and several others chimed in to say 'yeah, that'd be dope!' and I...
Wednesday August 10, 2016. 03:46 PM
A nice trip to Oregon last week; visited my mom on the Coast, did an event at Control Voltage in Portland, and visited my 90-yr-old grandparents in Eastern Oregon. A lot of driving, but good fun overall. Side note: while I generally do the requisite things to keep my...
Tuesday July 26, 2016. 06:58 PM
Wherein your humble narrator opines on the merits, or lack thereof, of free shit on Craigslist. Also, a lengthy tirade on This Gear versus That Gear.
Sunday July 24, 2016. 05:00 AM
This week's Tech Time is a more sophisticated version of something I touched on in the last Push 2 / Modular video, making polysynth patches from a mono analog. I show my whole workflow, from initial sample to laying it in the mix. The channel is starting to get a little...
Monday July 18, 2016. 03:35 PM
Step 1: Plan out a cool video. Buy gear from eBay to shoot video about. Gear arrives broken. Step 2: Plan out another cool video to replace it. Buy gear to shoot video about. Idea turns out to be stupid and not-working, and not in a cool way but in a stupid and not-working...
Saturday July 16, 2016. 09:24 PM
Super busy this week shipping the restock of Sequencer 1, the initial stock of Shapes, and generally moving cardboard around my living room. So just a shorty. Note that I will be in PDX on August 6th at 2:30pm at Control Voltage, along with Scott Jeager of Industrial Music...
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