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Monday September 26, 2022. 04:54 PM
Since the SPAT Revolution 22.09 update, each and every input block now features a delay line. There are several technical usages where such additions can make your life much easier. How to apply a delay on a particular input? This new option is available by selecting an...
    Flux - Sep 26, 04:54 PM
In the previous article we talked about the basic snapshots operation: how to create, recall one and how we can manage them into a list in the snapshot page. We also discussed the recall time that can be used to create complex movements. Today we will examine the update...
    Flux - Sep 26, 02:14 PM
Friday September 23, 2022. 04:57 PM
Since the 22.09 release, SPAT Revolution offers a whole snapshot system to handle complex scenery changes for both live and studio production situations. The Big picture Our snapshot system is both very simple and very powerful. The main idea is that a snapshot stores...
    Flux - Sep 23, 04:57 PM
Wednesday September 14, 2022. 03:00 PM
At the beginning of September,  we were pleased to see the Figure 53 folks releasing QLab 5, a major upgrade after years of work to this undeniable key tool for show control. This release includes many new features such as live real-time multi-user collaboration, timecode...
    Flux - Sep 14, 03:00 PM
Thursday September 8, 2022. 08:24 PM
Meung-Sur-Loire, France – September 2022 FLUX:: Immersive, pioneers in audio plug-in design, analysis, and leaders in creation of software tools for immersive audio production, is today proud to announce the release of their latest SPAT Revolution version 2022.09 update. ...
    Flux - Sep 8, 08:24 PM
Wednesday September 7, 2022. 03:35 PM
Meung-Sur-Loire, France – September 2022 FLUX:: Immersive, pioneers in audio plug-in design, analysis, and leaders in creation of software tools for immersive audio production, is today happy to announce the release of Rent To Own of their well renowned SPAT Revolution softwa...
    Flux - Sep 7, 03:35 PM
Thursday September 1, 2022. 10:13 PM
Elixir Essential – Détails du produit Orleans, France – December 2021 Il y a quelques semaines, nous avons publié une toute nouvelle version de notre True Peak Limiter, Elixir Essential, avec le support de 16 canaux pour la production audio immersive et une nouvelle...
    Flux - Sep 1, 10:13 PM
Wednesday June 1, 2022. 05:17 PM
The national harvest festival Vendimia in Mendoza, Argentina, is one of the world’s most important events in viticulture this year. Being the first post-pandemic edition of the festival the expectations were set high, not the least for the music and entertainment...
    Flux - Jun 1, 05:17 PM
Friday May 6, 2022. 07:35 PM
Meung-Sur-Loire, France – Mai 2022 FLUX:: Immersive et son partenaire de longue date, Merging Technologies, exposent ensemble à l’ISE 2022 sur le stand 7-P190. Les deux sociétés y présentent comment un contenu simple peut être préparé pour des événements en direct. L...
    Flux - May 6, 07:35 PM
Meung-Sur-Loire, France – May 2022 FLUX:: Immersive and long-term partner Merging Technologies are exhibiting at ISE 2022 together in stand 7-P190 where the companies are demonstrating how simple content can be prepared for live events. The increased popularity of immersive...
    Flux - May 6, 07:30 PM
Friday April 29, 2022. 05:01 PM
Meung-sur-Loire, France – April 2022 Immersive sound for live performances has been a hot topic in the Korean audio industry for the last decade, with the Chord GPC-1 processor being one of the leading immersive production solutions. Chord, a sound integration company in...
    Flux - Apr 29, 05:01 PM
Meung-sur-Loire, France – April 2022 We had the pleasure of meeting with Matthew Lien, world music singer-songwriter, producer, and sound-designer from Canada, for an interesting conversation about immersive audio production, and about a multi floor immersive installation...
    Flux - Apr 29, 04:35 PM
Tuesday February 22, 2022. 01:40 PM
Orléans, France – Février 2022 Pour répondre à la demande actuelle des spectacles proposant une expérience immersive au public, et pour produire une image sonore stable dans toute la zone d’écoute, FLUX:: Immersive annonce la sortie d’une licence optionnelle...
    Flux - Feb 22, 01:40 PM
Orléans, France – February 2022 With today’s demand for the entertainment to completely immerse the audience in the experience, and for producing a stable soundscape image throughout an entire audience listening area, FLUX:: Immersive announces the release of an add-on...
    Flux - Feb 22, 01:37 PM
Wednesday January 19, 2022. 07:43 PM
Orleans, France – January 2022 FLUX:: Immersive, leader dans la création de logiciels pour la production audio immersive, est fier d’annoncer la sortie du FLUX:: Session Analyzer v22.01 qui intègre à présent le support du Loudness – LUFS Metering et le support des E/S...
    Flux - Jan 19, 07:43 PM
Orleans, France – January 2022 FLUX:: Immersive, leader in creation of software tools for  immersive audio production, is today proud to announce the release of FLUX:: Session Analyzer – Now with Loudness – LUFS Metering and Hardware I/O support. FLUX:: Session Analyzer Now...
    Flux - Jan 19, 07:24 PM
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