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Friday February 15, 2019. 11:27 AM
'Emotion' is probably one of the first words that comes to mind when you think about a dramatic movie. And with good reason: dramatic movies are filled with a wide range of deep moods.The point about them is to tell a story that makes the audience feel those complex...
Wednesday February 13, 2019. 06:34 PM
If you’re looking for great music tracks for your web videos, movies, a slideshows or a podcast, AudioJungle offers lots of fantastic royalty-free options. Typical music is offered in fixed-length tracks, which are ideal for those who have specialised audio editing...
In the previous tutorial I looked at obtaining work within schools as a peripatetic tutor. Once you’ve secured such employment, I'll outline what you expect to be doing.One-to-OneThis kind of tuition will be familiar to any private tutor and is unquestionably the best kind ...
Tuesday February 12, 2019. 06:40 PM
The lead sound in any track is by far one of the most important elements. It's what the listener will remember and, if executed correctly, they'll be humming the lead of the tune to themselves after the track is played. Of course the notes you play in the lead, and how they...
Thursday January 31, 2019. 04:34 PM
Even though sadness and moodiness are often thought of as negative feelings, they're part of the wide range of emotions that everybody experiences. They're basic sentiments that allow us to relate to others, feel compassion, and become pensive.When it comes to audiovisual...
Reverb is an essential part of any musical production as it adds the necessary depth, space and ambience. Adding in reverb to tracks, however, can be troublesome. Often reverbs clutter up the mix and create a unnecessary mud. By using Ableton's side chain compressor on...
The main sounds and ideas that you present in a track are by far the most important for the success of that track. But the ear candy background elements provide that professional polish that allow the main elements to shine through in the best way possible. These effects can...
Thursday January 17, 2019. 10:30 AM
In the previous tutorial I looked at the ins-and-outs of being a private tutor. In this tutorial, I  cover obtaining work in schools.Peripatetic School TutorPeripatetic means ‘travelling from place to place, working for short periods of time’. In this example, a...
Tuesday January 15, 2019. 12:38 PM
Having a good laugh brings more colour and brightness to our days. Moreover, being the reason why other people experience those warm, joyful feelings can give purpose to our lives. That's why comedic audiovisual projects exist: to distract and bring good vibes to...
Creating a solid brand for your product, service or other project requires a lot of time and effort. You wouldn't want all of that work to be misrepresented. For that reason, if you're making corporate videos or advertisements, it's imperative that you find tunes that convey...
Sunday January 13, 2019. 06:15 PM
In the previous tutorial I covered some of the reasons why tutoring’s beneficial, as well as ways of advertising your services. In this tutorial I examine considerations for private tuition.Private TuitionThis is usually one-to-one teaching conducted either at your home or ...
Wednesday January 2, 2019. 10:30 AM
Music influences mood tremendously. To the point that when you hear a happy, upbeat song you start smiling and dancing to it. If you want an audience to experience that rush of energy when experiencing your audiovisual projects, adding a good beat to them helps achieve...
Friday December 28, 2018. 11:30 AM
The sub bass is the foundation of a song and in electronic music it can make or break the track.With this element being such an essential part of your track you need to make sure that it is provided enough low end power and weight for your song to sit on top of. In this scree...
Thursday December 27, 2018. 04:10 PM
In the previous tutorial I outlined the qualities required of a guitar tutor. In this tutorial I'll explain why you should become a tutor and explain how to go about it.Consider the BenefitsImprovementBelieve it or not, as you endeavour to improve your students, it’ll make ...
Thursday December 20, 2018. 09:30 AM
Bring a cool contemporary sound to your next multimedia project with one of our ever popular Hip Hop music tracks. The tracks offer a mixture of rap, beat box, instrumental and vocals accents. Their chill vibe, great rhythms and catchy beats are perfect for today's fashion,...
Monday December 17, 2018. 06:30 AM
If you’ve been playing for some time, it might occur to you that you could branch out into tutoring. As well as being a socially rewarding activity, it can prove to be a decent source of additional income.Before getting into how to become a tutor, you must first consider...
Wednesday December 12, 2018. 07:30 AM
'Tis the season to walk in a winter wonderland and go on a sleigh ride. For good reason, it's one of the most awaited seasons of the whole year.To keep winter celebrations and holiday-related audiovisual projects joyful and warm, you need the perfect royalty-free music...
Tuesday December 11, 2018. 01:15 PM
There's an infinite number of guitar tunings beyond the accepted standard of EADGBE. Open G, DADGAD… names that conjure images of slide players and folk aficionados, which some may find off-putting.Alternate tunings, however, needn’t be baffling. Having command of a few...
Tuesday December 4, 2018. 10:32 AM
What’s the proper role of audio in web design? It seems that, for as long as we’ve been building websites, designers have looked for a way to use sound effectively. Sometimes we’ve hit the mark (audio interactions within games) while other attempts are a bit more...
One of the most notable features of Ableton is its macro knobs and the ability to map any function to these macro knobs for audio and midi tracks. In this tutorial I'll show you how to create a one knob fx chain using Ableton's macro knobs.Screencast
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