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Saturday November 13, 2021. 03:55 PM
If you’re studying, watching rain hit the windshield of your red Pontiac, or need relaxing beats to listen to while writing or creating, these retro synthwave tracks are perfect to put on in the background.  The best Synthwave songs transport you back to the 80s. (Photo...
Wednesday November 10, 2021. 04:54 PM
Wouldn't it be great if capturing amazing audio was as simple as pointing a mic in the right general direction and hitting record? In this tutorial you'll learn how to use DaVinci Resolve's Fairlight tab to manage those pesky mouth sounds and clicks that can get into your...
Friday October 1, 2021. 06:52 PM
These royalty free meditation music tracks are guaranteed to help you relax; grab a green tea, find yourself a quiet space, and hit “play” on our mediation music videos. Each music video features a track listing with links underneath, and all tracks are available for...
Thursday September 9, 2021. 01:15 AM
Having great audio for your video is pretty much essential to hold your audience's interest, but what does great audio mean? When it comes to dialogue, or really any audio for that matter, you are looking for the sounds recorded to be a listening pleasure. Is it a pleasure...
Friday July 16, 2021. 03:34 PM
Your choice of music can be everything when it comes to your video project. We've put together some of our favorite pieces, loosely categorized to make it easy for you to find what you want. If you need a single royalty-free track for your project, or you like to buy them...
Saturday May 29, 2021. 05:14 PM
Automatic transcription is a dream come true. It’s fast and inexpensive, and for the most part quite accurate. Still, errors in automatic transcriptions do occur—especially within noisy recordings—and correcting them can be a real drag. You have to re-listen to your...
Wednesday May 26, 2021. 07:35 AM
Hip Hop is a broad genre of music that often incorporates other elements of art as a reflection of its culture. In this roundup, we’ve put together some of our favourite Hip Hop Instrumentals using Envato Elements to help you find the right sound. Finding the right music ...
Saturday May 22, 2021. 03:55 PM
The sun’s lower in the sky, the edge has been taken off the heat of the day, and soon this summer will be a collection of memories on your social feeds. Lie back and soak it all in–and while you do, these royalty-free tracks will be perfect to put on in the background.  ...
Wednesday May 5, 2021. 02:54 PM
If you’re studying, kicking back in the evening, or even prefer relaxing beats to listen to while writing or creating, these chill lo-fi beats are perfect to put on in the background.  Lo-fi background music is great for studying and working. (Photo source) What is...
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