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Saturday June 17, 2017. 02:00 PM
Shivani Patel | Tips For Getting Verified On Shazam And Accessing Analytics Kara Masterson | Responsible Rock N Roll: 4 Tips For Your First Concert Mark Knight | What Unsigned Bands Can Learn From Disney Robert Lanterman | Judging An Album By Its Cover Wes Walls | Complete...
Friday June 16, 2017. 04:09 PM
Join Shazam’s community of artists on the blue carpet! Getting verified on this platform is simple and can help you to connect with more fans. Shazam is the place where the world discovers music…and often where artists can engage with fans long before other social networks....
Wednesday June 14, 2017. 05:24 PM
Going to a rock concert can be one of the craziest experiences of your life. You’ll just need to make sure that it’s the good kind of crazy. If you’re headed to your first live rock’n’roll experience, here are a few tips for maximizing the fun and minimizing the drama.  ...
Tuesday June 13, 2017. 09:14 AM
Last weekend, I was speaking to a music manager who was bemoaning his band’s lack of new music. “We have no new story” he said. The band in question have 19 tracks on Spotify and a host of video content. If got me thinking, what can we learn from Disney? Disney understands...
Monday June 12, 2017. 04:59 PM
“I know you can’t judge a book by its cover, but I’ve found you can judge an album by its cover.” My friend recently said this to me and while I kind of hate to admit it, I also have found a positive correlation between good music and aesthetically pleasing packaging. If...
This post was written by Wes Walls and originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog. It’s not easy figuring out how to start optimizing your band’s presence in search engines. So we took all of our SEO advice and broke it down into one handy checklist. For details on how to do ...
Saturday June 10, 2017. 02:00 PM
  Rachelle Wilber | How Musicians Can Be Responsible At Concerts, After Parties Lisa Occhino | How To Get Your First Sync Placement: Live Webinar Byron Pascoe | 10 Record Deal Red Flags Hilde Spille | Anxiety And Depression - You Are Not Alone!  
Thursday June 8, 2017. 11:36 PM
Concerts and after-parties are part of the experience of being in a band and performing for live audiences. The experience could be overwhelming, and the social pressure might cause you to do things that are not healthy or safe. Consider these four ways in which you can take ...
Tuesday June 6, 2017. 11:22 PM
Want to learn the secrets of a DIY songwriter who figured out how to earn six figures each year licensing her music for TV and film? The early stages of your songwriting career can be both exciting and frustrating: you’re sitting on dozens of songs with lots of promise, but...
Monday June 5, 2017. 01:24 PM
  This guest post by Canadian entertainment lawyer Byron Pascoe originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog When a band receives their first record deal, there’s a sense of accomplishment. Someone likes me! Where do I sign? Before signing a contract with a label, it’s...
Working in the music business can make you depressed! That’s the conclusion of a recent online study in the UK with more than 2200 participants: musicians and people working in the music business. More than 70% of the participants recorded to have suffered from panic attacks...
Saturday June 3, 2017. 02:00 PM
Dixie Somers | Tunes And Technology: 5 Ways To Promote Your Music Online  Leonard Patterson | Cancelling A Club Gig For A Private Event: 5 Things To Consider Emma Sturgis | 4 Ways Concert Venues Can Change For The Better Lisa Occhino | 15 Ways to Get More Music Fans ...
Friday June 2, 2017. 07:51 PM
Even if your band is amazing and your recordings are tight, marketing and promoting your music can be an art form. When it comes to promoting your music online, this adds even more complexity to the process. One reason for this is because you are competing with millions of...
It’s tempting right? You get that call for an awesome 90-min $5k gig (with PA provided) but then look on your calendar and you’re at “The Club” for a 3-hr show @ $900 with all your own gear. Of course, depending on your relationship with them, cancelling may not be an issue....
Wednesday May 31, 2017. 01:08 AM
Attending concerts is a pastime that people everywhere enjoy. While the experience of seeing one’s favorite artist live is one of the biggest appeals of a concert, a negative experience at a concert venue can make audience members think twice about returning to certain enviro...
Tuesday May 30, 2017. 01:07 PM
This post was written by Lisa Occhino and originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog They say you need a thousand true fans to build a sustainable music career. But getting those first few diehard fans who play such a crucial role in building momentum can feel almost...
Saturday May 27, 2017. 12:03 PM
Rorie Kelly | 5 Out-Of-The-Box Ways To Hone Your Songwriting Craft Sumit Kumar | How To Make A Stunning Music Blog Using WordPress Dixie Somers | Headphone Shopping? 5 Key Qualities To Look For Daniel Matthews | Top 7 Money Tips for Bands Touring Abroad Monique Orton...
Friday May 26, 2017. 05:28 PM
By Rorie Kelly, Co-Executive Director of It can be tough to find time to sit down and write songs with all the career-building tasks musicians have these days. On top of that, switching gears is hard and writers’ block is real. What do we do when we’re no...
Music, undoubtedly, soothes everyone’s mood & is a therapy to mind & soul! You will find hardly anyone who is not interested in listening to a melodious track after a long day. So, if you are a music lover or musician/artist or alike, then blogging could help you to find...
Wednesday May 24, 2017. 09:45 PM
So your old pair of headphones has bitten the dust and it’s time to find a new pair. If you have tried out more than a couple pairs of headphones, you know by now that finding a pair you like is a tricky business. Some produce only treble sounds, canceling out your...
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