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Monday October 16, 2017. 07:29 PM
Music halls and concert venues need proper maintenance to ensure that when there is an event, everything goes according to plan. In most cases, these facilities are beloved historic structures, and as a result, there needs to be a balance between preservation, comfort, and...
Guest Post by Melanie Kealey from the Bandzoogle Blog It’s no secret that in order to appear professional, your own website with your address is essential. So what ingredients make for a great musician website exactly? You’ve got the music of course, some images,...
Saturday October 14, 2017. 11:00 AM
Robert Lanterman | Maintaining A Relationship While Touring Rachelle Wilber | How Real Entrepreneurs Update And Manage Their Music Hall Lisa Occhino | How To Advertise Your Music On Facebook Jennifer Paterson | How To Return To Music After An Extended Break    
Friday October 13, 2017. 10:00 AM
Many of my friends at this point in life are touring musicians, and many of them are dating people they are not touring with. It’s no mystery that dating on the road can be hard. I mean, how many songs have been written about the subject? Any podcast that has to do with DIY...
Did you know that music halls date back to the 18th century? Yes. According to history, music halls can be traced back to coffee houses and the inns where people met to do business, eat, and drink. Artists entertained while the audience watched and sometimes sang along, ate, ...
Tuesday October 10, 2017. 01:02 PM
This post was written by Lisa Occhino and originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog Having a Facebook fan page for your music has so many benefits besides displaying your “like” count to the world. Some advantages of fan pages over personal pages are rather obvious — such...
Monday October 9, 2017. 11:00 AM
  It’s been awhile since you last picked up the saxophone or sat down at the piano — maybe it’s been years. It’s not that you stopped enjoying it. Life got busy and you had to make time for other priorities; but you miss the joy of being able to play your favorite tunes.  ...
Saturday October 7, 2017. 10:00 AM
Sudhir Singh | 10 Ways To Engage And Motivate Students In Music Lessons Andrea C | Did Led Zeppelin Steal Stairway To Heaven? Jeremy Young | Photay On Being Terrified By ‘Flight Of The Bumblebee’, How To Mess With Song Form Justin Ralph | Crowdfunding Your Album: 11 Dos & Don...
Friday October 6, 2017. 03:00 PM
  1) Rewards  As with any subject, positive reinforcement will keep your students striving to perform more and perform better. Throw student parties the day after a great concert or recital. Reward students for doing something outside of their comfort zone with “extra...
Thursday October 5, 2017. 03:54 PM
I don’t think that any respectful musician should be proud of violating the copyright of another one. With all the social networks that exist nowadays, if someone makes a plagiarism, the news will spread worldwide in a matter of minutes. It is far too embarrassing of a place ...
Tuesday October 3, 2017. 05:00 PM
On his latest release, Onism, Photay’s Evan Shornstein combines his study of West African percussion with a heavy grounding in ’80s and ’90s beat-driven electronic music. And in the process, he diverges from popular, tried-and-true song form through a series of irreverent...
Monday October 2, 2017. 01:24 PM
This post was written by Justin Ralph and originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog. Over the past few posts, I’ve covered how to decide if you’re ready to record an album, tips for writing songs, and how to handle the pre-production of your recording. Today I want to talk...
Saturday September 30, 2017. 06:00 PM
  Zach Bair | Gumption, Ambition And The Music Business Wallace Collins | Time Running Out For Artists, Writers To Exercise Their Termination Rights  Emma Sturgis | In the Music Business? 3 Tips To Safely Relocating Alex Cowles | The Process Of Releasing Electronic Music In...
Thursday September 28, 2017. 05:12 PM
I’ve been lucky enough to run several successful businesses. VNUE, along with its partner DiscLive, has grown to be the global leader in recording live concerts and releasing them in high quality to fans on limited edition CD sets and USB drives, immediately after their...
The 1976 Copyright Act provides for the termination of copyright transfers – but authors need to act within a limited timeframe. Creators are entitled to reclaim their copyrights regardless of any contract stating otherwise after certain time periods. Therefore, even if an...
Wednesday September 27, 2017. 11:00 PM
  If you’re in the music business and your career is taking off, there may come a time when you will need to relocate. Whether this is a temporary move to collaborate with another musician or a permanent relocation to be a part of another music community, this can create a ma...
Tuesday September 26, 2017. 10:53 PM
For anyone who hasn’t worked their way through my free course “Getting Started With Self Releasing Music” I’d like to simplify the process of going from having a few tracks made, right through to releasing your music and seeing it on iTunes, Spotify and everywhere else. This...
If you enjoy listening to music, then a concert is likely at the top of your list of favorite activities to do with your family or friends. Whether you attend a concert at a school or church or at a larger venue, such as an amphitheater, there are numerous types of musical...
Saturday September 23, 2017. 11:00 AM
Robert Lanterman | Canadian/Mexican Bands Coming To The US: Pay Attention! Darren Perkins | Beginners Guide: 5 Tips For Buying Drums Bree Noble | How To Find Time For Music When You Have A Day Job Emily Lopes | Most Popular Music Genres: It Is Completely Different Than You...
Friday September 22, 2017. 05:53 PM
As a beginner drummer, one of the most exciting moments is finally buying your own drum set. After all, there is nothing like learning how to play drums with your own kit at home. But as drum sets tend to be quite an investment and space-consuming, buying one is not...
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