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Tuesday January 2, 2018. 10:31 AM
  Every artist goes through phases of their career as they evolve and mature over time. No matter how famous an artist becomes, they all started out somewhere. In the early days, a lot of bands book their own shows until it becomes necessary to seek out an agent or when an ag...
Tuesday December 19, 2017. 06:11 PM
You might not think you need a website for your band. After all, there’s Bandcamp, Soundcloud and other music streaming sites for getting your music out there. And, of course, for videos there’s YouTube, while Facebook and Instagram take care of promotion and communication...
Monday December 18, 2017. 06:57 PM
Did you ever wonder how it would look like to connect colors to notes and bind them with musical instruments? 144 Notes is the answer! It is a visual representation of musical notes, where colors are used as symbols to represent pitches. The main discovery is that ...
Saturday December 16, 2017. 10:00 AM
Ben Jacklin | Not Experimenting With Instruments? You’re Doing Things Wrong Chelsea Ira | New Music Licensing Course Now Available  George Christopoulos | Oticons Faculty Film Music Competition 2018
Thursday December 14, 2017. 10:44 PM
When we think of the standard instrumentation we hear in bands and orchestras, we tend to stick to what we’re used to. I’m here to tell you times are a’changing, and whether you trade your viola for an electric violin or your guitar for a modular synthesizer, the world of...
December 14, 2017 Boston, MA   GET YOUR MUSIC LICENSED is an online training program that teaches students how to prepare and license their music for film, TV, games and online placements.  The 6 month program shows musicians where to pitch their music and how to pitch it...
Monday December 11, 2017. 04:03 PM
The Most Established Film Music Competition in the world with the most Unique Challenges is Launched & Online once again! The initial concept of calling all emerging film composers to showcase their talent in the art of film scoring, by devising the most compelling...
Saturday December 9, 2017. 11:00 AM
Soundfly | Master The Fundamentals Of Mixing With Top Sound Engineers Glen Parry | The Digital vs. Acoustic Piano Showdown Rachelle Wilber | Practical Venue: How To Run A Successful Music Hall Lisa Occhino | How To Advertise Your Music Using Google AdWords
Wednesday December 6, 2017. 11:23 PM
A version of this article originally appeared on Flypaper. The Soundfly team is really excited to announce the arrival of our most ambitious course to date: Faders Up: Modern Mix Techniques. This course features interviews with nine of the top sound engineers working today,...
Tuesday December 5, 2017. 12:56 AM
Not unlike everything else around us, the world of piano has been shifting away from analog to digital. The ease and convenience of digital pianos has shifted the market from the expensive, heavy, loud acoustic piano, to the lightweight, inexpensive, volume controlled...
Monday December 4, 2017. 11:05 PM
Running a music venue is one of the most exciting jobs that you can do. You’ll get to meet lots of musicians and take a central role in your city’s art scene. Here’s how you can succeed at managing your venue. Find Your Niche What kind of music are you going to book? You...
This post was written by Lisa Occhino and originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog You’ve probably tried boosting your posts on Facebook, and maybe you’ve even run a few ads on Instagram. But have you ever considered how powerful Google’s search network can be for...
Saturday December 2, 2017. 11:00 AM
Tom Hess | The Proven Formula For Achieving Music Business Success David Milsont | Top Tips To Teach Piano Lessons To Kids Dotted Music | Interactive Music Learning Brought To Revolutionary Education App Rachelle Wilber | Stage Design: How To Create A Venue That’s Set To Thri...
Friday December 1, 2017. 05:54 PM
We all believe that music is an essential factor in our lives. It adds immense pleasure and de-stresses the mind from the daily chaos. Music helps to connect us through a lifetime of experiences. Being a universal language, it unites the people all over the world. Also,...
The Proven Formula For Achieving Music Business Success By Tom Hess You are likely to struggle in your music career when you don’t follow a proven formula for success. Musicians who reach their goals faster than everyone else follow one formula in particular. The formula...
Well, now it’s time to show some interesting rock music facts: In 2007 listeners of BBC Radio 2 ranked Queen as the ‘top British band’ of all time, better than The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and The Rolling Stones. On his last day as a welder, Tony Iommi, guitarist of Black...
Wednesday November 29, 2017. 10:39 PM
BERLIN and LAUSANNE, Switzerland, November 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Deutsche Grammophon GmbH, the world’s leading classical music label, and Tombooks, the inventor of interactive sheet music and the Tomplay app, which is revolutionizing music education, today announced an...
Tuesday November 28, 2017. 01:13 AM
Planning an event that everyone will enjoy is challenging, but extremely satisfying if successful. One of the key steps in ensuring the success of your event is choosing and creating a venue that will leave your guests awed. This article will outline how to create this kind...
Saturday November 25, 2017. 11:00 AM
  Dixie Somers | 5 Keys To Success As A Garage Band Robert Lanterman | Creative (And Unusual) Music Marketing Methods Rachelle Wilber | How After-School Music Programs Help Keep Kids Out Of Trouble Matty Johnson | The Essentials For Buying A Reasonably Priced Bass Guitar   ...
Friday November 24, 2017. 11:13 AM
So, you have a guitar, a voice, and some friends that want to make music. Well, in order to succeed in this difficult industry you’re going to need some help. Many bands try and fail hard because they don’t remember these important factors that will help you reach your...
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