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Thursday May 2, 2019. 05:30 PM
If you’re a musician with some experience in audio recording, owning and operating a home studio can be a good way to make some extra money on the side or even build a full-time business. While the earnings may not be huge at first, it’s entirely possible to make $20 an hour ...
Wednesday May 1, 2019. 09:28 PM
Roger Waters, the Pink Floyd bassist and creative force, is a known detractor of the modern music industry. The Times Arts editor Alex O’Connell explains “Waters said how grateful he was to have grown up when an artist’s talent and hard work was rewarded financially - unlike...
As diehard musicians, there is nothing more important than our instruments and the songs we create. Because of the significance of these possessions, it is essential that they are always stored and moved as securely as possible, so they are not warped or otherwise damaged by ...
Monday April 29, 2019. 05:46 PM
Guest post by Sammy Hakim. This article originally appeared on Soundfly’s Flypaper. You’re sitting down in your home studio with a cup of coffee in your hand, and your guitar on your lap, and it hits you: writer’s block. Rather than power through it, it makes more sense to...
Saturday April 27, 2019. 10:01 AM
Johannes Ripkin | Networking For Introverts Ben Jackson | Submit Hub - A Scam Sam Bowman | Touring Tips For Bands On A Budget Steanie Porol | 5 Reasons To Attend Cedarsong Songwriting Retreat: South Of Nashville    
Friday April 26, 2019. 01:42 PM
I’m part of a band that has had its fair share of false-starts over the years. Preparing for these false starts, I’ve repeatedly put together lists of potential blogs to pitch our music to when we’re building up to a release. To do this, I head over to The Hype Machine, head...
Thursday April 25, 2019. 09:17 AM
As a newsletter recipient of Dorie Clark (keynote speaker, author of “Stand Out Networking”) I became aware of a fantastic article in the Harvard Business Review that suits my company tamanguu very well, in which she discusses the challenges and solutions for introverts in...
Hitting the road and taking your band on tour is exciting. Whether this is your first tour and you’re still getting your feet wet or you’re veterans of the road, it’s important to make sure you stick to a budget so you can get to your designated performance locations with eas...
Tuesday April 23, 2019. 10:08 PM
CedarSong Songwriting retreat is a unique experience of likeminded individuals looking to brush up on skills and be inspired to write the next hit song. August 15 - 19 at Cedars of Lebanon State Park. Seasoned writers and beginners alike will gain the skills to take their...
Saturday April 20, 2019. 11:00 AM
Shaun Letang| How To Write A Song, 5 Unconventional TipsJessica Higgins | The Evolution Of The UK Festival SceneEmma Griffiths | 7 Podcasts Behind The Business Of Sync & Music SupervisionSadi Khan | 7 Scientific Studies Prove Exercise Makes You A Better Musician
Thursday April 18, 2019. 02:33 PM
Today we’re going to look at how to write a song. This won’t be your typical guide on songwriting though, there are already plenty of those floating around the internet. Instead, I’m going to give you some unconventional songwriting tips that will help get you out of that...
Wednesday April 17, 2019. 10:30 AM
Fashion: it’s been at the centre of music culture since way back when, from Teddy Boys to Hippies, Glam to Grime, you only had to look at the UK’s festival season to see these styles being flaunted. And what better way to get you in that festival mood than a crash course in U...
Tuesday April 16, 2019. 11:00 AM
Want to learn all there is to know about sync licensing and music supervision? Plug in your headphones and take a deep dive into these great podcasts: The Guild of Music Supervisors’ Podcast The GMS Podcast brings together the best of the business. Expect detailed discussion...
Monday April 15, 2019. 06:47 PM
What does it take to become a successful musician? Some say it’s hard work. Others suggest it is in the DNA. However, inborn talent can only take you so far. The success in the music industry is not different from the successes in any other field. You need to have some...
Saturday April 13, 2019. 10:00 AM
Royalty Exchange | Here’s A Tax Loophole Just Songwriters Sam Bowman | Recent Advancements In Music Technology Tracy Arbon | How To Submit To Music Blogs, Magazines And Radio And Get Heard Caleb J. Murphy | How To Stay In Love With The Craft Of Songwriting  
Friday April 12, 2019. 11:24 PM
Guest post from Soundfly’s Flypaper. This article originally appeared on the Royalty Exchange Blog Most of us songwriters have no idea that there’s a special tax loophole created just for us. For some artists, this change cuts our taxes right in half. In 2006, Congress...
It’s hard to even process the fact that, just over a century ago, the average person had no easy way to access music on a regular basis, apart from attending live performances. Over the course of the 20th century, the musical world improved by leaps and bounds thanks to the...
Thursday April 11, 2019. 02:34 PM
Before you go ahead and pump your music out to the world, take a good look at what you are offering. Is your website up to date? Do you have your social media accounts looking good with links that work? In less than three lines, can you explain who you are, or have your...
Monday April 8, 2019. 01:09 PM
This post by Caleb J. Murphy originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog.  I hate songwriting when things aren’t flowing. Okay, that’s not totally true. I always love the craft of songwriting, but I get super frustrated when nothing is showing up even though I am. When I’ve...
Saturday April 6, 2019. 12:00 PM
Dixie Somers |  Take Some Notes—4 Ways To Deepen Your Love Of Music Billy Saefong | Why (And How) To Practice In Gig Conditions Lauren Bradshaw | The Way Music Influences Student’s Mental Activity Melanie Kealey | Creating A Band Website: A Complete Checklist Willa...
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