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Friday December 2, 2016. 10:00 AM
I’ve had many a band come to me thinking they could overcome the one major factor that determines whether their band will be covered. What’s that factor? Timing. When you are unknown band, you are already faced with the major challenge of no one knowing who you are. As a...
Thursday December 1, 2016. 01:00 PM
By, Wendy Day from Rap Coalition A few years ago, I suddenly began getting these weekly emails out of the blue from DigitalRadioTracker.  I was excited because they offer valuable chart information for internet radio spins, a growth area I was closely watching.  Some of my...
Tuesday November 29, 2016. 09:28 PM
Music Tech Startup Soundstr Closes $1.1M in Seed Financing Soundstr’s New Music Identification Technology to Benefit Both Venue Owners & Songwriters (Cincinnati OH – November 29, 2016) Soundstr, a music technology startup aiming to bring fairness to real-world music usage,...
Monday November 28, 2016. 10:00 AM
If you’re visiting music think tank for the first time or the 50th time, you have something in common, you’re here for the music and your whole life has probably been dedicated to music. Perhaps this craft is basically all you can imagine yourself doing for the next however...
Friday November 25, 2016. 12:10 AM
Ludacris opens his new restaurant at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Concourse D.   Ludacris announced his plans to open a “Chicken N Beer” restaurant in Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport nearly five years ago. Today, November 17, the restaurant...
Monday November 21, 2016. 09:55 PM
This post was written by Wes Walls and originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog.  For musicians and bands, one of the most basic SEO achievements you can make is to get a Knowledge Panel to appear for your band keyword searches. In past blog posts, we’ve talked a lot about...
Saturday November 19, 2016. 01:00 PM
Sarah Specer | 4 Tips For Songwriters Seeking Artists To Record Their Songs Rachelle Wilber | 4 Ways To Enjoy Your Next Show Without The Aftermath  Jessica Hackett  | Social Media Content Management For Musicians  Brian Penick | 5 Things To Know Before Renewing Your...
Friday November 18, 2016. 04:23 PM
This article originally appeared on Soundfly’s Flypaper The goal of many a songwriter is to find artists to sing our material. And there are few things more thrilling than when you hear your music come to life. The first time you get to hear an artist’s take on a song you spe...
Thursday November 17, 2016. 10:25 PM
A lot of people go to small rock concert parties and stadium events with little thought in their minds about the things that can go wrong. Yet a single event during or after the show can ruin a person’s life for days, weeks, months or even years. Consider the following ways t...
Wednesday November 16, 2016. 09:47 PM
This article originally appeared on Soundfly’s Flypaper u’ve decided how you want to brand yourself online. You’ve created your band’s social media pages. You’re posting regularly, and still, you’re not seeing results. The solution: content planning. By putting all of your...
Tuesday November 15, 2016. 08:08 PM
  With the New Year just around the corner, it’s likely time to renew your music licensing agreements. But this industry is under some major changes that could impact all businesses. In June of 2016, the Department of Justice proposed changes to the Consent Decrees. These...
Monday November 14, 2016. 07:13 AM
For the past few years trumpeter Niko Segal has gone by his stage name “Donnie Trumpet.” But after Tuesday’s election, he couldn’t take it anymore The Chicago musician posted on his website (which is now instead of and social media pages...
Saturday November 12, 2016. 02:00 PM
John Morabito | Call For Contributors Robert Lanterman | Three Ways The Internet Hates Your Band Wes Walls | Optimizing Your Band Website For SEO John Morabito | My Favorite Free Resources For Drum Teachers
Calling All Musicians! RMRS Call for Contributors If you’re looking for an additional place to share some of your content our blog Rivington Music is looking for one time and regular contributors. Topics may include album or music releases, How-To Guides, product reviews,...
Friday November 11, 2016. 03:21 AM
I am 24 years old and have a marketing job, college education, cute girlfriend and parent’s rockin’ health insurance. So I guess I have absolutely no place to talk about how hard my life is or how difficult it is to get my music out there into the hands of people who would ra...
Wednesday November 9, 2016. 03:40 PM
This post was written by Wes Walls and originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog. If SEO is important to you as a musician, then having a website for your band is arguably the most important factor. But just having one isn’t quite enough. You need to optimize it for search e...
Monday November 7, 2016. 11:00 AM
Giving drum lessons is an exciting and rewarding activity, whether you’re teaching professionally, just earning a little extra cash on the side, or simply trying to inspire the next generation of drummers. It can also be a difficult task. Knowing how to play the drums...
Saturday November 5, 2016. 11:00 AM
Janelle Rogers | 7 Common Themes To Secure Music Blog Coverage Dixie Somers | Rock Locker: How Your Band Can Use A Storage Unit To Rehearse Melanie Kealey| How To Write An Effective Musician Bio (With Examples!) Nissim Elias | Is It Time To Save Music?  
Wednesday November 2, 2016. 04:11 PM
This article appeared first on Green Light Go.  It can often be overwhelming when you’re building a press list for your band. How do you know if the blog will cover you? Why aren’t they covering you? What are they looking for? Take a look at the seven common themes below to...
Tuesday November 1, 2016. 04:12 PM
Being in a band already has many challenges of its own. Finding the right spot to rehearse is just the first of dozens. Playing in your garage can irritate the neighbors and even get you in trouble with the law due to noise complaints. Studios are great, but can be very...
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