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Thursday August 18, 2016. 05:18 AM
This article originally appeared on the Sonicbids Blog I speak for myself when I say this, but I’m sure plenty of other musicians think the same: we all want a consistent, full-time, make-a-living-off-of-music job. Whether that’s behind the scenes or center stage, being able...
Tuesday August 16, 2016. 10:00 AM
The 21st century is shaping up to be a very interesting decade for music. How we listen and create this ancient art has changed dramatically with the explosion of technological innovation. Ways of composing and creating that were common to past decades have swiftly become...
Monday August 15, 2016. 02:59 PM
This post originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog. Dave Marcello is the Head of Artist Growth at Audiokite Research. Audiokite helps musicians, labels, and media companies better understand their audiences through crowdsourcing. Let’s face it; you’re pretty biased when it...
Saturday August 13, 2016. 11:00 AM
Lauren Gill | 6 Tips For Musicians: Rapidly Grow Your Instagram Following Brash | Magazine Blog - Time To Get Pretty Reckless Anthony Cerullo | Make Yourself An Irreplaceable Musician Rachelle Wilber | Music Celebration: 4 Must-Have Items For Any Concert Adam Bernard | 8...
Friday August 12, 2016. 08:10 PM
This article originally appeared on the Sonicbids Blog With 500 million active users, Instagram is a great visual social media platform to build your online community. Instagram allows you to give your fans a peek into your world through your photos and videos. While funny...
Thursday August 11, 2016. 04:17 AM
Urban Punk Music Artist SoBE LASH Releases “The Pretty Reckless” EP We’ve been anxiously waiting for The Pretty Reckless EP from our Jul/Aug cover artist SoBE LASH. Now the time is here to tune into her anticipated project. This EP describes a unique style of living life,...
This ariticle originally appeared on the Sonicbids Blog This may be difficult, but try to picture your role in the band. Not just as the drummer or guitarist, but seriously look at your significance in the group. Unfortunately, many musicians find themselves as “cogs” in the...
Wednesday August 10, 2016. 02:04 AM
Going to a concert soon? Then you’ll need to know about our must-haves for every concert. Make sure you’ve got these four things to make your experience truly great. Earplugs Now, maybe some of you are saying “what?” at this. After all, don’t you go to a concert to listen to...
Monday August 8, 2016. 06:00 PM
This article originally appeared on the Sonicbids Blog Music journalists aren’t angry people. Really, we aren’t, but certain things artists have been known to do make us go from mild-mannered Bruce Banner to full-on Hulk smash. If you don’t want to feel the wrath of the Hulk,...
Saturday August 6, 2016. 10:00 AM
Maria Ziza  | White VS Black Background For Music Websites David Milsont | 6 Tips For Passing The Audition Of A Music School Brian Penick | Consent Decree Impact Infographic Joy Ike  | A Day In The Life Of A Full-Time Musician Robert Lanterman | A Musician’s Guide To Simple...
Friday August 5, 2016. 08:00 AM
The eternal question - To be (on the dark side with cookies), or not be. And no, it is not Hamlet and even Darth Vader saying it. It is an average web designer who is scratching his head everytime he gets a new site to do. Especially when it goes to music-related websites...
Thursday August 4, 2016. 10:00 AM
Enrolling yourself in a prestigious music school is not as simple as it sounds since you have to pass a difficult audition at the first place. And in order to pass the audition you have to have that hunger for learning music as you need to prepare a lot for it. In fact,...
Wednesday August 3, 2016. 10:00 AM
Editor’s Note: This infographic is intended to visualize the recent decisions made by the Department of Justice for the Consent Decrees. For more information on these decisions and how they could impact songwriters, please check out our post, “5 Things Songwriters Need to...
Tuesday August 2, 2016. 10:00 AM
This post was written by Joy Ike ​and originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog.​ If you ask any full-time artist, they’ll probably admit that their daily schedule is an ever-changing, overwhelming wild beast that can’t be tamed. As someone who has been living as a...
Monday August 1, 2016. 01:00 PM
People always talk about football being America’s pastime, but I still think that title should go to beer, which is also the rest of the world’s pastime. In fact, half of the reason that America’s pastime is football is because watching it often involves drinking beer. It’s...
Saturday July 30, 2016. 09:00 AM
Nick Gross | 3 Tips For Expanding Your Career Beyond Music Paul Corsi | Maintain Media Relationships Between Releases Brian Penick | 5 Things Songwriters Need To Know About The Consent Decree Lol Smurfs | Why Video Game Music Should Be Taken Seriously Tony Guidry | In...
Friday July 29, 2016. 10:00 AM
Limiting your options to being only a musician is like saying you’re only going to try one instrument. The journey is the destination, and most successful musicians ended up where they are not because of their musical abilities but because of their abilities to venture into o...
Thursday July 28, 2016. 11:49 AM
Are you frustrated because all the music bloggers who loved your last record seem to care less about the new one you’re releasing? After repeated attempts to contact the writer, you can’t seem to get a response no matter how hard you try. Here’s the cold, hard truth: Your...
Wednesday July 27, 2016. 01:00 PM
(Originally taken from the Soundstr Blog)  What is the Consent Decree, and why are people talking (and so upset!) about it? While the music industry can seem glamorous, it does have its “unsexy” parts just like any other business sector. For songwriters, one of the least...
Tuesday July 26, 2016. 01:00 PM
If you’ve ever thought of video game music then Super Mario or Tetris probably sprang to mind. Both are catchy theme tunes made for video games, but would people take them seriously if they were released as singles? Probably not. Luckily those 8 bit days are gone and video...
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