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Thursday April 27, 2017. 04:07 PM
Ever wonder what songs, artists or playlists are hot now?Spot On Track is here to help. Spot On Track is a tool that helps listeners follow their favorite artists, songs, playlists, etc. and see how they are doing on a billboard chart standpoint.Spot On Track is a useful...
As the great Louis Armstrong once said, “Musicians don’t retire; they stop when there’s no more music in them.” Despite the challenges of the industry, you should never stop trying to find ways to keep making good music and growing your career. My take on this topic is not...
Wednesday April 26, 2017. 04:33 AM
Why should you care about metadata?? by Michelle Lockey  Metadata. Google defines metadata as:  a set of data that describes and gives information about other data.  So how does this apply to music?   Well, imagine you have burned this wonderful CD of music that you...
Monday April 24, 2017. 05:06 PM
Four Essentials: 1) Copyright Protection Under US copyright law, copyright (literally, the right to make and sell copies) automatically vests in the creator the moment the expression of an idea is “fixed in a tangible medium” (in other words, the moment you write it down, typ...
Saturday April 22, 2017. 02:00 PM
Tom Hess | Seven Steps Musicians Take In The Wrong Order – Why Many Music Careers Fail  Jo Pacheco | The Top Five Reasons Having An EPK Is Important Camila Rabin | Karaoke: The Funnest Way To Relieve Stress Joe Pacheco | Why You Don’t Need A Record Label To Be Successful
Thursday April 20, 2017. 08:45 PM
To grow a massively successful music career, it’s crucial to know: *The correct steps to take in order to succeed in your career. *The best way to take each step to get the results you want. *Which order you need to take these steps in to quickly grow your music career....
Original Article We are beyond the era of sending physical copies of music, photos, and mail to promoters but having a press kit is still vital in making musicians stand out.Now artists are able to accomplish more in the digital world with electric press kits. Here are the...
Tuesday April 18, 2017. 08:03 PM
We live in a time where musicians have everything they need to be successful all in fingers reach, yet many artists still don’t understand exactly why artists are steering away from labels more and more. With these few topics, artists are able to understand why you don’t...
Monday April 17, 2017. 11:00 AM
If you have ever belted out your favorite song with everything you’ve got, you know how good that can make you feel. You get a great rush of energy and all the stress you’re feeling just melts away. After singing, you suddenly feel full of energy and positivity. This is not...
Saturday April 15, 2017. 07:15 AM
Dixie Somers| Martial Music: 5 Reasons To Consider Joining A Military Band Jo Pacheco | Eight Things Every Musician Website Must Have Joe Pacheco | The Benefits of Music Therapy Renee Moore | How To Sell Your Song (If You Chose To Inbox Or DM People) Rachelle Wilber ...
Friday April 14, 2017. 09:40 PM
The origin of martial music dates back to a time when the high-tech communication systems seen on the battlefield today were not in existence. Signaling in the war zone was done by the sound of drum beats and the sounding of trumpets. However, present day military bands have ...
Link to Original Post   Want to step up your game and get more gigs and recognition in the music scene, but no one seems to be replying to your emails to check you out on Spotify, Soundcloud, Facebook or Twitter? Make a website! Websites are ideal for musicians to have...
Thursday April 13, 2017. 06:13 PM
The idea that music is powerful is an understatement. We are all taken captive by music on a day to day basis whether it’s getting goosebumps when our favorite song comes on or when we hear a song that sparks a specific memory. Many don’t know the impact that music has on...
  This video was made especially for those who like to Inbox or DM people to buy their music. That’s not how it works. So if you are going to do that then Sherexmykes has laid down a few techniques that may work better for you. If you are gonna do it, then do it...
Monday April 10, 2017. 03:00 PM
If you enjoy going to music concerts, there are a few precautions that you should take to keep yourself out of harm’s way. Being safe, however, won’t prevent you from still having a good time while you revel in the music. Here are a few tips to staying safe at concerts....
Saturday April 8, 2017. 01:00 PM
Terry Hearn | New Infographic “The Sound Of Music” Looks At Famous Songs In Unusual Way Brash Magazine | BRASH! Magazine Mar/Apr ’17 Issue Cover Reveal Joe Pacheco | Top Gear For Indie Artists Brian Buchanan | 6 Ways To Make Sure You’re Leaving Nothing On The (Merch)...
Friday April 7, 2017. 03:11 PM
Mar/Apr ’17 Issue of BRASH! Magazine ft. DJ Vixen The BRASH! train is continuing to move through the indie scene making NOISE! For our latest issue, we caught up with DJ Vixen. She gave us the exclusive on her success in blazing trails as an international DJ along with her la...
  One of the UK’s leading acoustic foam manufacturers has created a new infographic called “The Sound of Music” which reveals 20 fascinating anecdotes about the accidental and unusual sounds captured in the studio and found on some of the world’s most iconic songs. For...
Tuesday April 4, 2017. 09:35 PM
Original Article Here There are endless amounts of indie bands out there that all sound completely different because of one reason: they have a certain sound. Though all band’s sound different, they all rely on and cherish the one thing that makes them different, their gear. ...
Monday April 3, 2017. 01:44 PM
This post was written by Brian Buchanan and originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog.​ It’s 2017! Here we all are in the future, and what do you know - the music industry hasn’t collapsed! Sure, CDs aren’t selling the way they used to in stores. Neither is digital music,...
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