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Saturday June 1, 2019. 10:00 AM
Rachelle Wilber | Where Do You Find Good Quality Speakers? Dave Cool | 4 Ways Musicians Can Use An EPK Johannes Ripken | The 10 Rules Of Networking Martin Smith | Top 5 Best-Selling Albums Of All Time
Friday May 31, 2019. 10:44 AM
Music has always followed people. Folk songs and traditional rhythms existed since time immemoriam. Later it developed into Bach, Chopin, Andrea Bocelli, Metallica and contemporary pop. Music gained its highest popularity alongside technical progress. As soon as people...
Thursday May 30, 2019. 02:34 PM
Listening to amazing music can be a thrill. That’s why it can be such a buzzkill to realize that the speakers you own just aren’t up to par. If you have speakers that don’t give your music the crisp and clear sound it deserves, then you should be on the lookout for...
Wednesday May 29, 2019. 03:10 AM
This post by Dave Cool originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog.  An electronic press kit (EPK) — sometimes also called a digital press kit — is essential for making a strong first impression on promoters, bookers, media, and other music industry professionals. You can thin...
Monday May 27, 2019. 08:00 PM
The 10 Rules of Personal Networking (by Bobby Owsinski)  (By Bobby Owsinski, Enhanced By Johannes Ripken) Admittedly, it’s been a while since I discovered the blog article “The 10 Rules of Personal Networking” by music industry master mind Bobby Owsinski. Since then I had...
Saturday May 25, 2019. 10:00 AM
Sam Bowman | Tips For Successfully Recruiting New Band Members Caleb Murphy | How To Be Thankful You’re A Part-Time Musician Jordan Gates | Find Your Fans: Using Data To Analyze Your Audience Brandon Jackson | Where To Register To Get All Your Music Royalties Sam Bowman |...
Friday May 24, 2019. 10:00 AM
When you need to find a new band member, it can feel frustrating, overwhelming, and upsetting. Like it or not, your band will probably change at some point, so it’s a good idea to be prepared. Whether you need a new member because your bassist left in a huff, your drummer...
Complaining is just too easy. Especially when you don’t have what you want.  Example: being a part-time musician. Real talk: I write about music for a living and only a small fraction of my income is from music. But I want that to change. I want most of my income to be from...
Thursday May 23, 2019. 01:00 AM
Big Data, Big Insights In this digital age of music streaming and social media, it is easier than ever to objectively measure an artist’s reach and influence. Whether you like it or not, every social media site and music streaming platform is collecting loads of data about...
Wednesday May 22, 2019. 02:00 PM
Royalties are the life blood of the music business, and a huge reason so many artists aspire to make it big. The right song, registered correctly, can pay your bills for the rest of your life if you’re lucky. The problem is that music royalties are complicated, and many...
Monday May 20, 2019. 06:08 PM
Summer is fast approaching, and with it festival season. For the average festival goer, this season is a time of rocking out to your favorite bands, hanging out with friends, and enjoying the all-round good summer vibes. But for the environment, festivals often mean masses...
Saturday May 18, 2019. 11:00 AM
Rachelle Wilber | Musician’s Malady: 4 Ways To Relax After A Grueling Show Cathy Baylis | 8 Best Ways To Promote Your Music Patrick McGuire | 6 Benefits Of Playing House Concerts Over Bar Gigs Rakesh Singh | Why Music Brings Pleasure: Demystified Billy Saefong | How Many...
Wednesday May 15, 2019. 08:50 PM
Most of a musician’s time is spent honing their craft, preparing for shows, and playing performances. However, once the shows are over, it can be hard for musicians to handle the inevitable crash felt after riding that live music high. Musicians looking to overcome this...
Do you enjoy making music? If yes, we definitely understand you because it’s one of the most rewarding things you can do in life. It gives you the pleasure of creation and lets you express your deepest thoughts, ideas, and feelings. However, finding your place in the music...
Tuesday May 14, 2019. 04:02 AM
A big thank you to all for their devoted readership and the valuable and insightful content that so many of you have shared! Without your contributions, Music Think Tank would not exist. If you have something to say about the music industry, be it how-to advice or thoughtful ...
Monday May 13, 2019. 02:21 PM
Guest post by Patrick McGuire of Soundfly’s Flypaper When musicians set out to dominate the world with their music, they usually envision playing to sold-out stadiums and amphitheaters of screaming fans, not living rooms in front of only a handful of attentive listeners. But...
Friday May 10, 2019. 03:45 PM
Anyone who has ever felt shivers in the epidermis when listening to their favorite music, fainted with a love song or was completely upset because [of] heavy metal knows that music can exert a powerful emotional effect.  ‚ÄčAnd no one needs a neuroscientist to explain that...
Tuesday May 7, 2019. 02:24 PM
Guest post by Eva of Blue Oceans PR From India to China and Lithuania - here’s a list of the most interesting music festivals around the worldApril 5, 2019. Here are 10 of the best festivals around the world that most people have never hear about, collected by travel website...
Monday May 6, 2019. 11:46 PM
  You Need To Get 2,521,621,250,000 Streams On Spotify To Buy An Iron Man Suit. That is according to this Spotify Song Streaming Calculator. It’s not a secret that musicians are paid very little on popular streaming services like Spotify, Pandora and even Apple Music. The...
Saturday May 4, 2019. 10:00 AM
Anica Oaks | 4 Tips For Building A DIY Home Recording Studio Gideon Waxman | The Dark And Light Sides Of Digital Dan Matthews | Proper Moving & Storage Techniques For Musicians Sammy Hakim | How To Write A Song In A Single Day  
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