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Tuesday March 26, 2019. 09:00 AM
Back in March of 2015, Pharrell Williams claimed that the Blurred Lines copyright lawsuit will stifle creativity. Speaking for the first time since a jury determined that he and Robin Thicke copied Marvin Gaye’s ‘Got to give it up’. He explained: “The verdict handicaps any cr...
Monday March 25, 2019. 10:01 AM
Guest post by Nick Louder. This article originally appeared on Entertainers Worldwide Instruments in transit In a ‘no deal’ scenario, musicians and their instruments will find crossing borders more difficult and, potentially, more costly. The UK will become a ‘third...
As a modern society, our fascination with the ancient word goes back as long ago as that time period itself. We’re fascinated with what used to be and fawn over how people used to live, work and play. We also study their clothing, tools, writings and mannerisms. What we...
Saturday March 23, 2019. 10:00 AM
Courtney Myers | Ancient Music In Your Headphones?  MusicThinkTank |  MusicThinkTank, Hypebot Join The Bandsintown Family Rachell Wilber | How To Create An Attractive Stage Setup  Dan Matthews  | Tips For Setting Up A Foolproof Home Practice Space Martin Fowler | What A...
Friday March 22, 2019. 09:02 PM
I’m proud to share that MusicThinkTank and our sister blog have been acquired by Bandsintown. Both sites will still operate as independent publications, which Owen Davie I will continue to edit. What excites me most about this partnership is that its purpose is...
Thursday March 21, 2019. 10:00 AM
The attractiveness of your stage depends on your target audience. You want to design something that will appeal to your audience and fit within your venue requirements. Here are some of the factors that you should take under advisement for your next country music concert....
Tuesday March 19, 2019. 02:50 PM
It can be difficult to find that ideal spot in your home to exercise your musical muscles. Claiming that optimal home practice space — you know, one that’s bigger than a closet and actually conducive to the freedom and flow critical for proper creativity — can be a bit...
Guest post by Martin Fowler. This article originally appeared on Soundfly’s Flypaper Every year, the shortest month comes around, and at the forefront of my mind is the plethora of songwriting challenges which permeate the internet at large. Some of my favorite artists have...
Monday March 18, 2019. 10:53 PM
Why is it so many talented artists don’t see the light? Why do so many artists release so much music without thought or learning more of what is required outside of the music. As mentioned in various music tips on Music Talks I still fail to see so many artists not taking up...
Saturday March 16, 2019. 10:00 AM
  Jessica Dais | 10 Surprising Benefits Of Classical Music Ghostly Beard | Are You A Brand Or A Mouse? Nora Mark | 7 Email Marketing Tips For Musicians To Reach Out To Their Fans Allen Cranston | Music Internships: A Great Way To Gain Experience
Friday March 15, 2019. 08:33 PM
Anyone who has ever been to college, spoken to a career counselor, or searched “how to get a job” on Google will have surely heard about the importance of internships. “You should get one“ the experts say.“Internships are a great way to gain experience“. Yeah, we know. We’ve...
Did you know that listening to classics like Bach and Beethoven is actually good for your health? Many people enjoy listening to classical music while studying or working, and now we know why! From decreasing your blood pressure to improving your memory, research has proven...
Tuesday March 12, 2019. 03:40 AM
Music has always been a business. At least since the advent of the recording “industry” in the last century. There’s little doubt about that: it’s a big money-making machine and little more for a good portion of the music world. The marketing takeover In the context of this b...
Monday March 11, 2019. 01:02 PM
Guest post by Nora Mark of Academized and Stateofwriting. While writing email marketing content might seem like the sort of thing a big business would do, especially if they’re trying to sell you something, there are plenty of benefits a musician such as yourself, or your ban...
Saturday March 9, 2019. 10:00 AM
  James Shotwell | Do You Know Who’s Reading Your Music Blog? Same Bowman | How To Create A Dynamic Website That Will Appeal To Your Fans Adam Durnham |How Learning Drums Helped Me To Get Over My Alcoholism Leah D. Nelson | Tips For Saving Money While Still Eating Healthy...
Friday March 8, 2019. 11:54 PM
Regardless of upbringing, gender, religion, and race, music can bring people together. It has become a universal language that anyone can understand no matter what dialect.  It is only natural then that music, like drumming, has many therapeutic effects on the body and can be...
Guest post by James Shotwell. This article originally appeared on Haulix Building and retaining your audience begins with understanding who is clicking on your site. Search the name of virtually any artist or group on social media, and you are bound to find people discussing ...
The heart of a musician is to make music. From jazz to pop, punk to metal, and everything in between, a true musician is focused on their craft as often as possible.  However, the pressures of surviving as a musician is difficult. Monetizing a passion can be frustrating and d...
Tuesday March 5, 2019. 11:22 PM
Guest post by Leah D. Nelson. This article originally appeared on Soundfly’s Flypaper Going on tour is, for many, a road trip, but it’s also incredibly hard work. It’s work from a performance, planning, and marketing standpoint, but it’s also deeply important that you take...
Saturday March 2, 2019. 10:00 AM
Tracey Arbon | How Do Indie Music Blogs And Radio Survive? A Harsh Reality Ghostly Beard  | Is The Proliferation Of Indie Streaming Platforms Hurting Unsigned Artists? Dave Cool | 8 Essential Pages For Your Music Website Dan Matthews | Sound Healing: Musicians As Mental Healt...
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