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Tuesday July 11, 2017. 11:25 AM
Going in fully unprepared and expecting things to happen by themselves is going to lead to deep disappointment. The start of any journey can be both exiting and a bit scary at the same time and it’s no different with music. But don’t let excitement distract you from the...
It’s common for most musicians to not get signed to record deals because they make false assumptions about how this industry works. Don’t make the mistakes they make. Inform yourself and build value in your music career so you can offer it to record companies in the future....
Sunday July 9, 2017. 10:40 PM
By Boris Dzhingarov, blogger and founder of Song licensing. This is a phrase used in the music and recording industry on a regular basis, but unless you are part of that industry, the topic is a bit vague to say the least. What exactly is song licensing, is it necessary,...
Saturday July 8, 2017. 11:00 AM
  Rachelle Wilber | 4 Pieces Of Equipment Every Inspired Indie Band Needs For Practice Byron Pascoe | Creating A Band Agreement: What You Need To Know Rachelle Wiber | Musical Mayhem: 4 Issues That Could Destroy Your Flourishing Band    
Thursday July 6, 2017. 08:32 PM
The drum kit, synthesizer, speakers, and amplifiers are all essential pieces of equipment for your indie band. When you are planning on a live performance for a big crowd, there may also be other devices that you will need in order to achieve the desired effects. Consider...
Wednesday July 5, 2017. 07:31 PM
Being in a band is a dream that many people have growing up. For most, their dream ends after high school or after getting tired of playing small gigs for family or friends. However, there are a chosen few groups that gain fame across the country and throughout the world....
Monday July 3, 2017. 01:22 PM
This guest post by Canadian entertainment lawyer Byron Pascoe originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog Being a musician is a business. If you’re in band, one of the most important elements of organizing your business, is having an effective band agreement. Without...
Saturday July 1, 2017. 01:53 PM
Dixie Somers | Tones For The Troubled: 5 Health Benefits Of Music Therapy Emma Sturgis | Get Out Of The Garage: 4 Tips For Success When Starting A Band Rachelle Wiber | How Keen Musicians Successfully Protect And Secure Their Songs Shivani Patel | The Gate: History, How To...
Friday June 30, 2017. 11:00 AM
Music is something that everyone can experience, whether it is live or streaming through your favorite album. Aside from being universal, it can also provide health benefits. Below are five health benefits of music and music therapy. Music Relieves Stress and Depression When ...
Thursday June 29, 2017. 11:00 AM
    There are hundreds of bands playing across the country each night at clubs or private parties. However, only a handful of those groups will ever get a record deal or gain any type of widespread recognition or fame. What are some steps that your band can take to overcome t...
Wednesday June 28, 2017. 02:00 PM
Musicians in today’s modern age have many outlets for their art, but these pathways may not be very secure. They might actually create problems where the songs are open to the public, and they’re immediately copied or taken. It’s critical for musicians to protect and secure...
Tuesday June 27, 2017. 10:09 PM
THE HISTORY OF THE GATE Depending on how long you’ve been working as a musician, you may already be familiar with Download Gates and Fan Gates in general. Years ago it became common practice to install a 3rd party tab to your Facebook artist page and offer an incentive to...
Monday June 26, 2017. 02:00 PM
Whether you’re a solo artist or with a band, the amount of tasks you have to fulfill can be overwhelming. The act of making music is just one part of the music industry and just because you are a musician doesn’t mean you don’t have other obligations. It may be hard to find...
Saturday June 24, 2017. 02:00 PM
Hilde Spille | Being A Star - Between Diva Behavior And Imposter Syndrome  Cherie Nelson | 3 Keys To Breaking Into The Industry As A Broadway Musician Ben Jacklin | Why Your Home Recording Sucks (And How to Fix It)  Shivani Patel | 4 Reasons Why You Should Focus On...
Friday June 23, 2017. 06:12 PM
I love watching the stars at this short, warm nights! For people, being a star means that you are in the spotlights, that others notice you, that you are famous. We admire you, you inspire us. All the admiration does something to you and your ego. Your ego is blown up big...
 Fairbanks violinist Caitlin Warbelow wanted to grow up to be a scientist. Instead, she’s performing on Broadway in Tony-nominated “Come From Away,” a true story about the September 11 attacks. Warbelow earned degrees in violin performance, anthropology, cartography and...
Thursday June 22, 2017. 06:32 PM
Recording at home is a viable option for musicians now. Whether you just want to throw together a quick demo or you want to record a whole album from your garage, you can get a relatively affordable setup and set up something resembling a makeshift studio at home. Just...
Tuesday June 20, 2017. 06:13 PM
Everyone wants major press placements. I get it. There’s a lot of clout that comes with a feature on Alternative Press, Stereogum, Consequence of Sound, etc. However, in their quest to shoot straight to the top, emerging bands are missing a vital component to career growth:...
The music industry relies on royalties as a form of payment from licensed copyrighted songs and recordings. However, recording artists earn their royalties on the sale of their music while songwriters earn them mainly on public performances. Licensing and their specific...
Saturday June 17, 2017. 02:00 PM
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