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Friday May 12, 2017. 01:53 PM
BRASH! Magazine Welcomes New Music Contributor, Rose Fall BRASH! Magazine would like to welcome our new official music contributor Rose Fall to the BRASH! team. This young writer, blogger, and author has worked with us since 2016 as an intern giving her input and person writi...
Tel-Aviv, IL April 13, 2017 - allmusicrating (2017) has launched this morning its first music rating system called EARs©.  The Essential Album Rating System is an application and a database that measures the quality of music providing “True music ratings of individual...
Thursday May 11, 2017. 01:17 AM
Whether your band is planning a tour or releasing new music, chances are it’s not going to be cheap. Brand sponsorship allows artists to do what they do best without worrying about the capital it will take to do so. Here are 9 steps to take when approaching a brand for sponso...
Monday May 8, 2017. 01:54 PM
  There are at least a hundred ways for every singer/songwriter to improve his or her chances of success, but these are the five I already know that need to be addressed without even seeing your show. They are inherent the performance of virtually all aspiring (and sadly many...
Saturday May 6, 2017. 02:00 PM
Nissim Elias | How To Rate Music – Beyond Music Ratings Hilde Spille | Why Musicians ‘Don’t Need’ Mental Support DCumming | How To Get Your Band Booked At Music Festivals Lisa Occhino| The Complete Guide To Marketing Your Music Online Chris Villa | Millennials Are...
Friday May 5, 2017. 03:00 PM
  The purpose of this article is to show you how to rate music, and tell you what it takes for a system to do exactly just that.   If we could have placed our music on a measurable scale, and tagged it by its quality, it would have then proved to be very helpful in making...
Thursday May 4, 2017. 05:22 PM
Athletes use mental coaches to enhance their performances, entrepreneurs go to coaches to enhance their business, bankers visit shrinks, but musicians don’t need mental support. Here’s why.Many musicians had to face hard times during childhood. They used music as an escape. L...
Wednesday May 3, 2017. 02:21 AM
How to get your band Booked at Music Festivals The allure of performing before humongous crowds of screaming fans at music festivals is irresistible for any musician. Unfortunately, landing a festival gig is easier said than done, especially when you are an emerging artist....
Tuesday May 2, 2017. 04:00 PM
This post was written by Lisa Occhino and originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog These days, there are so many different ways to market your music online that it’s tough to even know where to start. What’s worth your time, energy, and money? What isn’t? How many social...
Monday May 1, 2017. 03:00 PM
From the high street, you’d be forgiven for thinking the growth in vinyl sales was a myth. We’re not seeing the high streets overrun with record stores, and those that do exist are populated, for the most part, by the usual suspects. Younger generations are only treading...
Saturday April 29, 2017. 02:00 PM
  MusicThinkTank | Tips For Launching Your First Indie Album Jo Pacheco | Spot On Track And Its Benefits To Fans And Musicians Mylène Besançon | Simple Growth Hacks For Building A Solid Music Career Michelle Lockey | Metadata Schemetadata? Here’s Why You Should Care ...
Thursday April 27, 2017. 10:24 PM
Today’s artist is in a whole new world when it comes to getting noticed by the record industry. Years ago, it was a matter of pounding the pavement getting the big labels to at least listen to a demo you produced and hoping that someone would like what you did enough to sign...
Ever wonder what songs, artists or playlists are hot now?Spot On Track is here to help. Spot On Track is a tool that helps listeners follow their favorite artists, songs, playlists, etc. and see how they are doing on a billboard chart standpoint.Spot On Track is a useful...
As the great Louis Armstrong once said, “Musicians don’t retire; they stop when there’s no more music in them.” Despite the challenges of the industry, you should never stop trying to find ways to keep making good music and growing your career. My take on this topic is not...
Wednesday April 26, 2017. 04:33 AM
Why should you care about metadata?? by Michelle Lockey  Metadata. Google defines metadata as:  a set of data that describes and gives information about other data.  So how does this apply to music?   Well, imagine you have burned this wonderful CD of music that you...
Monday April 24, 2017. 05:06 PM
Four Essentials: 1) Copyright Protection Under US copyright law, copyright (literally, the right to make and sell copies) automatically vests in the creator the moment the expression of an idea is “fixed in a tangible medium” (in other words, the moment you write it down, typ...
Saturday April 22, 2017. 02:00 PM
Tom Hess | Seven Steps Musicians Take In The Wrong Order – Why Many Music Careers Fail  Jo Pacheco | The Top Five Reasons Having An EPK Is Important Camila Rabin | Karaoke: The Funnest Way To Relieve Stress Joe Pacheco | Why You Don’t Need A Record Label To Be Successful
Thursday April 20, 2017. 08:45 PM
To grow a massively successful music career, it’s crucial to know: *The correct steps to take in order to succeed in your career. *The best way to take each step to get the results you want. *Which order you need to take these steps in to quickly grow your music career....
Original Article We are beyond the era of sending physical copies of music, photos, and mail to promoters but having a press kit is still vital in making musicians stand out.Now artists are able to accomplish more in the digital world with electric press kits. Here are the...
Tuesday April 18, 2017. 08:03 PM
We live in a time where musicians have everything they need to be successful all in fingers reach, yet many artists still don’t understand exactly why artists are steering away from labels more and more. With these few topics, artists are able to understand why you don’t...
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