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Thursday October 11, 2018. 03:48 AM
Erica Synths has introduced the Dual FX - a new Euro module that offers two identical sections of 8 custom effects, with two adjustable and CV controllable parameters.… Read More Erica Synths Dual FX Now Available
Developer Momo Müller has introduced the Roland D-05 and D-50 Editor Controller, which is available now as a VST and standalone app. … Read More Unofficial Roland D-05 & D-50 Editor Controller
This set of videos looks at sound design on the new Moog One synthesizer.… Read More Moog One Synthesizer Sound Design
This video demonstrates using the SL MkIII to control and sequence a variety of software and hardware.… Read More Novation SL MkIII In-Depth Demo
Wednesday October 10, 2018. 05:00 PM
Novation has introduced the SL MkIII keyboard controller, a line of 49- or 61-key controllers that are designed to be a complete solution for hardware and software studio control.… Read More Novation Intros SL MkIII Controller With Complete Hardware & Software Studio...
The Rock & Roll Hall of fame has announced its nominee roster for 2019, and Kraftwerk & Devo are among the list of nominees.… Read More Kraftwerk, Devo Nominated For Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame
Free State FX has introduced a 1U width Ornament & Crime module for dotcom-style 5U modular synthesizers.… Read More Free State FX Intros Ornament & Crime Module For 5U Modular Systems
Moritz Simon Geist, creator of the massive MR-808 robotic drum machine, let us know about his latest videos, which explore making techno using music robots.… Read More Moritz Simon Geist On Making Techno with Music Robots
Lakeside Audio has introduced Groovestar 3.0, an updated version of its step synthesizer plugin for Mac & Windows.… Read More Lakeside Audio Intros Groovestar 3.0 Step Sequencer
SampleScience has introduced Nostromos v2, a plugin instrument inspired by 80s science fiction movies, such as Alien, Creature, The Abyss, and Predator.… Read More New Plugin, Nostromos v2, Inspired by 80s Sci Fi Movies
Reader Andrea Messina shared this visual demo of making a DIY foot switch controller from an old US computer keyboard. … Read More How To Make A DIY Foot Switch Controller From An Old USB Computer Keyboard
Here's a quick demo of the new Dove Audio WTF oscillator, which is available in both 5U and Euro formats. … Read More ‘Super Pulse Width Modulation’ With The Dove Audio WTF Oscillator
Holkenborg is known for film scoring, and his video reflects this, focusing on three relatively cheap ways he's improved the way his studio works and sounds. … Read More Junkie XL On Three Ways To Improve Your Studio
Tuesday October 9, 2018. 11:35 PM
Ableton & Sonic Faction have released Probability Pack - a set of five step sequencers and 'idea generators', designed to let you add controlled randomization to any composition and performance process.… Read More Free Probability Pack For Ableton Live Suite
Monday October 8, 2018. 09:17 PM
'Tone Science Module No.2 Elements and Particles' continues the journey down the rabbit hole of possibilities and sound worlds offered by modular synthesizers.… Read More New All-Modular Compilation Album – Tone Science Module No.2 Elements and Particles
In this video, Moog's Amos Gaynes does an in-depth demo of the new Moog One polyphonic synthesizer.… Read More Moog One Synthesizer In-Depth Demo
In conjunction with the official announcement of the new Moog One, Moog Music is live streaming the assembly of one of the new keyboards from their factory in Asheville, NC. … Read More Moog One Build Live Stream
Moog today officially introduced the One synthesizer - their first polyphonic hardware synth in decades. … Read More Moog One First Audio Demos
Zentric Egg is influenced by demoscene animations and produces 3D rendered animation sequences set to his music. … Read More Zentric Egg – The Sorcerer
Galactica performs with a 520hp Eurorack modular setup, including the WMD performance mixer and the Erica Drum Sequencer.… Read More Modular Techno Live Set
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