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Thursday February 1, 2024. 02:17 AM
In addition to standard DJ turntable functions, the korg handytraxx play offers a variety of unique features. … Read More Korg Intros Portable handytraxx play Turntable
Wednesday January 31, 2024. 03:22 AM
Behringer today shared this sneak preview of their upcoming UB-Xa mini analog synthesizer,  a minisynth that they say offers 'the authentic sound' of the Oberheim OB-Xa.… Read More Behringer Teases UB-Xa Mini, A $99 Taste Of The ‘Authentic Sound Of The OB-Xa’
Should Tiptop bring the Buchla 218 to Eurorack format? And what about the Music Easel?… Read More Do Synthesists Need A Buchla Music Easel In Euro Format?
The 72 HP width may strike synthesists as awkward...… Read More Behringer Intros 72 HP Eurorack Spring Reverb Effect
Tuesday January 30, 2024. 04:41 AM
Behringer today shared a preview of the CZ-1 Mini, a minisynth that copies the sound engine used in Casio's classic CZ synth line of '80s.… Read More Behringer CZ-1 Mini Inspired By Vintage Casio CZ Synths
Monday January 29, 2024. 03:54 AM
With Yamaha E.S.P., the Montage M can now be in your computer.… Read More Yamaha Montage M Now Available As Expanded Softsynth Plugin For Your DAW
Sunday January 28, 2024. 03:37 AM
Knobcon organizer Suit & Tie Guy has announced that his latest creation, the muSonics Vanilla Synthesizer, is now shipping and available to order.… Read More MuSonics Vanilla Synthesizer Now Shipping
The line lets Buchla 200 owners expand their systems, and already includes enough modules to start a 'new vintage' system.… Read More Source Of Uncertainty Announces Official Buchla 200 Series Module Reissues
'This free sound pack brings the legendary MS-20 sound to life on the Modwave synthesizer.'… Read More Free Korg modwave Sound Library Inspired By The Classic MS-20 Synthesizer
The Roland CR-78 is best known for being used iconically on a few classic 80s tracks. … Read More Behringer Teases Roland CR-78 Drum Machine Knockoff
Saturday January 27, 2024. 02:55 AM
The OMNIS-DUO is lightweight, compact enough to fit in a backpack and can be used anywhere.… Read More AlphaTheta Intros OMNIS-DUO Portable DJ System
Friday January 26, 2024. 02:41 AM
The 207t above, is a reissue of the classic Buchla Mixer/Preamplifier Model 207 in Euro format.… Read More Tiptop Audio & Buchla Mixer/Preamplifier Model 207t Now Available
At NAMM, they are showing their full range of synths and showcasing the Carbon8 8-voice Experimental Digital Synthesizer.… Read More Modal Electronics Showcases Carbon8 At 2024 NAMM Show
While they were originally designed for novices, Omnichords been used creatively by musicians for decades, and now have a cult status.… Read More Suzuki Omnichord OM-108 Brings Back Classic Strummable Instrument
Thursday January 25, 2024. 03:44 PM
Behringer says that 'the synth is in its very early stages, and we are now focusing on debugging and implementing the necessary software.'… Read More Behringer Announces JT-16 Polysynth, Their Take On The Classic Roland Jupiter-8 Synthesizer
Wednesday January 24, 2024. 03:08 PM
Supercritical Synthesizers has introduced their first desktop instrument, Redshift 6, a six-voice analog 'Variable Character Synthesizer'.… Read More Supercritical Redshift 6 Variable Character Synthesizer Now Available To Preorder
It's not a final review, but the video covers the new synth in depth and makes clear that it's a very different instrument than the original.… Read More Korg microKORG 2 vs Classic microKORG
Arturia today introduced Pigments 5, the latest version of their 'Polychrome' software synthesizer.… Read More Arturia Pigments 5 Polychrome Software Synthesizer – Here’s What’s New
The Nord Grand 2 features the latest generation premium Hammer Action keyboard from Kawai, expanded sample library memory, new effects and more.… Read More Nord Grand 2 Updated With New Keyboard, Expanded Memory and More
Tuesday January 23, 2024. 03:59 PM
Behringer today announced that it has cut the price of its MS-1 synth, a knockoff of the Roland SH-101, to $199 USD. Unfortunately, US super-partner Sweetwater has it listed as out of stock, super-partner Amazon has it listed at the wtf price of $679, and dudes are listing...
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