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Monday April 5, 2021. 01:55 AM
Adapting tools to the human as opposite to adapting yourself to the tool: I always like when someone take that challenge to find a solution even when I’m considering  guitar picks.  Since I’ve found my ideal picks (i.e. Dunlop Big Stubby) I’ve almost never been able...
Beyond the sound and usability, there is nothing that resembles more to a guitar than another guitar of the same series visually speaking. Many guitarists and bass players, openly or shamefully, personalize their instruments. Either they go for a drastic customization or...
Highlight on a French DIY artist because I really like his music: Charly & Sa Drôle de Dame got his name from the French dubbed version of Charlie’s Angels, and the Angel here is his old Parlor guitar from 1890. You can see bits of what this guitar can do on this short...
The use of ceramic to make musical instruments has an ancient origin… Maybe not as old as ceramic itself but still! The Arabian darbuka (goblet drum or chalice drum) is a wonderful example of such instruments though the modern production tends to use metal or wood instead...
I still have some footage to check about the 2010 Musikmesse, so don’t be surprised to see it mentionned from time to time in a post. And here is one guitar innovation I saw there… As innovation in the guitar field is not that frequent I couldn’t resist to tell you...
Sunday April 4, 2021. 11:35 PM
Let’s talk about something not guitary at all… If I want to tell you about the Rhizome made by the French company Feeltune it is because this device is absolutely phenomenal but also because I was part of a panel gathered to test, and give their opinion about the...
And it is the turn of Youtube Germany to remove music videos coming from the majors following the failure of the renegotiation of rights. It is a real epidemic that started in Great Britain and should soon point the finger at France… If a lot of artists complain, along with t...
A big desire to play the guitar this morning … But like, just want to send in completely lazy without research!! Hop, I turned 2/3 playback and then I thought “here and if you plugged the AFN to make a shot just for fun!!” … And then at one point I thought “hey but you could...
Wednesday March 31, 2021. 05:20 AM
Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!
Thursday March 25, 2021. 09:37 PM
Even when you believe that a sector has gone around what could be invented or even imagined, there are always great inventors to push the boundaries… This is the subject of the Guthman Musical Instrument Competition held at the Georgia Tech Center For Music Technology, a comp...
Tuesday January 5, 2021. 12:27 AM
My friends from Le Blog Qui Gratte, a french blog about guitar, had the opportunity to interview Derek Trucks and as I am fond of his music and his slide guitar playing, I really enjoyed to read this interview… So I wanted to share it with the non-french speakers who land...
Thursday December 17, 2020. 12:20 AM
Yesterday I’ve published a post about Custom Made Visual Pickguards made by French craftman Didier Guyot-Viviane. As I am a supporter of enthusiasts professionals like him, I wanted to contribute to highlight his work. We both agreed to launch a giveaway, and allow one of...
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