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Friday May 24, 2019. 11:16 PM
At Superbooth 2019, we talked with developer Gert Jalass of Moon Modular, who gave us an update on his line of large-format MU synth modules.… Read More Large Format + Eurorack Combine In One Modular Synthesizer
At Superbooth 2019, we talked with Robaux developer Robert Menzel, who gave us a hands-on demo of his ginormous 16-track drum computer - a scaled-up version of his SWT16+ 16-Track trigger sequencer.… Read More Gigantic 16-Track Drum Computer At Superbooth 2019
The Gen R-8 is sort of an uber-Stylophone - combining the original's stylus interface with a much more powerful semi-modular synth engine.… Read More Stylophone Gen R-8 Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)
At Superbooth 2019, we talked with designer Jeff Snyder of Snyderphonics, who gave us an overview and demo of his unique Manta controller and a companion Eurorack module, MantaMate.… Read More The Snyderphonics Manta Offers A Unique Way To Control Your Synthesizers
This video, by Sunshine Jones, is described as a A Love Letter to the mighty Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer.… Read More A Love Letter To The Roland TR-808 Drum Machine
Thursday May 23, 2019. 10:18 PM
At Superbooth 2019, Mayer Electronic Music Instruments introduced a new line of polyphonic Eurorack modules. We talked with designer Horst Mayer, who gave us a sneak preview of the new line of modules. The Mayer Eurorack system is centered around the M800 Polyphonic Virtual...
At Superbooth 2019, Special Waves introduced the Mine S, a new modular MIDI controller system. … Read More Special Waves Intros Mine S, “The World’s Most Versatile Modular MIDI Controller”
Propellerhead has released Reason Compact 2.0 - an updated version of its mobile groove sequencer for iOS.… Read More Propellerhead Reason Compact 2.0 Pocket Studio For iOS Now Available
New 'synth supergroup' features Peter Baumann and Paul Haslinger, both former members of Tangerine Dream.… Read More Tangerine Dream’s Peter Baumann & Paul Haslinger Join Forces As ‘Neuland’
The Foundation describes the Moogseum as 'an incredible educational museum in Bob Moog’s honor, with access to parts of their archive, interactive timelines, early equipment and more!'… Read More Moogseum Opens In Asheville, NC
Submarine’s two sub generators process your source – kicks, bass, even full busy mixdowns – and cleanly add new subharmonic frequencies up to two octaves below the precise frequency range you’ve selected. … Read More Waves Debuts 2-Octave Subharmonic Generator...
Electronic Voyages: Early Moog Recordings 1964-1969 is a new compilation LP, featuring pioneering recordings from the 1960s that feature the Moog synthesizer.… Read More Electronic Voyages: Early Moog Recordings 1964-1969
The Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth - introduced at Superbooth 2019 - will be available to pre-order starting May 28, 2019 for US $749. … Read More Gamechanger Motor Synth Available To Pre-Order May 28 For $749
'It felt like I was tripping on LSD!'… Read More The Buchla ‘Red Panel’ LSD Legend Was True
Wednesday May 22, 2019. 03:25 AM
Crucible utilizes classic digital synthesis blocks like delay and digital filters as well as experimental meshes to fully synthesize a cymbal voice of your own design. … Read More WMD Crucible ‘Cymbal & Plate’ Synth Now Available
It’s been designed to be fun, naughty, easy-to-use, and a blank canvas for the sound designers,' according to the company. … Read More Arturia MicroFreak Synthesizer Now Available & It’s A Bit ‘Naughty’
The Squid Salmple 'focuses on usability & instinctive operation, incorporating a proven Pamela’s Workout-style user interface for minimal screen dependence and a fun, hands-on experience.'… Read More Busy Circuits Introduces Squid Salmple 8-Channel Eurorack Sampler
“It’s absolutely amazing,' said Jean-Michel Jarre about this year's Superbooth. 'It’s not just another fair – it’s an experience, a human experience, a musical experience, it’s flabbergasting!”… Read More Superbooth 2019 Establishes Record With 7500 Visitors
Having the right sound effect—whether it's a glitch, click, interference, reaction or other—adds a to a radio shows, podcasts, videos, adverts, video games or other multimedia project.Use radio tuning sound effects to set your brand apart. Use radio static sound effects...
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