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Nonlinear Labs announces USB MIDI and internal digital recording to the C15

Friday June 4, 2021. 05:02 PM , from Gearslutz
Nonlinear Labs announces USB MIDI and internal digital recording to the C15
The C15 gets a major update that includes USB MIDI connectivity and an internal digital audio recorder. For connecting the C15 directly to a computer we are offering a new small hardware device called the MIDI Bridge.

Again this update continues the constant evolution of the C15 since its launch. Last summer we extended the synth engine by split, layer and monophonic modes, new parameters and added more macro controls. The current implementation of a MIDI interface is now widening up the spectrum of applications for the C15, especially in the studio environment.

The second feature included in this software release is an internal digital recorder. It automatically stores the audio output signal of the last hours in the C15.

Features at a glance

• Transmits and receives notes, positions of the Hardware Controls, Program Changes

• Up to 90 parameters can be modulated via the Macro Controls

• 14-bit resolution for Note Velocities and for Controls available

• Separate MIDI Channels for Split zones and Parts of the synth engine available

• Local On/Off

Connecting the C15 to a USB Device

The USB host interface of the C15 can be directly connected to USB MIDI devices. The C15 has a Type A connector for USB, and its embedded computer system works as a “USB host” for “USB devices” connected to this port. This means that you only need a standard USB cable to set up a MIDI communication with an instrument, a hardware sequencer, or a MIDI interface, or any device with a USB Type B connector.

Connecting the C15 using 5-pole DIN Connectors

To use the classical MIDI cables and 5-pin DIN Ins and Outs a USB MIDI interface can be connected as an USB device directly to the USB port of the C15.

High Resolution Mode

As classical MIDI operates on 7 bit resolution (128 steps), there is a loss in accuracy. The C15 operates on much higher precision. Nevertheless, precision can be maintained by enabling the “High Resolution” options. This increases the resolution to 14 bit (16384 steps). Values are then encoded as a pair of MSB (coarse) and LSB (fine) components, effectively doubling the amount of messages. This is still compatible with the classical resolution, as the LSB component is optional when receiving MIDI messages.

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