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Treat Yo’ Self: 5 Legit Reasons to Buy Yourself a Gift

Monday November 15, 2021. 02:00 PM , from Sweetwater inSync
Treat Yo’ Self: 5 Legit Reasons to Buy Yourself a Gift
Tired of getting socks for Christmas when you really want a Stratocaster?
There’s a logical solution: buy the gift yourself. After all, you know what you
want. Is this idea too radical for you? Do you believe it’s better to give than
to receive? Here are five reasons why you should buy yourself a gift this
holiday season.

It Will Make You Happy

When you buy yourself a gift, it makes you happy. Everybody
knows happy people are more helpful, more productive, and generally more
pleasant to be around. So, stop being a grumpy curmudgeon. Buy yourself that
new microphone,
bass, or stompbox. If
you won’t do it for yourself, then do it for those around you — if you’re
happy, they’re happy!

‘Tis the Season for Great Deals

From Black Friday onward, the holiday season is replete with amazing deals. Why wait until after the New Year when everything costs more? Take advantage of that pre-Christmas sale. Enjoy that Kwanzaa sales extravaganza while prices are low. Get in on that winter solstice celebration while everything is marked down. Now’s the time to give your Sales Engineer a call and grab that guitar or audio interface you’ve had your eye on!

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You’ll Get Exactly What You Want

Nonmusicians tend to buy musicians weird things. They just
don’t understand what we’re really into. Unless you’re able to telepathically
coerce gift givers into buying the right stuff, DJs will get guitar strings,
guitarists will get drumheads,
drummers will get ukuleles
— you get the idea. That’s why you should do your loved ones a favor and buy
the gift yourself.

You Want Really Expensive Stuff

You want a Neve console; your loved ones have a $150 spending limit. The solution? Buy the item yourself. That way, you’re not making your friends and family feel like cheapskates. Of course, you can always ask them to get you Sweetwater Gift Cards and put the money toward what you really want. See? Everybody wins.

Sweetwater Gift CardsChoosing the perfect gift has never been easier than instant digital delivery and the freedom to choose from over 63,000 music products.

Everything Is in Short Supply

If you’ve tried to buy anything over the past few months, it
hasn’t been easy. With over a half million shipping containers stuck off the coast
of California, goods are scarce. And, if you can’t find a turkey, a jar of pork
gravy, or multi-ply toilet paper, do you really think getting your hands on
that specific electric guitar you’ve been coveting is going to be easy? Here’s
our advice: If you find exactly what you want in our Guitar Gallery, then get it
while the getting’s good! It may be gone tomorrow. And, since the next shipment
is probably floating somewhere in the Pacific, it may be a while until you can
get another one.

Here’s the reality: Your loved ones are about to buy you
useless holiday gifts. While their intentions are probably honorable, your
nonmusician loved ones are unlikely to get you what you want. And, here at Sweetwater,
we want everybody to enjoy a happy, drama-free holiday season chock-full of
joyous music making. That’s why you should call your Sales Engineer at (800)
222-4700 and buy the gift yourself. Just don’t forget to say thank-you to
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