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MIA LABORATORIES releases "Pi & Phi MkIII"

Tuesday October 5, 2021. 10:51 AM , from Gearslutz
MIA LABORATORIES releases "Pi & Phi MkIII"
We proudly announce the release of Pi & Phi MkIII!

The basic elements that make up π & φ are the actual numbers π and φ, omnipresent throughout our surrounding living environment. Pi & Phi utilizes the harmony of these magic numbers in order to introduce an innovative way of spectral processing, creating an acoustic effect that can be described as “super-enhanced”, with a warm yet powerful “sparkle”.

Features 10 bands that cover the frequencies from 80 Hz up to 16KHz, along with a “Super Low” and a “Super High” band to complement the extremes of the spectrum. This tool is ultimately capable of enriching a mix and each of its separate components with minimum phase distortion, enabling the user to precisely shape the spectral balance as dictated by the Golden Ratio.

Pi & Phi also stands out for its “demasking” capabilities, as it is exceptionally suitable for making an instrument or vocal track ‘cut-through’ and stand-out from the rest, in an otherwise cluttered mix. Overall it is a very effective yet easy-to-use tool, as well as very ‘forgiving’, since the amount of distortion introduced is minimal compared to the increase in “loudness” perceived, even in extreme settings.

In this latest version, Pi & Phi utilizes the signal processing path of our 358 Enhancer for its Super-Low area, delivering the round and solid low-end that 358 Enhancer is well known for. The updated GUI also incorporates an Input/Output spectrum analyser, while the controls are placed in a way that corresponds to the frequency bands displayed on top of them.

Revisions Log: VST3 support
Updated GUI
‘Super Low’ band utilising the 358 Enhancer signal processing
Improved cpu performance
Input/Output analyzer
Input/Output meters
Improved ‘Super High’ band
Right - click to input values


“…The first reaction I had to Pi and Phi was essentially ‘where have you been all my life?’ Pi and Phi takes my mixes and brings them across the finish line – I can add subtle or drastic EQ across the frequency spectrum, and regardless of how extreme I get it still sounds natural, phase-free, and not overstated…” Mark Plati

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MIA Laboratories products are exclusively distributed by Plugivery Distribution.

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