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Top 5 Things To Know About Marijuana And Songwriting.

Friday June 14, 2019. 05:20 AM , from Music Think Tank
Does marijuana boost creativity and help you become a better songwriter?

A recent study showed that cannabis users have a more exceptional convergent thinking ability than non-users. As a professional songwriter, you may use cannabis on a regular basis, but you need to learn several lessons before hitting that good kush.

Not all strains are made equal in terms of creativity. One may require to spend a reasonable amount of time experimenting with different strains and write down their effects, such as how long it takes to onset, how long the effects last, and if there are any side effects. Part of the process of this experimentation may include writing a paragraph while “under the influence.”

Here’s what most cannabis users learned through their assessments:

● Hybrids work best for creativity. Strong sativas would usually make them too racy to focus, while heavy indicas would cause distraction and make them feel a bit foggy—any derivative OG Kush is a creativity killer.
● Limonene—a terpene found in CBD oil—is useful for creativity, according to regular cannabis-users. It smells of lemony, citrus goodness. Pot smokers claim to have churned out a thousand words in no time with a little boost from this oil.
● Anything with a high CBG content can be uplifting and energizing.

With all that said, here are the top five things you need to know about marijuana and songwriting.

Note: The information included in this post has been collected from numerous online resources and studies. You’re advised to do your own research and talk to an expert before turning into Snoop Dogg.

#1: It’s Relaxing

In the words of the legend, Bob Marley himself, “When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.”

Many famous songwriters enjoy concentrates and uplifting strains. According to them, they can attain more control over the creative process with those choices. While some love smoking cannabis flower, others find it to be more recreational and relaxing. Even when used in an energetic setting, they do other mediums.

Concentrates and edibles with uplifting terpene blends ensure that you don’t fall asleep on the couch while trying to write down some thoughtful song lyrics.

#2: Keeps You Focused

For many songwriters, cannabis helps them to narrow their focus, intensifying their attention to the matter at hand and the voice of the piece.

This can be extremely useful in ghostwriting and freelance situations since you attempt to write from someone else’s tone, perspective, and personality. It also helps you table topics and distractions that impede your focusability on writing.

We all live chaotic lives full of goals, rewards, relationships, obligations, and the unplanned—all of which can make it difficult for us to sit down and put pen to paper, particularly in a creative format.

Marijuana can ease you into that mode. It allows you to enjoy the subject at hand with minimal distractions.

#3: Stimulates Your Imagination

Here’s an interesting fact: When you smoke weed, your brain processes cannabinoids and often “connect the dots” in ways that you might not have if you had chosen not to smoke.

“High thoughts” and the whole idea of “stoned thinking” have a basis in truth as cannabinoids are known to be mind-altering and allow you to think of new ideas in new, innovative ways. 

It’s well-documented that many people who are hailed as visionaries, especially in the tech field, experiment with marijuana and other mind-altering substances as a way to enable themselves to think differently about certain situations to come up with unique, cutting-edge ideas.

#4: Inspires Divergent Thinking

There have been studies that show cannabis use can lead to making connections between seemingly unrelated thoughts—this is a crucial part of divergent thinking.

Divergent thinking is a significant part of the creative process as it is based on the notion that there are several possible solutions to a problem, and that is a key factor in creative thinking.

The question is, will cannabis make you a better songwriter? 

Well, the likely answer would be it depends on which part of the songwriting process is weaker. If you find it hard to come up with unique, original thoughts, some evidence shows that marijuana might help you in such conditions.

However, the same studies also show that the same drug can impair your ability to put those new thoughts together into something that makes musical sense. 

Perhaps on this note, we can relate to what Jim Morrison said, “Drugs are a bet with your mind.”

#5: It’s Not for Everyone

You need to take all of this with the grain of salt that marijuana is not for everyone, and the positive effects of Sativa are seen through moderation and adequate titration. 

Let’s say you took a puff and realized that marijuana isn’t for you. In that case, don’t try to consume more, assuming that you “aren’t quite there yet” or that in higher amounts the situation will change. Know that you can always detox from weed if you want.

On the other hand, if you enjoy your marijuana experience, know your limits, and smoke accordingly. Consider using it purposively to improve your efforts without smoking so much that it hinders them.

If you notice any particular strains or types of marijuana that you prefer like concentrates or edibles, purchase options for both creative use and personal enjoyment, respecting the variety of applications different cannabis plants offer.

Wrapping Up

Sure, marijuana can help stimulate your creativity, but so can a conversation with an old mate, a sip from a nice scotch, or going for a run to stay active. The point is, anything can be used as a means of the creative writing process. 

That said, marijuana offers a number of benefits that can help you with songwriting when used appropriately, and a few shortcomings that can become a hindrance if used excessively. 

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