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The Remarkable Effects Music Can Have On Student Success

Tuesday June 11, 2019. 12:20 AM , from Music Think Tank
Music is a magical art form that is well-known and nurtured by almost every culture in the world for centuries. Most people listen to music for fun, but it actually has many other implications that strongly affect human beings.
According to a famous study, individuals who listen to music do it to regulate arousal and mood, to achieve self-awareness, and as an expression of social relatedness, but we want to concentrate on the fact that beautiful tunes can arouse and strengthen students’ mental activities.
It turns out that this type of art can have remarkable effects on academic success and achievements. It’s not possible to identify every single effect, but we can definitely pinpoint nine features that make music such an effective driver of mental activities. Without further ado, let’s check them out here!
- Music Reduces Stress

If you feel stressed and anxious because of the coming exams, then you might as well turn the music on. Numerous studies show that listening to music can have a tremendously relaxing effect on our minds and bodies, especially slow, quiet classical music. In such circumstances, music seems to be the most effective anti-stress mechanism that you can use to calm down and relax very quickly. You will stop worrying and start learning, which is the best way to improve academic results.
- Music Strengthens Memory
Music directly impacts students by enhancing their memory and making the learning process easier. How come? Jake Gardner, a content creator at Australian Assignment Help, explains how it works: “Humans easily remember things that they can relate to certain feelings or emotions. On the other hand, music is composed in a way that evokes emotions and causes listeners to react passionately. When you combine the two effects, you start realizing that students learn much better when the music is playing.”
- Music Encourages Positive Mindset
Psychology authors at Essay Writer Service have created several articles discussing how music encourages a positive mindset. This is a logical consequence of cheerful audio inputs because they produce good vibrations and inspire students to react positively. While classical music helps young scholars to relax, joyful sounds of pop and rock music do exactly the opposite – they affect the mood of a listener and make him/her feel more confident and optimistic.
- Music Strengthens Discipline
This benefit is reserved mostly for students who also play an instrument as a hobby. It takes a lot of time to learn how to play music, so kids who spend years practicing are likely to become highly self-disciplined. They essentially double their work hours, which strengthens endurance and results in better academic outcomes. This doesn’t always have to be the case, but sales agents at Paper Writing Pro Service definitely noticed that students who don’t play any instrument tend to seek for essay writing help and buy essay more frequently than their music-playing peers.
- Music Eliminates Distractions
Music has another amazing side effect – it successfully eliminates distractions. Only a small percentage of students consider music to be a distraction, while the vast majority of pupils cite music as one of the best tactics to isolate and stop thinking about other disturbances. Grace Richardson, a psychology author at Essay Papers, claims that it also turns music into a genuine driver of cognitive capabilities that deliver excellent academic outcomes in the long run.
 - Music Boost Intellectual Curiosity
Passionate music listeners are prone to adventures and they enjoy discovering new music genres, bands, and albums. Although it seems like this feature has nothing to do with student success, things are not so simple. Namely, music is a great tactic to keep students engaged and boost their intellectual curiosity. Discovering new styles and discussing different genres or artists, young scholars get to learn a lot about alternative cultures. This has a much broader effect because students get used to researching and digging new layers of information about all other topics of interest, too.
- Music Makes Students Creative
We already mentioned that music improves cognitive performance because it stimulates intellectual processes. At the same time, a study proves that ambient noise at a moderate volume of about 70 decibels, which is about the volume of a vacuum cleaner, is able to improve creativity. It’s a valuable side effect of listening to music which particularly benefits young people who study courses that require a fair share of imagination and personal creativity (art, architecture, etc.).
- Music Helps People Sleep Better
Sleep disorders often result in serious physical issues, fatigue, and depression. Being such a serious problem, sleep disorders also affect academic performance. Music has the potential to prevent such issues because it helps students to relax and fall asleep much easier than usual.
According to the team of psychologist coming from Boom Essays Reviews, and Rush My Essay, music also reduces the effects of sleep disorders because it keeps students distracted from negative thoughts. It helps kids to stop worrying and calm down to the point where they can fall asleep effortlessly.
- Music Enhances Self-Confidence
A lot of students lack self-confidence because they feel alone and misunderstood. However, music is a great generator of social connections that allows young and fragile individuals to meet and make friends. It has a big effect on students’ self-esteem, helping them to gain courage and become more determined to succeed in all fields of life and work.
Music psychology is full of interesting discoveries. It’s a well-known fact that this art form influences moods and social behavior, but most people don’t realize the impact it has on academic achievements. In this article, we discussed the remarkable effects music can have on students’ success. The benefits of listening to nice tunes are evident, so turn on the speakers and enjoy your studies in a more productive ambiance!
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Joe McLean is a guitarist, music producer and helps sometimes with custom paper writing service. His experience with edubirdie and Ninja Essays helped countless musicians and students understand the theory of music better. When he’s not helping and advising musicians, Joe likes to cook Middle Eastern dishes, study programming and go hiking during weekends.
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