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Woodman’s Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio releases Woodulator v1.3

Saturday January 12, 2019. 12:07 AM , from Gearslutz
Woodman’s Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio releases Woodulator v1.3

The Woodulator is a delay and pitch shifter inspired by analog bucket brigade delays. It also includes 2 versatile modulators.

Pitch shifting is obtained by increasing or decreasing the clock in the delay line and not by FFT calculations.

Although the standalone app can be used as such, it is mainly intended as the license for the AAX, AU and VST plugins which can then be used by any DAW on all your Macs (as long as the standalone app is downloaded from the Mac App Store on that Mac).

- Has 2 pitch shifters which can go up or down according to a harmonic scale or in chorus mode

- Modulator source can be internal LFO or external side chain

- Modulator destination can be pitch frequency, pitch amplitude, delay amplitude, panning. or feedback amount.
- Modulation of pitch frequency can be up, down or both.

- Pitch shifters have Reverse mode
- Delay line color can be set with LP/HP/BP filter and Saturation level.

- Includes HP and LP filters on the input signal

- Includes LP filter on pitch out signals.

- BPM can be set, tapped or synced by the DAW host.

- LFO Square has slew-rate control. (control at 100% generates triangle waveform)

- LFO’s have convenient beat/bar timing popup.

- Delay and pitch signals can be panned L-R on a stereo bus/track.

- Delay and pitch shifter timing can be synced to the bar or re-synced manually (playing live)

- Presets can be stored in iCloud Drive (makes them available on all your devices).

- Presets can be switched with Midi Program Changes.

- Major controls can be set with Midi CC messages.

System Requirements: minimum MacOS 10.9 64-bits

What's new:

Woodulator, v1.3, has a new surround and 3D panning section which is especially useful for Sound designers and Post production mixers.

The panning panel becomes visible when the plugin is inserted on a track with more than 2 output channels.

The 3 outputs (delay and 2 pitch shifters) can be panned independently, which can be seen in a rotatable 3D view.

Each output also has an LFO which can move the panning between 2 points in 3D space.

The panning panel also allows to configure the output channels to the surround or 3D speakers.

For more information: Woodulator on the Mac App Store

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