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How to Set a GPS Tracker on a Phone

Monday December 10, 2018. 11:33 PM , from ProSoundNews
How to Set a GPS Tracker on a Phone
The advancement in technology has been a benediction to the society. Nowadays, you can ensure that your child is safe, catch a cheating spouse or even monitor your employees using a GPS (Global Positioning System) tracker. The application is relatively fast and usually give accurate results. For you to use the GPS, you will have to install an app that will make it work. Take a look at the meaning and how you can benefit from the system as well.
What is GPS
Global Positioning System refers to a navigation system that utilizes more than twenty-four satellites to operate effectively. The satellites circles the earth at least twice a day emitting specific signals that allow you to find the precise location of your devices. The satellites allow the GPS tracker to find the place of your smartphone with ease.
Who GPS Tracker for Smartphone
Anyone can use the GPS tracker for smartphones. As an employer, you need this system so as you can monitor your employees. In most cases, workers are more effective when followed. Also, as a parent, you need this application. If you are at the workplace and you want to see how your kids are faring back at home, the GPS is available for the task. The system has also been critical in saving many marriages. The GPS will allow you to track all the moves made by an unfaithful partner. Therefore if you are suspecting that your husband is cheating, the application will be useful in monitoring all the steps taken.

What are the alternatives?
Apart, from GPS tracker, there are numerous applications you can use to track your mobile devices. They include the Prey, lookout, find my device among others. The prey uses up to three tools to monitor your smartphone. After you have signed up for the service, you need to synchronize your phone and relax. If your phone gets lost, you will look for a computer login and start tracking your device. The lookout application, on the other hand, uses antivirus or malware protection to record the last location of your phone before the battery dies. The find my device application system uses your google account to locate all the devices associated with it.
Most Popular Programs
Several programs are used in monitoring mobile devices. Some of the popular programs include:


It refers to one of the leading computer and mobile monitoring solution that uses the strongest safety and security tool to track your gadget. Also, it is one of the most advanced and customized mobile application that is readily available for every useful purpose. The considerable variation of the tracking options is combined with the best quality and affordable prices hence suitable for monitoring your device.


Hoverwatch, on the other hand, refers to a mobile phone tracker that records SMS, audios, camera, call history as well as the location of your phone. Also, the application will mark your snapchats, Facebook and WhatsApp messages as well as all your contacts on the phone. The records will help you track the last location of your device before it went off.


It refers to a mobile monitoring App that is designed for legal use only. The smartphone and the tablet monitoring software is majorly used by parents to control their kids. The application also helps employers to monitor their own devices as well as how their employees are working. You can use the app to monitor another tool in your vicinity with a consent form the owner.
How to Install a GPS Tracker Software App
You need to purchase the GPS tracking application you want to use. Programs such as the Mpsy and Hover watch can run the GPR application effectively. After buying the app, email or text the provided over the air link to the phone you want to the target phone. On clicking the link, you will follow a few steps that will help you install the GPS tracker in your phone. In case you want to view the real-time location of your device, visit your account online and monitor it. The data in real time is updated after every ten minutes.
The functionality of programs GPS Tracker
The application will not only track the location of your phone but also, it will monitor the activities such as emails and Facebook messages. Also, the app is compatible with the latest Android and iPhones in the market. The GPS tracker can also help you to monitor all the activities happening in your homestead. You can easily protect your kids as a parent by watching all that is happening in your workplace. In case of any danger, you can quickly run and save them.

A story about using the tracker
The GPS tracker has been utilized to track the number of lost children. For instance, Hanzel Nunez was only 17 years old when he fled without raising the alarm. The kid had autism and known to wonder without notifying the family members. In the year 2015m Nunez went out alone and ended up in New York. At that age, no parent would allow such a kid to wonder in the city.
Luckily enough, Nunez has a GPS tracking device that was installed. Nunez`s parents did this following the many occasions he had gone missing. The police officers used the GPS tracking device and a Santa hat to locate Nunez`s location. A thorough search was conducted within the city with the aid of the tracking device. Since the tracker was signaling more on train routes, the police had to search all the trains at different locations. Eventually, Nunez was caught up with on the morning of a chilly December night having ridden through three of the New York City`s five boroughs. Without the tracking device, it would have been difficult for the police to search the location of Nunez. Although they took time to locate Nunez`s site, the GPS location played a critical role.
In a nutshell, a GPS is a tracking device that utilizes satellites to monitor your phone. The tracking system can also be used to control your employees as well as following up all the undertakings of your kids.
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