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Tuesday June 19, 2018. 03:00 PM
Monday June 18, 2018. 08:13 PM
I know, you just click on them to open. But for some reason in the last 6 months or so, something has changed. Most jpg, pdf, mp3 I receive in my mac mail, and sent from Apple devices, refuse to open. The say in a small window under the icon “downloading” but they aren’t,...
Here is a picture of an apple:
Apple Site Link: Change your Apple ID
Sunday June 17, 2018. 01:05 AM
Using one Apple Extreme wi fi router as Base unit and a second Apple Extreme (in the Extended function mode) for adequate wi fi coverage. I Set up the Base unit with a password-protected “Guest Network”. Do I need to enable the “Guest” option in the extended second Airport...
Friday June 15, 2018. 11:44 PM
sometimes but more so lately, the items i am saving to my desktop are not appearing or they might appear days later. when i go to save the items again, it asks if i want it to overwrite the items so it seems they are there. they do however appear in iCloud where i end......
In order to indicate the last version of a Numbers sheet (latest version) I like to add a (changeable) date field either in the header or footer field —– Loek
Thursday June 14, 2018. 05:40 PM
Did you know you can get current weather conditions and a forecast using Spotlight? The results can appear quicker than even using Siri. Just use Command+space to bring up spotlight and then type Weather. Depending on other factors, the forecast may appear even before you...
Wednesday June 13, 2018. 08:13 PM
I have this long document. I wish to find all paragraphs formatted in style “Normal” and replace the style with “Body” without changing the text as such. —– Carlos Ramos
I usually install app just to try. And I cannot help me with that junk the apps left. Is it better to backup before install the app and revert the system with time machine after the trial? Is there a easy way to do this? Just recover the part the app mess. —– Marçal Nardelli
Tuesday June 12, 2018. 03:00 PM
Monday June 11, 2018. 03:00 PM
A while back, Gary presented a topic on MacOS, where you could create folder in Mac OS Safari to place important MacMost topics. Can you create a folder in IOS Safari to do the same thing? Also if the feature does exist, would that feature appear cross platform, meaning...
Sunday June 10, 2018. 08:34 PM
I have always installed software updates on all my Mac devices as soon as they were provided. And over the years have noticed a trend of decreasing speed and efficiencies following the installation of these updates, especially with the system updates on my MacBook Pro!...
Friday June 8, 2018. 03:48 PM
On my iPhone SE,’ iOS 11, I don’t normally answer “No Caller ID” calls so would like to ignore them when phone rings, instead of rushing to answer them. —– Robin dos Bosques
I want to change the Mail icon in the dock to a Canadian Flag. I tried what you explained in changing the picture of a file and it works. When I tried to change the picture of the Mail icon by replacing it with a Canadian Flag, didn’t work; nothing changed. —– mrmal
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