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Sunday August 12, 2018. 02:35 AM
My printer stopped working and I got a window saying it had paused. Have no idea what to do. —– Arlene
Saturday August 11, 2018. 02:27 PM
I’ve highlighted text on a preview document. I would now like to group all the highlighted text together to form a single editable and printable document. Is this possible? Thanks —– Jennine
Friday August 10, 2018. 11:26 PM
Apple has offered the chance to trade in your old Mac, iPhone or iPad for credit for a while now. But now you can do so and get instant credit for the purchase of the new device at the very same time. When you go to purchase a new iPhone, iPad or Mac you get... Read more »
Many folk visiting the Apple Support Communities (ASC) with queries are some of the most naive and unaware computer users on the planet. In other words, vulnerable. Often they are recommended to visit the Etresoft web page and download a product called EtreCheck, run it and...
I used to see what the image was when I opened Finder on my Mac, but now it just shows a generic icon instead of the image… so to view the images I have to open every one to see what it is… I don’t know how this got changed as I used to see... Read more »
Thursday August 9, 2018. 03:00 PM
Wednesday August 8, 2018. 11:20 PM
There are two interesting articles dealing with Apple Music and curation. Fast Company has an interview with Tim Cook in which he criticizes other services relying heavily on algorithms to suggest new music to users. At the same time, 9to5Mac reports that Apple has just...
I have a table on a sheet with other tables that I don’t need any longer. How can I delete that table from the sheet? I don’t see any options. Thank you. —– Bob
Tuesday August 7, 2018. 03:00 PM
You probably know you can use Command+Option+Esc to bring up a list of all apps, select one, and force it to quit. But you can also simply double-click on an app in this list to switch to it. So you can use it as an application switcher, with the advantage being that the...
While Apple’s brand is successful in most countries, there is one place where Apple hasn’t fared so well: India. At first Apple had trouble even selling iPhones in India, as the law there requires them to manufacture some percentage of devices inside the country. Even though ...
Monday August 6, 2018. 03:00 PM
For macOS, is there anything like Stickies that sync with iCloud? I can’t find anything, but maybe there is something out there? I appreciate your help. —– Juan Carlos
System is a 2017, 15 inch, MacBook Pro Software is Sierra, 10.2.6 Safari Version 11.1.2 (12605.3.8.1) I understand the basics of adding a bookmark, but when it is added, the bookmark name does not appear in the bookmark list. However, although the name is not visible,...
Sunday August 5, 2018. 08:44 AM
How do I copy and paste from a Word Doc to a new Mac email message without getting big spaces between paragraphs? When I create a Word document (.docx) and then want to copy all or part of it to a Mac email message, I get big spaces between paragraphs. This is true even...
Saturday August 4, 2018. 12:19 PM
For years now, financial analysts have been predicting that Apple would become the first company with a market valuation worth more than $1 trillion. That happened this week when the stock price topped $206/share. Of course, this is just a number. By itself, it doesn’t mean a...
Friday August 3, 2018. 04:19 PM
A while ago you asked us for ideas for your video weekly shows. Here’s one that, frankly, would help me personally (and all other Mac users), I am sure!) a lot: My current iMac (mac OS High Sierra Version 10.13.6) was manufactured/purchased in Mid 2011 and, according to...
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