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Monday August 28, 2017. 05:31 PM
I am using Mac Numbers 4.2. I want to create a table that will show “Yes” when a part change is required every 25hrs but show “No” between 26 and 49hrs then yes at 50hrs but no at 51-74hrs and so on. I know the individual hrs each day and can auto sum these to... Read more »
Sunday August 27, 2017. 03:45 PM
I followed the help. I clicked on the Work Calendar then File-> export to a file. Then clicked on Home Calendar then File-> Import. I then expected to see all of the events that had been displayed when the Work calendar was checked when it was not checked but the Home...
Saturday August 26, 2017. 03:15 PM
Sine last few days while surfing the net using safari, i get a pop up window, even while i search in google or youtube. How can i stop this from happening? I have the option enabled of stopping pop up windows in safari, but still its happening. I’ve also tried deleting the ca...
A recent report claims that studios and Apple are thinking of sending more new movies directly to iTunes at the same time they are in theaters. This isn’t something new. You can already find some “in theaters” movies in iTunes and Apple often features a section of...
Friday August 25, 2017. 04:28 PM
I have a new 21.5″ iMac ordered (2017) and was wondering if it’s possible to connect two external monitors to it and have one on the left side and one on the right side. I haven’t been able to find this info on the net. —– John
I’m trying to get multiple cells in Numbers to populate with the same value that I populate a ‘master’ cell with. Then, as that value changes in the real world, I’ll return to my document and change only the ‘master’ cell in order to change that value in each of the...
Thursday August 24, 2017. 09:52 PM
I am using Sierra 10.12.6, and the latest versions of Apple Software. How can I quickly save emails in a Word-processor format like Pages to a folder on my desktop? I want to decrease the # in MAIL, and don’t want to leave them in MAIL format. I have 2,235 messages in my...
I have been using MS office for many years, but there is no longer an option for a single license. They want u to have a subscription to Office 365 at $70 year. I know Apple has alternative products, how hard is it to cover my Excel and Word stuff? —– larry
I am having a new home built. Someone said to have USB plug ins by the electrician and then someone said USB is on its way out and I should put USB-C plug ins. Or should I not put them in as those will go out also in time. I hear the new Mac has... Read more »
I have a family vacation video (m4v) that I want to put on DVD. All I want is that the recipient of the DVD can inset the disc in their drive and have it play automatically. I’ve tried using iDVD but it wants to create a menu requiring the user to select the video of... Read...
If you are using List view or Column view in the Finder, you can keep the folders on top of the list, above files. Go to Finder, Preferences, Advanced and turn on “Keep Folders on top when sorting by name.”
I have an iPad Air, model ME898PP/A using iOS 10.3.3. No issues that I am aware of. However, I’ve noticed some changes when I click on links while using Safari. In the past, I would use a long hold on a link and then have a popup presented which gave me several choices. Most...
Wednesday August 23, 2017. 11:14 PM
Latest software update, downloaded the installer (Dell C1760nw, in Amazon it says that it is compatible with Mac), run it but it’s like nothing happens, the printer is not in the printers list, zero. Where does the installation go? Please help! —– Juan Carlos
Tuesday August 22, 2017. 08:04 PM
When online, my computer takes longer to respond then it did before. Are there any utilities that I can run to speed up my computer? —– Danny
What needs to be done before selling our other iMac to a friend? Hard drive was new in about 2011/12. Margaret —– Margaret
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