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Wednesday January 2, 2019. 03:50 AM
I want to create a Numbers file that has two columns of cells. The first column, “column one” will have a cell for each individual in our organization. When I create the second column, it will accurately reflect the number of days each individual in column one has been a...
Monday December 31, 2018. 06:04 PM
I have 2009 imac running El Capitan. A few years ago, I migrated my iphoto library to photos. Everything fine. Can I now delete both the iphoto library (about 23 GB) and the iphoto app (about 2 GB)? I spoke to Apple rep, and he said it’s OK to delete. But, I’ve seen on some...
You can animate charts in Keynote, with 2D and 3D charts having different types of animations. With 3D charts, you can rotate the chart, watch it grow, and even have it come in from in front of the screen. You can choose whether to have the entire chart come in at once, or...
Friday December 28, 2018. 03:00 PM
You can work with other people on a Pages document in real-time or at separate times. All you need to do is to share the document with them using the Collaborate feature inside Pages. This relies on iCloud, though the other person can use the Web-based version of Pages if...
Thursday December 27, 2018. 11:44 PM
A while back you posted an amazing tutorial on being able to simply drag a pdf thumbnail from Preview into Apple Pages. I did that for long time but have noticed since a recent upgrade on my Mac, I’m no longer able to do this drag? Message says something like no such file...
i am useing the latest Mojave i am dislexic and light sensative but I need it to be blue not black. —– Justine Newport
I have plant photos that I would like to reference to different folders such as “location”, “family” and “date”. Too much info to put in the title. —– roy
iMac 21.5 inch, late 2015. Mojave 10.14.2. I can delete Front End Agent (MalwareBytes) from Notifications, but it automatically comes right back. —– Don Palmer
The previous owner of my macbook pro worked for a school and did not fully wipe before selling to me. There are still restrictions on some things. The most frustrating are installing chrome extensions and connecting to iCloud. I have administrative rights but no idea where...
I’m putting my Mac courses on sale for the end of the year. Get any of these courses for only $12 (US) each before 2018 ends. Once you sign up for a course at Udemy, you can start it whenever you want, take your time, and refer back to it later on as well. Click on any of the...
When you click and drag a title bar of a window to move it, the window pops to the front, ahead of other windows. If you want to move a window without brining it to the front, just hold the Command key down and click and drag the window. Then you can slide to behind other...
Dark Mode in macOS Mojave is a great new feature, but Apple didn't give us a way to quickly switch between light and dark modes. The little donation-ware app NightOwl gives you that control in your menu bar. You can also set a keyboard shortcut, select apps to stay in light...
Wednesday December 26, 2018. 03:00 PM
While your apps like News and Stocks have moved from iOS to the Mac, there is no default Weather app for the Mac. But you can get weather information quickly and easily using Spotlight, Safari, the Dashboard, Notifications Center and Siri. You can also bookmark or create a...
My wife and I share App Store purchases using a family account. We’re both using the latest versions of Mojave. I’m the designated owner of the family account. Most of the time it works well. However, sometimes when she is notified of an update to an app that we share, she...
Monday December 24, 2018. 03:00 PM
Storing your passwords in Safari is a good idea as it allows you to use strong unique passwords for each site you visit. But if you still have some old passwords that are used at more than one site, you need to change that. Safari will show you if you are using a password at ...
Sunday December 23, 2018. 05:39 PM
I am using Handbrake and am getting a message that there is not enough space availabe on my startup disk and I must delete files. How do I delete and/or reduce the size of my startup disk. For the life of me I can not get to the disk information window so I can establish the ...
I’m working on a Pages project for someone based on a Word document. Within the Word document, there is a text box with a simple table, along with some regular text, inside of it. In Pages, when I put my cursor inside the text box and select “Table” from the toolbar, it...
Friday December 21, 2018. 04:05 PM
On my mac, I just put in my initials and my email address appears. I would like to be able to do the same on my iPhone —– John
Can 3 monitors be connected to a Mac Pro (late 2013]? I can get two monitors working with no problems, but when I try to add a third monitor it doesn’t get a signal – turn on. I’ve tried everything; it’s not the cable, and it’s not the busing or plugging array...
If you are running out of storage space on your iPhone, you may think that removing some photos is a good way to free up space. But using iCloud Photo Library means that deleting a photo will delete it from all of your devices. The solution is not to try to delete a photo at ...
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