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Thursday January 4, 2018. 11:52 PM
Make manual backups of entire older MacBook Pro. Have high sierra thru time machine. —– George Iluk
I tried to search App. For TextEdit app for iPad and I did not find any in Apple store! —– Ibrahim Elmaghraby
Once you close a tab in Safari, you can easily reopen it. If you just closed the tab, you can use Edit, Undo (Command+Z) to quickly reopen it. You can also go to History, Recently Closed to reopen tabs or windows. You can also use History, Reopen Last Closed Tab, which...
When I have a file on the desktop and I right click it there are lots of options, but is there any way to get a move the file to any folder option, it would quicker than drawing and dropping. —–
Wednesday January 3, 2018. 05:53 PM
How do I use Automator to automatically import Google Photos into Apple Photos. I have Google Backup & Sync installed. Google Photos are automatically downloaded to my Mac and the photos are saved in:...
Tuesday January 2, 2018. 04:37 PM
Sunday December 31, 2017. 11:06 PM
I have an I Mac with macOS High Sierra version 10.13.2 and I down loaded Drop Box, and now I cannot get rid of it. I have been unable to delete it by drag and drop, by removing it from the site menu and by using the command delete keys and nothing will get rid... Read more »
Saturday December 30, 2017. 09:23 PM
I’ve been teaching at a small college for a number of years. My lectures are all slide based, using Keynote. It’s a large (374.8 MB) and lengthy (1,256 slides) presentation. I’ve relocated several time zones away, and the college is interested in me continuing to teach the...
I have the free version of Avast on my iMac but I have read mixed views about it and some views that say virus checking software isn’t necessary on a Mac. It hasn’t caused me any problems but I’d rather not use it if it has issues or it’s unnecessary. Any views? —– Tony Stapl
In May of 2016 someone asked this question and it seems one cannot stop the emails from from populating iCloud. You answered why would one want to or unsubscribe etc. I had to change my email from @me to @icloud since I was getting incredible levels of spam. No...
Friday December 29, 2017. 05:24 PM
When using Apple Maps on the iPhone the view will change from the live moving map view to turn by turn. How do I get back to the map view? There is no obvious back button? —– Jim
Thursday December 28, 2017. 09:50 PM
After using “search” in Mail, emails meeting the criteria are displayed but their locations (folders) are not located. How do I find the folder they are saved in? —– TheTrainRev
When you click the title bar of a window to drag it around, it jumps ahead of other windows on your screen. You can leave it where it is, allowing you to move it behind other windows, by holding the Command key and dragging the title bar.
Looking at the short cuts in Help. “Scroll to the beginning of the sheet” says “Home or Fn-Up Arrow”. My iMac does not do that. It just seems to scroll up a page. I thought it would move up past all tables to actual top of the current spreadsheet. What am I doing wrong?...
Wednesday December 27, 2017. 04:52 PM
Tuesday December 26, 2017. 04:53 PM
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