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Wednesday January 24, 2018. 06:16 PM
So yesterday the new iOS version was released. One of the features is supposed to allow Siri to read the news to you. I have an iPhone 7+ Whenever I asked Siri to read the news all she does is show me the latest news updates. Is this a feature just available for the new......
I’m so grateful for everyone that helps support MacMost through my Patreon campaign. Your contributions help make this site ad-free for all! But I also realize that not everyone has the ability to contribute monetarily. And that’s fine. There are also ways to help MacMost...
Tuesday January 23, 2018. 05:19 PM
Monday January 22, 2018. 07:34 PM
Anyone has had success with some of these “dual tipped” flash drives I see sold online – USB on one end and Lightening on the other. Articles and testimonial mostly show people either (a) pulling photos off their phones to open up memory on their phone or (b) using the...
I need to clean my mac and I’ve heard that Macfly Pro and Onyx are good. What can you say about it? —– JasonSat
Sunday January 21, 2018. 12:05 AM
I have an iMac purchased in 2012. MacOS HighSierra Version 10.13.2 It seems slower than it used to be. How do I figure out what app/process is causing my mac to go slow? Thank you. —– Barb
Saturday January 20, 2018. 02:34 AM
I have asked similar Notification questions to other online Support forums but have not received an answer, so I hope you can help. I have two iPads and recently used a restore from backup from iCloud, from my old iPad (IOS 9.3.5) to setup the new iPad (IOS 11.2.2). I...
Friday January 19, 2018. 06:05 PM
I can do this for email, can this be done for texts? I.e.,”I’m out of range/on a tech break, I’ll respond on 12/25/18.” —– Genie Ohashi
I have coped an icon and have pasted it over the app icon in Get Info. The app I created with Automator. Instead of an icon I get the icon for a jpeg file —– John Kueck
Thursday January 18, 2018. 02:16 PM
If you ever need to restart the Finder, you don’t need to use Command+Option+Esc to force it to quit and relaunch. Instead, you can Control+Option click the Finder icon in the Dock and choose Relaunch.
Wednesday January 17, 2018. 10:59 PM
Gary, Happy New Year! In my HD > Users > Fernando Gonçalves folder I noticed two folders: • iCloud Drive (Archive) and • iCloud Drive (Archive) -1. Q.1: Any idea(s) on how could/did this happened? (I must have unknowingly Ok’d it!) Q.2: Can/Should I delete/trash one or...
Tuesday January 16, 2018. 05:36 PM
Sometimes the images on my desktop do not display in total. For example, there are a number of PDF’s, at times they say simply PDF with the description underneath while other times the actual image of the PDF is displayed. Is there a way to refresh the look without...
Monday January 15, 2018. 05:39 PM
I want to autofill a column in a table in Pages with sequential numbers. —– Sandra
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