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Saturday June 29, 2019. 04:14 AM
99: Third Voice - 00: OS X on older Power Macs - Browsing with Espy - 01: The offensiveness of style and passion - Lombard and Pismo value - 05: Mac maintenance - 06: I want an ultralight notebook computer - Compleat guide to the Mac floppy - 07: iPhone isn't the phone 'for...
Friday June 28, 2019. 03:00 PM
AFter updating to macOS Catalina, old 32-bit apps will not longer work. If you have an old 32-bit app, then before updating, you should update your app or switch to a new one. Most apps have newer versions that professionals should consider buying. If you are using the app...
Whether online or IRL, here's how five LGBTQ+ people found their community.
Axon, the maker of Tasers and police bodycams, said it won't deploy facial recognition systems, after a company ethics board recommended against it.
Elite athletes are specializing in their sports earlier and earlier, but some sports medicine experts say that won't help you make it to the pros.
The Asian longhorned tick showed up in the US last year and has flourished in unexpected places. And it's biting humans.
A bipartisan group is trying to find a place, or perhaps many places, to bury nuclear waste by making it harder for everyone to say no.
I know how to use “Markup” in MacOS. What I don’t know and am asking about is: What kind of security exists for the signatures that the user can add to Markup? I searched on this question and, so far, have not found a single comment. —– Mac Carter
93 - LC 520 - 99: Improving the LC 475 - 00: Cure for 'Mac envy - 01: Reality in home networking - 02: BeOS past, present, and future - Multimedia on a vintage Mac - 06: Switching from Windows to Macs - Best classic Mac OS browser - 07: Pismo the best PowerBook ever
Apple’s lead designer, who retired from the company, changed the expectations not just of technology design, but the role of design in consumer products.
Thursday June 27, 2019. 11:59 PM
Catch up on the most important news from today in two minutes or less.
The legendary designer is starting a new creative agency and signing Apple as its client.
We will never know for certain what more Desmond Amofah wanted to communicate—but we can hazard a guess.
The Dragonfly mission will spend two years flying around the surface of Titan, studying the moon’s composition and searching for signs of life.
The company has been criticized for ignoring when tweets by government officials, namely President Trump, appear to violate its policies on hateful conduct.
Kristen Stewart should have probably been playing a spy this whole time.
A popular video about an amusement park ride with a crazy drop turned out to be fake. This physics analysis spells it out.
This simple gadget keeps a bottle of wine tasting fresh for days on end.
Want more comics with LGBTQ+ characters? Start here.
In California alone there are 11 desalination plants, with 10 more proposed. But there are big downsides to making seawater drinkable.
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