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Friday June 15, 2018. 10:00 AM
Most Android applications are downloadable from Google Play Store. Android users scrolled down to see the many application options there are in a certain category. Once they find the application that they are looking for they either get it or look for another one. Categories ...
Thursday June 14, 2018. 09:00 AM
I thought long ago that stories about the years of legal skirmishing between Apple and Samsung had become downright tiring. I’ve barely kept abreast of the original trials, the appeals, and a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in 2017 in which the justices decided not to review a...
Sunday June 10, 2018. 09:00 AM
Over the years, some tech pundits have decided that Apple really needs to drop the Mac. To them, it has outlived its usefulness and, besides, far more money is made from selling iPhones. But it’s a good source of hit bait to claim that “Mac users don’t really matter to...
Thursday June 7, 2018. 09:00 AM
When the question comes up, Apple regularly denies that it’s deliberately making, or sabotaging, older gear to become obsolete; there is no nasty planned obsolescence plot that will force you to buy a new model before its time. But it’s not that Apple hasn’t done things to...
Tuesday June 5, 2018. 09:00 AM
Last week, there were contrary rumors about whether new Macs, and possibly iPads, would debut this week at the WWDC. It was largely wishful thinking, because there were few indications of impending hardware updates, but since last year’s developer event was flush with hot...
Monday June 4, 2018. 11:00 AM
As you know, the Night Owl has been suffering from serious financial difficulties. To make matters worse, hackers have gone after my bank and Twitter accounts in recent months. I’ve twice faced the threat of eviction; the first one succeeded and left us stranded in a cheap...
Sunday June 3, 2018. 09:00 AM
It wasn’t so many months ago when there were loads of reports that Apple’s great experiment, the iPhone X, was a huge failure. Inventories were growing, there were major cutbacks in production. All this allegedly based on reports from the supply chain. Such blatant examples...
Monday May 28, 2018. 09:00 AM
Let me start with the Siri follies. With growing concern that Apple’s Siri digital assistant isn’t capable of matching the competition from Amazon and Google, there are rumors that the next WWDC will feature news of a major refresh. Last year, Apple touted that Siri...
Thursday May 24, 2018. 09:00 AM
In yesterday’s column, I expressed my deep concerns about elements of Consumer Reports’ testing process. It was based on an article from AppleInsider. I eagerly awaited part two, hoping that there would be at least some commentary about the clear shortcomings in the way the...
Wednesday May 23, 2018. 09:00 AM
AppleInsider got the motherlode. After several years of back and forth debates about its testing procedures, Consumer Reports magazine invited the online publication to tour their facilities in New York. On the surface, you’d think the editorial stuff would be putting on...
Monday May 21, 2018. 09:00 AM
My waking hours are not consumed wondering what sort of goodies Apple will reveal on June 4th, the date for the WWDC keynote. Last year’s announcements were more voluminous than than many expected, so it may well be there will be lots to predict, lots to talk about this year...
Thursday May 17, 2018. 09:00 AM
Shorn of the silly excuses about hampering innovation by ISPs, ditching Net Neutrality is more about reducing regulations. But regulations quite often are responses to abuses, so the issue may never have come up if people didn’t find their Netflix signals constantly stuck in...
Wednesday May 16, 2018. 09:00 AM
To understand what the Apple Store meant to me, let me tell you a personal story. In the 1960s, I had a hobby, building radio and general audio gear. Some of it I bought for myself, others I assembled for friends — at no charge. Well, I was a teenager, living at home. I...
Monday May 14, 2018. 09:00 AM
Having used Apple gear for over 30 years, I realize there’s no such thing as perfection. Different models had different glitches that sometimes required extending the warranty to cover repairs. That didn’t happen with such models as the Macintosh IIcx, the first personal...
Sunday May 13, 2018. 09:00 AM
Does anyone recall ever benefiting because one company merged with another? It’s not necessarily similar to Apple’s purchase of Beats and selling expensive headphones, because that deal was more about acquiring technology, which is something that’s been done for years. So...
Thursday May 10, 2018. 09:00 AM
Ahead of the release of the next version of Android, Google held its annual I/O event this week. As usual, a fancy new version of Android — this year known as Android P — was demonstrated. Supposedly it’ll ship this fall, but as is typical with these releases, only a smal...
Ahead of the release of the next version of Android, Google held its annual I/O event this week. As usual, a fancy new version of Android — this year known as Android P — was demonstrated. Supposedly it’ll ship this fall, but as is typical with these releases, only a smal...
Tuesday May 8, 2018. 09:00 AM
For several weeks, Apple’s stock was dropping over fake news that iPhone X sales had collapsed. Whether misreading the supply chain tea leaves or just making things up, those stories all turned out to have no basis in fact. Through the March quarter, the iPhone X was Apple’s...
Monday May 7, 2018. 09:00 AM
In 1998, the typical Mac was a large beige desktop, or a black PowerBook. Simple, conservative, powerful. In those days the PowerPC roasted Intel Pentiums for lunch. It took years for the PowerPC’s reign as the fastest PC processor to end. In May of that year, Steve Jobs...
Thursday May 3, 2018. 01:00 AM
After several weeks of fake news about iPhone X sales, Apple revealed the truth. It was the company’s best-selling smartphone every single week it was on sale over two quarters. This is the first time Apple’s most expensive model achieved that level of sales. This comes...
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