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Tuesday May 7, 2024. 08:48 PM
There’s no better way to quickly build a WordPress website than with patterns, whether you’re a seasoned pro using patterns to quickly mock up wireframes or a dabbling hobbyist using them for your finished product. In today’s Build and Beyond video, Jamie Marsland...
Monday May 6, 2024. 07:39 PM
A website speaks to its visitors not only through its content and imagery, but also with its typography. A carefully selected font can set the site’s tone, convey emotion, and leave a lasting impression.  With the new Font Library on, you can now upload...
Friday May 3, 2024. 03:57 PM
While AI tools offer great potential to streamline our creative processes, their proliferation has made it hard to know which specific tools are useful and which are more showy than practical. In today’s Build and Beyond video, Jamie Marsland walks us through his five...
Friday April 26, 2024. 05:42 PM
The team is always working on new design ideas to bring your website to life. Check out the latest themes in our library, including great options for minimalist bloggers, retailers, and creatives of all stripes. All Themes Alter Alter is a...
Wednesday April 24, 2024. 03:05 PM
Say goodbye to manual tool configuration, slow site setup, and clunky local development workflows, and say hello to Studio by, our new, free, open source local WordPress development environment. We’ve built Studio to be the fastest and simplest way to build...
Designing a beautiful website from scratch can be difficult for developers of all skill levels. Luckily, in today’s Build and Beyond video, Jamie Marsland reveals his ten favorite WordPress design tools and websites to elevate your next build. Get inspiration for your...
Tuesday April 23, 2024. 09:19 PM
With the power of block patterns you’ll be a WordPress superstar in no time, whether you’re an establish pro or just starting out. Block patterns are professionally designed layouts that you can add your site in a single click. What makes them especially powerful is that ...
Wednesday April 17, 2024. 02:00 PM
Creating rich, engaging, and interactive website experiences is a simple way to surprise, delight, and attract attention from website readers and users. Dynamic interactivity like instant search, form handling, and client-side “app-like” navigation where elements can...
Tuesday April 16, 2024. 06:43 PM
Congratulations are in order for Scottie Scheffler, the winner of the 2024 Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia! In today’s Build and Beyond video, Jamie Marsland takes on the slightly less intimidating task of re-creating the Masters website as quickly as he can. Can he ...
Monday April 15, 2024. 02:00 PM
With WordPress today you need to use custom code or a plugin to create a custom post type like “Book” or “Member.” This is a popular need, and there are a variety of approaches; however, one challenge is that the end-user experience can be confusing and...
Wednesday April 10, 2024. 06:31 PM
When it comes to website-building, WordPress themes set your site up for success by providing stylish, preselected options for fonts, colors, and layouts. Even though themes provide the overall aesthetic, you still need to build out the posts, pages, and templates on your...
Tuesday April 9, 2024. 09:18 PM
In this “Build and Beyond” video, Jamie Marsland highlights 10 WordPressers to keep an eye on in 2024.  A couple of weeks ago, we shared a list of 15 WordPress developers you should follow to stay on top of WordPress development news and tips. This video broadens the...
Thursday April 4, 2024. 09:35 PM
The internet is rife with small annoyances, which often lead to breakthroughs in user experience. For example, needing to hit “refresh” or “next page” led to infinite scroll, which is now baked into our media consumption habits.  Today, we’re excited to share a new...
Monday April 1, 2024. 11:33 PM
Hi there! I’m Zander Rose and I’ve recently started at Automattic to work on long-term data preservation and the evolution of our 100-Year Plan. Previously, I directed The Long Now Foundation and have worked on long-term archival projects like The Rosetta Project, as...
Thursday March 28, 2024. 07:40 PM
Isn’t it amazing how you can learn new things about someone, even after years of knowing them? That’s how Jamie Marsland has felt in the last few weeks while diving deeper into’s capabilities. In today’s Build and Beyond video, he shares five incredible ...
Wednesday March 27, 2024. 08:49 PM
The team is always working on new design ideas to bring your website to life. Check out the latest themes in our library, including great options for small businesses, sports fans, nostalgic bloggers, and more. All Themes Feelin’ Good Feelin’...
Tuesday March 26, 2024. 06:40 PM
WordPress is so powerful and versatile that the WP community can sometimes seem like a vast ocean of people, information, and resources. In today’s Build and Beyond video, Jamie Marsland shares 15 of the most influential developers he follows to keep on top of new...
Thursday March 21, 2024. 03:13 PM
WordPress block-based themes allow you to build and customize your website visually, removing the need for code-based tailoring. Fully integrated with the Site Editor, block themes give an unprecedented level of visual control over the layout and style of your site.   In...
Tuesday March 19, 2024. 02:14 PM
Bob Dunn loved designing, but didn’t fancy himself a coder. In the early 2000s, while struggling to create a website for his business, he thought to himself, “There’s got to be something better.” When Bob discovered WordPress in 2006, he realized he had discovered...
Monday March 18, 2024. 01:00 PM
Say goodbye to the hassle of manual file uploads and tedious deployments, and say hello to’s new GitHub Deployments. With GitHub Deployments, you can seamlessly connect your repository to your site in just a few clicks. Now you can focus on what ...
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