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Thursday October 26, 2017. 05:16 PM
If you have System Preferences in your Mac Dock, you can Control+click it to reveal shortcuts to each individual section within System Preferences. So no need to launch it first and then find the section you want. The list is in alphabetical order, which can also make...
Wednesday October 25, 2017. 09:39 PM
Is it possible to to apply a formula or run a script which enable me to automatically convert figures to word. For example, “234.00” gets converted to “Two Hundred Thirty Four Only” If possible would it work the same way in both Pages and numbers or we have to have different...
Tuesday October 24, 2017. 04:35 PM
Monday October 23, 2017. 11:40 PM
How can I best organize and manage recipes on MacBook pro so that I can search for easily? —– Daniela
I have some photos in Photos 3.0 and I used to be able to click the Share button and choose “Set to Desktop”. I didn’t see it in Photos 3.0. Did it move somewhere else? Did it not get developed for version 3.0? * 2014 MacBook Pro (Retina display) * macOS v10.13 (High Sierra)...
Sunday October 22, 2017. 10:02 AM
From what I see on my phone, it only disables the texts from coming in. How can I disable phone calls too and let it roll over to voice mail? There is blue tooth in the car. —– Bita
Using Sierra and iTunes 12.7 on iMac. In iTunes Store, can’t find music videos to buy. Were located on same page as Songs and Albums but not there. To where have they been moved? —– Sally
Saturday October 21, 2017. 04:07 PM
Hello Everyone, I need to get my videos from my iPhone (6s) to my Mac book Pro (touch). However my Airdrop doest work anymore on my iPhone. Is there another way to get my videos on my Mac without compressing the videos? My iCloud Photo Library is turned on on both devices...
Friday October 20, 2017. 05:09 PM
Thursday October 19, 2017. 10:10 PM
I have a mailing list that need to be kept in order of first contact. Columns are name, phone, email, first contact, second contact, etc. All of the answers I seem to find online are comparing one cell or one column to another. I need to know how to identify if an email...
If you need to type a unicode character and know its code, you can bring up the emoji character panel with Control+Command+Space in most apps, and then search for the character starting with “U+”. For instance, searching for “U+2602” will bring up the umbrella character.
Wednesday October 18, 2017. 04:59 PM
I want to uncheck the option “include when automatically checking for mail” for an email account but it doesn’t seem to be there anymore. Where is it? I have an account I want to send from but never receive mail for. —– Robyn
I am thinking about purchasing the new MacBook 1.3 GH processor. Currently I have a MacBook Air that I wish Mac would continue only adding Retina. I like the long battery life and the ports of the air. Question: Will my current office for Mac 2011 software be compatible with ...
Tuesday October 17, 2017. 05:09 PM
Monday October 16, 2017. 05:02 PM
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