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Tuesday February 13, 2018. 05:20 PM
Monday February 12, 2018. 06:06 PM
Friday February 9, 2018. 05:11 PM
I do The NY Times mini crossword on my iPad Pro every morning. I access it by opening The NY Times App. If I complete the crossword on my IPad Pro when Mike opens the app on his IPad Air the crossword comes up completed just as I did it. Same thing happens if he... Read more ...
After viewing Gary’s latest video “Getting started with Time Machine”, I have several questions. I just used used a restore from iCloud backup to setup a new iPad, in addition I used a manual backup of iTunes Media Library to setup iTunes on a new iMac. Question 1: Would I...
Thursday February 8, 2018. 10:14 PM
How do I view the full header of an email received and discover what email address it really came from using Apple Mail 10.3? —– Eric
I have a number of folders that I would like to rename the contents based on creation date. For example in my pets folder rename as Pets1 the earliest and Pets598 the newest. If I select sort them in finder based on creation date and then rename them all using the rename...
Say you send an email to someone asking them to review some information, but you want them to use Messages to respond, not an email. You can include a link like imessage://3035551212 that they can click on to open Messages and start a conversation. You can use a phone number...
Wednesday February 7, 2018. 06:49 PM
I am looking at LibreOffice to use for a database system. It’s free. Does anyone know of a free DB that can be put on a server and accessed by a few different people? The DB will probably have 500 records, 6 tables, 4 forms. Expect total size to be less than 1 meg. So......
Hello how to batch change of date of creation based on file name? I have movies exported from iMovie I named them like this 2014.11.11.0955 —– VoDo
I deleted photos from my MBP and an SD card. Please suggest software. There are many out there but I trust MacMost. —– Greg Allen
Tuesday February 6, 2018. 05:43 PM
I find interesting to review, from time to time, the memories created automatically by Photos with the contents of my library and play them as a slideshow. However, for me, it’s a pity that the title [location and date] of the memory are showing on every photo of that...
Monday February 5, 2018. 11:57 PM
I’m trying to save important emails, but want them off of my computer. I would like to put them on an external drive, but what I’ve tried isn’t working because once I get export them there, it can’t be opened. I’m running the latest update of macOS High Sierra 10.13.3. Is...
Sunday February 4, 2018. 04:21 PM
I would like to reduce the size of photos to send them as an e-mail. I have an iMac 21.5 inch model MD093x/A. It is El Capitan. I use MS Outlook 2011 for Mac – Home and Business for e-mail. I have to export the photos from “Photos” to “Pictures” in Finder before I can... Read...
Saturday February 3, 2018. 10:53 PM
A friend wrote me a couple of days ago and wondered why she hadn’t had any emails from me. I have a group I call “regulars” and her name had disappeared from the list! I went into contacts to correct that, and although her name was not on my regulars list, in the all...
I want to count the number of times a word appears in one column, depending on a particular word in another column i.e. how many times does CASH appear in ‘Payment’ column, when ‘January’ appears in the Month column. I have tried using Countif & Countifs formulas but get an...
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