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Wednesday August 16, 2017. 05:24 PM
Here is the text of the JXA script: function run(input, parameters) { var app = Application.currentApplication(); var se = Application('System Events'); app.includeStandardAdditions = true; var pageNumber = app.displayDialog('Page Number?', {defaultAnswer:''}); var reportID...
I have an iMAC running OS Sierra, v 10.12.6. My iPhone 6 is running iOS v 10.3.3. I have about 1000 pictures on my iPhone I want to store on my iCloud so I can have access to them from my iMAC. When I connect my iPhone to my iMAC I cannot find a way... Read more »
Tuesday August 15, 2017. 05:31 PM
I need to input data into a local intranet some distance from my home and an iPad would be very convenient for the task. —– Terry Lilley
Monday August 14, 2017. 04:52 PM
Sunday August 13, 2017. 05:39 PM
Can I do a cold reboot using Time-Machine only, as Super Duper does? i.e. can I use TimeMachine to replace Super Duper for rebooting? Using a MacPro – OX 10 Thanks, Joe R —– Joe Renzetti
I am using numbers version 4.2 and the formula to enter the stock price.(stock symbol price). How do I get it to update daily. —– Dennis
Friday August 11, 2017. 05:00 PM
In the 80s, the video game industry was booming. And then it fell, and fell hard and fast. Too many games flooded the market, prices dropped, profits disappeared, and companies failed. The industry basically died and was restarted a few years later by completely different...
Thursday August 10, 2017. 10:55 PM
I have a book in iBooks. I read it mostly on my iPad but sometimes I read it on my iPhone. I thought that iBooks would advance to the latest page read no matter what device I last read it on? That doesn’t appear to be happening. Is there a way to keep the last... Read more »
I wish to send pictures from the Photo app (version 2.0 [3161.4.140]) on my 13″ Apple MacbookPro (2016 – OS Sierra 10.12.6) laptop for viewing on my (2005) Mitsubishi Model WS-55315 55″ projection TV. From the laptop to the TV I have connected a USB-C to VGA adapter, mated...
If you have a large screen (or screens) with a lot going on, it can be easy to lose your cursor after typing with the keyboard for a while. You can find it by moving the cursor quickly back and forth with your trackpad or mouse. The cursor will enlarge to catch your...
Wednesday August 9, 2017. 04:42 PM
Tuesday August 8, 2017. 04:03 PM
I have two tables, “Table 1” shares a common attribute of “SKU” with “Table 2”. Table 2 has a column/attribute of “UPC”. How do I express the function that would meet the following conditions: 1. Compare the SKU from Table 1 to Table 2. 2. If the SKU’s match, then have the UP...
Monday August 7, 2017. 10:45 PM
I’m looking for the tabs not bookmarks and it occured a week ago. How do i go about it? iTunes? iCloud? —– Bruce Renner
Older Mac Pro…about 7 years. Not upgraded to latest operating system…currently on the one before Yosemite. This is my cousin’s computer. Regular blank document in Pages, where she has been typing stories, suddenly started adding text boxes. She doesn’t know what she did to...
Friday August 4, 2017. 06:49 PM
In case you haven’t been paying attention to what is coming in iOS 11, the big story is that the iPad is about to gain a lot of pro-level features. Many of these will be iPad-specific features, not available on the iPhone. In fact, an iPad running iOS 11 will be halfway...
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