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Thursday April 19, 2018. 04:54 PM
Did you get an emoji character in an email or text message and aren’t sure what it means? You can copy and paste that character into Safari’s address bar or directly into a Google search to come up with multiple results that will give you a definition.
Wednesday April 18, 2018. 04:48 PM
Tuesday April 17, 2018. 04:21 PM
Monday April 16, 2018. 05:12 PM
I have a 13″ Mac Book Air mid 2013 MacOS High Sierra. I use Numbers spreadsheets for knitting patterns and rowing regatta schedules as well as for normal numbers applications. Whilst working, I want to know where the page will end so I can leave enough vacant rows before...
Sunday April 15, 2018. 07:48 PM
According to Time Machine I have 3 years of data backed up in my 2TB Time Capsule and it’s almost full. What’s the case for buying a larger TC now that older b.u.’s will start deleting? Isn’t three years enough for safety? Thanks, Tom —– Tom Meade
Saturday April 14, 2018. 05:15 AM
By default, every time I get a screenshot on macOS, the file generated will be named “Screen Shot date time” where the date is in the format of YYYY-MM-DD. How could I change the date format to DD-MM-YYYY? —– Kishore Kumar
Friday April 13, 2018. 10:24 PM
Is it possible to use the dictation function to convert speech from an audio file to text? It would be a real time saver for creating transcripts. —– Jean-Claude
I have a Numbers data base for my bicycle riding. Started in 2/2/12. Four columns, date/minutes on bike/miles/notes. There are 35+ pages in the data base, way to much to print when all I need are the bottom line statistics. I see the totals in the cells in line #1243 on page ...
Thursday April 12, 2018. 06:24 PM
Occasionally the cursor disappears while I’m working on my iMac. I have a Magic Mouse 2. I’ve tried things that you can do with out seeing a cursor e.g., rebooting, including plugging in a wired Apple Mouse and that is no help. It has happened on my 27″ desktop and on a 21″...
I am trying to modify the huge list of “open with” to only a few options. —– Londa
Wednesday April 11, 2018. 04:55 PM
Tuesday April 10, 2018. 05:48 PM
Hello Gary I’m sorry to bother you. I have just purchased my second iMac running High Sierra. I dont understand when I’m formating a new external drive I have to select one of these settings and I do not know which to use on what. 1, Guid Partition Map 2, Master Boot Record...
Monday April 9, 2018. 05:49 PM
Sunday April 8, 2018. 03:24 AM
I’ve owned only Macs for 17 years, and I’ve never used antivirus software, and I’ve never had a problem. But a company I’m now contracting with requires me to have it, because I’ll be networking with their PCs. I’m completely ignorant in this area, and was wondering if you...
Saturday April 7, 2018. 06:16 PM
I’m exploring some new (to me) math disciplines and I learn best by documenting my experiences. In Pages, I would like to enter math expressions and formulas that I encounter, this includes subscripts, superscripts, math symbols like sum (∑) and product, PI, set the theory...
I have trouble following the movement of the cursor on the screen. Is there a way to make it larger or change its color? —– Linda Beatie
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