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Wednesday November 21, 2018. 03:58 PM
Our company sublets rooms to clients. Sometimes clients move to different rooms in the same property. Other times clients relocate to another property. We have a Tenant Master Roster with info like name, current room, and current rental rate. We also have a Property Master...
If your Dock gets cluttered with minimized windows on the right side, then you may want to switch to let windows minimize into the application icon instead. You can always find minimized windows in the Dock or the Window menu. You can also start using Tabs to reduce the...
Apple stock has dropped almost 25 percent over the last few weeks due to news that suppliers of iPhone parts have cut production, leading analysts to think that iPhone demand is slowing. In addition, Apple announced that they will no longer be breaking out numbers for...
Tuesday November 20, 2018. 03:00 PM
You can search a specific website using Safari's address field and Quick Website Search. Make sure this feature is enabled and then you can check the list of sites already added. You can add most other sites by performing a native search at that site. Once added, when you...
I have an iMac (2012), iPad (employers) and iPhone. I have been give Apple vouchers and cannot decide if I should buy iPad 10.5 pro, keyboard and pen or the new Air Mac. I use devices for reading online, safari, photos, numbers and PDF’s. Welcome thoughts / advice. —–...
Apple sent out a mass email today promoting a “four-day shopping event” starting this Friday, traditionally known as “Black Friday” in the U.S., when retailers have special sales to begin the holiday shopping season. Apple rarely holds sales, and Black Friday is the only day...
Monday November 19, 2018. 07:15 PM
On my iPhone XS and iPad Pro when I try to add a Siri Shortcut Suggestion to Siri, it requires me to Type the phrase, instead of providing a res record button for me to record the phrase. Settings -> Siri & Search -> Suggested Shortcuts -> tap on a suggested shortcut -> Add t...
The Control Center on iOS is very useful, yet many people don't use it to quickly access common functions. There are many buttons that you can add to Control Center that add even more. If you have an iPhone or iPad you should take the time to look at all of the buttons to...
I have column A with dates, column B with letters like M (monthly), Q (quarterly), etc; column C is A (date) plus 1 month if column B is M; plus 3 if Q. Example: June 1, 2018. M. July 1, 2018 June 1, 2017. Q. September 1, 2018 Is there a way to write an if, then formula so I ...
Sunday November 18, 2018. 08:52 PM
When I play a playlist it only plays the first song (or movement), then repeats it. —– Floyd
Saturday November 17, 2018. 04:06 PM
My Event names in the iMovie Library column are too long to fully display. Like in most Apps, I can see the column drag symbol when moused over, but the column will not drag to increase or decrease. I find no obvious option to let me change this column width. —– John Riddle
Friday November 16, 2018. 06:25 PM
Apple updated Final Cut Pro to 10.4.4 and Motion and Compressor as well. The biggest new feature is allowing third-party services like and Shutterstock hook directly into FCP to add new features. For instance, comments can appear directly in the timeline...
The term Bandwidth is used to describe data transferred over time. However, it is often misused to define a limit on total data transfer. Bandwidth is measured in bits per second, usually using kilo or mega-bits to make the numbers more reasonable. Marketing departments...
Thursday November 15, 2018. 05:31 PM
Some Siri functions could be available offline in the future. Apple Insider discovered a patent filing that suggests Apple is working on this. Currently, you need an Internet connection to use Siri on your iPhone, iPad, Mac or HomePod. One of the frustrating things about...
If you have a lot of tabs open in Safari, you can search though them to quickly find the tab you need. First, enter Tab Overview mode with View, Show Tab Overview or Command+Shift+ (backslash). Then use Edit, Find, Find or Command+F to open the search field. Now type a...
The Open With command makes it possible to open a file with something other than the default app. But if you commonly need to do this with a specific app there are three ways to make it much easier to open the file with that app instead of the default. You could just drag it ...
Wednesday November 14, 2018. 03:00 PM
Often people want to know how they can change the default font in Pages. But there is no default font. Instead, when you create a new document you are using a template, often the template named Blank. So if you'd rather start with a different font, then just create a new...
I would like to open a custom folder instead of recents when I click on the finder on the Mac. How to achieve it? —–
Tuesday November 13, 2018. 06:59 PM
Reports are coming in that many people today had to verify their ID to log into their Apple accounts today. Both Apple Insider and MacRumors are reporting this, though headlines make it seem as if people are “locked out” of their accounts, when in fact they have simply been...
Before going on Mojave, I had adblock plus pro to prevent unwanted ads on Safari! Now, the system delete adblock plus pro! Anybody know a solution? —– Marc Chamberland
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