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Thursday April 26, 2018. 06:12 PM
Apple doesn’t always make the hard drives or solid-state drives in your Mac. So who manufactured the drive in your Mac? You can find out by holding down the Option key and choosing the Apple Menu, then System Information. Then in the left sidebar of the window that appears,...
Hi I see lots of adverts for Clean My Mac Software. I run 1st Aid every end of month, but I would still like to know if I can improve on this as a non-deep code type user, and if so, what is the best software Thanks —– Graham Shepherd
Wednesday April 25, 2018. 05:46 PM
Tuesday April 24, 2018. 11:37 PM
Monday April 23, 2018. 05:33 PM
Should I be using an anti-virus program and if so, what is recommended? —– Gayle Mullan
Sunday April 22, 2018. 05:42 PM
The title is shown above a photo, but what is Description? I guess Keywords is to make a photo searchable? What are your thoughts of when to use what? —– Morten dk
Saturday April 21, 2018. 08:19 PM
I’m wanting to purchase a new MacBook Pro as I lost the HD to my 2012′ model recently and then sold it. I’ve never owned a MacBook with a SSD drive before so I’m questionable if 128GB is enough HD space for my needs. I have over 12,000 pics/vids (59.9GB), however I have them...
In Europe we have a new Data Protection Regulation coming into effect on 25th May. I am the membership secretary for a small club and I have password protected the membership list and it is stored in iCloud but I would like to encrypt it locally on my Mac and iPad, is this...
Friday April 20, 2018. 05:14 PM
Thursday April 19, 2018. 08:01 PM
Have reset the SMC, PRAM, deleted applemultitouchemouse.plist and driver.applebluetoothemultitouch.mouse, run Apple Diagnostics (no issues found), reinstalled the macOS, tried a different electrical outlet, a different power cord and a wired mouse. Used forced air on the...
Apple’s support document: About Content Caching
Did you get an emoji character in an email or text message and aren’t sure what it means? You can copy and paste that character into Safari’s address bar or directly into a Google search to come up with multiple results that will give you a definition.
Wednesday April 18, 2018. 04:48 PM
Tuesday April 17, 2018. 04:21 PM
Monday April 16, 2018. 05:12 PM
I have a 13″ Mac Book Air mid 2013 MacOS High Sierra. I use Numbers spreadsheets for knitting patterns and rowing regatta schedules as well as for normal numbers applications. Whilst working, I want to know where the page will end so I can leave enough vacant rows before...
Sunday April 15, 2018. 07:48 PM
According to Time Machine I have 3 years of data backed up in my 2TB Time Capsule and it’s almost full. What’s the case for buying a larger TC now that older b.u.’s will start deleting? Isn’t three years enough for safety? Thanks, Tom —– Tom Meade
Saturday April 14, 2018. 05:15 AM
By default, every time I get a screenshot on macOS, the file generated will be named “Screen Shot date time” where the date is in the format of YYYY-MM-DD. How could I change the date format to DD-MM-YYYY? —– Kishore Kumar
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