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Thursday March 29, 2018. 06:12 PM
I use Pages primarily for instructional documents. Frequently I use a red circle to highlight things readers need to see. I do this by picking the circle shape and changing the attributes. I’ve tried the Saved Shapes feature but the saved shapes are still filled in with no...
If you hold the Option key down and click on the Time Machine icon on the right side of the Menu Bar, you’ll see that the command Verify Backups replaces Back Up Now. You can use this command to verify the integrity of your backup. This can be a handy reassurance if you are...
Hello, Gary Rozenzweig, Thank you very much for your response. Yes, I should be more specific and clear; please, apologize me for that. By FONT LETTER, I mean, in fact, the font that was used in the presentation of the Apple Special Event at Lane Tech College Prep High...
Wednesday March 28, 2018. 05:43 PM
Tuesday March 27, 2018. 05:18 PM
Monday March 26, 2018. 08:14 PM
I have set up a rule on the Mac, which redirects an email once I receive it from a specific individual. I would like to achieve the same on the iPhone as well. Is it possible at all? Does the workflow application support the redirect feature? —– Kishore Kumar Maistry
Sunday March 25, 2018. 06:34 AM
I have programming background. What are the best resources available – free or paid for learning AppleScript. Need introduction as well as advanced concepts. Thanks! —– Sidickk Thaaj
Saturday March 24, 2018. 12:51 AM
I like to save “images” from Facebook/Pinterest/Emails and may also take a photo of say an IRS form/Receipt/FedEx Label/Magazine article, and either save it in a Folder or in Notes. I will then delete in Photos because it’s not really a Photo I have taken and I don’t want...
Friday March 23, 2018. 09:30 PM
If you have anumber in cell a1 and want to use it in a formula in column b how can you lock it in so that you don’t have to retype it each time? —– JEREMY POWERS
Thursday March 22, 2018. 09:25 PM
Using FaceTime, I’ve managed to have my MacBook Air ring when calls come in to my iPhone SE. I can now hear the ring in a few nearby rooms, but I want to be able to add an inexpensive wi-fi speaker in the center of the house so I can hear the ring of incoming... Read more »
how do you type something like b flat or c sharp using a flat symbol or a sharp or other musical symbols in a document. is there a app or some program? —– Ralph
Wednesday March 21, 2018. 11:48 PM
I used to be able to select the title of my group contacts in the BCC box in Mail and all my selected contacts appeared. Not any more. Now only one name comes up and she isn’t even one of my group contacts. I looked in “Contacts” and the group is still there. It just... Read...
Tuesday March 20, 2018. 11:42 PM
When I add a PDF newsletter or an eBook to iBooks, the name of the author shows up as “Unknown Author” or my name. Is there a way I can either edit the name of the author in iBooks or add the correct author’s name before adding to iBooks? Using iMac w/ High Sierra 10.13.3... ...
When I import.csv files into Numbers they always open with a font of Helvetica Neue. This is the same as when I open a New Blank spreadsheet or Insert Table in Numbers. I would like to set a different default font. Is this possible? The same problem applies to Pages. —–...
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