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Tuesday December 5, 2017. 08:55 PM
Monday December 4, 2017. 05:58 PM
1) Is iCloud Drive (Archive) folder the same as Local Folder? 2) Is iCloud Drive a Storage or a Sync application? That is, are the actual files in the cloud or on my Mac? Or both? 3) Please comment on when to ✓”Optimize Mac Storage.” —– Stan Greenberg
I am trying to print address labels (not return labels) from my contact list in Pages using Avery Address labels —– Alex Konczey
Saturday December 2, 2017. 12:22 AM
I have files all over the place – iCloud, dropbox and on the Mac. Is there any easy way I can move a desktop file to a folder without opening a lot of stuff up? Is Quicksilver the best program to do this? Any better way? Much thanks, Dally Messenger —– Dally Messenger
Friday December 1, 2017. 04:36 PM
If you lose your phone no one has access to your phone because it is locked. Only your home screen would show and is there a way to show you name and another phone number to call so that person can let you know they found your phone. —– harryjr
Thursday November 30, 2017. 10:41 PM
Trying to compare similar shots on one screen to decide which one to use. —– Magda K.
Sorry to bother you again Gary, but there seems to be lots of people having problems with what I asked you about earlier, it called the JS: Cryptonight, I have tried multiple scans with different antivirus, AVG, AVAST, and both find it, and you can’t get rid of it, you can pl...
I texted my wife’s phone and she never got them. We later realized they had gone to her iPad, instead of her phone. How can I be sure my texts go to my wife’s iPhone? —– Jack Weibel
Once again, net neutrality is in the news. I’ve been getting questions about it: what net neutrality is, and whether it is important. Let me explain the situation and tell you why you need to take net neutrality very seriously. To simplify the subject, being “net neutral” mea...
Ever notice that each list in the Reminders app has a color? The title is all that uses that color in the Mac app. You can set the color on your Mac by Control+clicking the title in the left sidebar and selecting a color chip. On iOS, you go into the lest and tap the... Read ...
Wednesday November 29, 2017. 04:58 PM
Update: Apple security update 2017-001 fixes this. Released today. Go to the App Store, Updates to get the patch.
Tuesday November 28, 2017. 05:12 PM
Monday November 27, 2017. 08:09 PM
I am on a website that makes custom license plates. All you do is upload your photo. Two Questions: 1) how does one do that on OS 10.13? In other words, the website says select a file. But Photos will not let me select. Why does Apple not allow a person to go to the... Read...
My wife’s and I got rid of our land line phone and purchased iPhones, but now when at home this is the only way to contact us and the problem is that since we are both teachers we silence out notifications or volumes ring tones when teaching, but the forget to turn them...
Sunday November 26, 2017. 01:54 AM
VPN is the hot item these days and I’m trying to figure out if my humble browsing at home and the grocery story warrant my purchasing yet another widget/network/gizmo. I don’t travel much, very rarely, and realize my local Safeway may be THE ONE where my data could be...
Friday November 24, 2017. 02:00 PM
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