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Saturday July 14, 2018. 06:34 PM
When Apple surprised everyone with new MacBook Pros this week, the first question many asked was whether the keyboard was fixed. The previous generation of MacBook Pros were plagued by keyboards that broke easily. Often this was caused by dust that got under the keys. Apple...
Friday July 13, 2018. 07:35 PM
Apple quietly announced, through an alert in the latest update to High Sierra, that they will no longer be offering print products like books, posters, and calendars. They have been offering such services since 2002 in iPhoto. The service will end September 30, which...
Macos 10.13.6 Only can print one at a time. Laborious! —– Art C
I have had an Apple ID for many years, with no problems. I use the two factor authorization as well. My Apple ID uses a hotmail account. Most of my mail uses gmail accounts. In general, I prefer gmail and had considered changing my Apple ID to use one of those gmail...
I have made a document in pages and can’t remember where I have saved it. So I do a search in spotlight and find the document. I can even work on it and when I close the page document changes I made get saved, but I dont know where. In previous OS versions you could... Read m...
Apple mail occasionally marks ‘valid’ mail as spam. Mail used to have the means to stop that using a box to tic. I’m getting several ‘valid’ emails being dumped into the Spam (and all its asterisks) mailbox that don’t belong there. Not all of these should become “Contacts”, t...
Thursday July 12, 2018. 07:35 PM
Apple surprised everyone today with the release of new MacBook Pro models, and the retirement of the oldest in the line. The new models look essentially the same, but there are a lot of changes under the hood. You can now get quad-core processors for the 13-inch and 6-core...
When you open image files in Preview, they may open in the same window if you select a group of images and open them, but then if you open them one at a time they will be in separate windows. If you’d rather they always opened in the same window, or always in separate...
Wednesday July 11, 2018. 09:52 PM
Both MacRumors and AppleInsider are reporting on an analyst report that Apple may update almost every major piece of hardware in the next six months. In addition to MacBook speed updates, there may be a new MacBook Air or a new low-cost model to replace it. The iMac may get...
As Apple are no longer producing the Time Machine (ours is now playing up) what do you recommend as a replacement Gary? —– Kathy George
Tuesday July 10, 2018. 07:14 PM
There are conflicting reports today about Apple’s relationship with 1Password, the password manager by independent software developer AgileBits. A report states that Apple is now buying 1Password licenses for all employees. But others are saying that Apple was already doing...
I have a budget table and types of bills categorised e.g. insurance, utilities, etc. When I create my pie chart it does not consolidate the types of bills; so that instead of adding say two insurance totals under the insurance legend, it has two insurance legends with two...
Monday July 9, 2018. 09:17 PM
Apple changed everything a while back with iTunes, proving that people would pay for online music and that the future was all Napster-pirated stuff. But services like Spotify pioneered another way to distribute music online using subscription streaming instead of...
i wish to create a spreadsheet to show a bank balance of my daposits and withdralals over the last 12 months ie date – amount give me total over last 12 months only and update balance as the date changes but how do i create a sum = columns range based upon date = now... Read...
Sunday July 8, 2018. 04:05 AM
My iMac was repaired and the Apple technicians replaced RAM memory. In the process, they erased the system (correct term?) and installed a new OSX, High Sierra. Of course, I had done Time Machine backups, as well as Carbon Copy Clone. I am now attempting to restore older...
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