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Friday February 9, 2018. 08:00 AM
Aside from the cheapest gear, whenever you set up a new audio system, there will be one or more adjustments for tonal quality. You may decide you need bass that thumps, treble that sparkles, and a midrange that is clear and distinct but still warm. From time to time while on ...
Thursday February 8, 2018. 08:00 AM
One thing that’s certain when a show business project is under development, and that is that there very well may be staff changes and script changes aplenty before it’s released, not to mention reshoots. That is, if it’s released. Producers may depart, screenwriters may...
Wednesday February 7, 2018. 08:00 AM
Let me put my cards onto table. Although I have worn wristwatches since I was maybe ten years old, I have not bought anything particularly expensive. Even when I had a decent amount of spare cash to buy something fancy, I’ve opted for the relatively cheap. Maybe it’ll have a...
Tuesday February 6, 2018. 08:00 AM
Must Apple be number one at everything it does? Does being number two — or three for that matter — mean the company has somehow failed? Hardly. With record revenue and profits, it certainly doesn’t seem that the company is confronting potential failure at every turn. But...
Monday February 5, 2018. 08:00 AM
When it comes to actual fake news, Apple is often the victim of phony stories about one thing or another. The reasons why are varied. So putting Apple in the headline, good or bad, is certain hit bait. That means more ad clicks, and more money. But I often wonder whether...
Friday February 2, 2018. 08:00 AM
What’s in a week? That’s something Apple’s critics didn’t think about in speculating that iPhone X sales tanked — big time. Despite surveys showing the opposite, the stories were enough to impact the company’s stock price in recent days as people waited for the bad news....
Thursday February 1, 2018. 08:00 AM
You must know that Apple’s soon-to-ship HomePod smart speaker is doomed to fail. This all comes before anyone outside of the news media has spent any time with one, so why? Well, maybe that it’s a couple of months late, thus missing the lucrative holiday season, that it’s...
Wednesday January 31, 2018. 08:00 AM
In recent years, Apple has been criticized for trying to do too much, releasing OS updates with missing and/or delayed features. Or, worse, lots of bugs to drive users crazy. Despite assurances by Apple that its monitoring fewer problems nowadays, facts are nasty things that ...
Tuesday January 30, 2018. 08:00 AM
For over a year, there were complaints that Apple had some nerve to charge $1,000 for a new iPhone. Month after month, the same objections were raised, implying that Apple was gouging customers once more with overpriced gear. When the iPhone X arrived, at a starting price of ...
Monday January 29, 2018. 08:00 AM
With Apple’s quarterly financials due on February 1st, you can bet that analyst predictions will intensity. Did the iPhone X meet its alleged sales goals — something Apple never actually discloses — or was it an also-ran that’ll be discontinued this fall? Or does all ...
Friday January 26, 2018. 03:05 AM
I don’t know how important this is to anyone, unless you’re a devoted Apple watcher. But it’s worth a read. So Jason Snell of Six Colors, a former editor for Macworld, ran a survey involving a few dozen tech journalists, developers and podcasters, judging the worth of Apple...
Thursday January 25, 2018. 08:00 AM
According to published reports, Apple has seeded a brand new macOS High Sierra update to developers. and public beta testers should have at it shortly. This one, 10.13.4, will put up warnings that Apple plans to remove support for 32-bit apps. Says Apple: To prepare for a...
Wednesday January 24, 2018. 03:03 AM
In addition to throttling performance of older iPhones due to failing batteries, one especially ill-informed tech pundit has now come up with a silly claim that wireless charging and fast charging somehow makes batteries wear out faster. But, it seems, only if those features ...
Tuesday January 23, 2018. 08:00 AM
You’ve heard the stories. The iPhone X, which didn’t go on sale until early November, did surprisingly well through the rest of the year. Or maybe not. Maybe it was a poor seller, and thus Apple might have to rethink its strategy about a next generation iPhone. Some analysts...
Monday January 22, 2018. 08:00 AM
In a recent TV interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook wrongly suggested that customers were properly informed about the iOS change that resulted in throttling performance on iPhones with failing batteries. Unfortunately, the interviewer failed to correct him or make much of an effort ...
Friday January 19, 2018. 08:00 AM
As regular readers know, I haven’t used my third-generation Apple TV for several weeks. It was hooked up to my VIZIO 4K TV during the installation process. I checked the input to make sure it was fully operational, and seeing that it was, I never used it again. I’m even...
Thursday January 18, 2018. 02:09 AM
Since the GOP’s tax cut was passed last year, some companies have come out and, more or less, announced higher wages and special bonuses. It all seems to be developing nicely, regardless of your political leanings. But some of those announcements have fine print you might...
Wednesday January 17, 2018. 08:00 AM
So here’s where it stands: During the December quarter, there were two diametrically opposed versions of iPhone X sales. One was that it did really well, the other not so well, maybe even terrible. But the unfavorable spin was clouded with the usual stuff about Apple cutting...
Tuesday January 16, 2018. 08:00 AM
It is curious that the infamous CPU bug was identified by some members of the media as an Apple problem. Even though it impacted most CPU chips produced in the past 21 years — perhaps even the PowerPC — somehow it was strictly about iOS and Mac users facing danger when...
Monday January 15, 2018. 08:00 AM
In 2011, I received a third-generation Apple TV as a holiday present. I appreciated the gesture, since I was anxious to try Netflix streaming, and perhaps consider renting a movie from iTunes on occasion. Unlike the original Apple TV, released in 2007, which provided a hard...
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