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Monday May 29, 2017. 09:00 AM
You read the same stuff over and over again. Apple needs to produce this product, that product, or the other product. It has to be now, or Samsung, or Google, or Microsoft — or even Amazon — will run away with the market. Apple will never, ever be able to catch up. So...
Friday May 26, 2017. 09:00 AM
I rather expect this column won’t get near the attention if would receive had I titled it, “More Problems for Apple.” But a lot of that is just fake news, and I’m not interested. I strive to make genuine criticisms of Apple, and there are plenty of things to talk about. This...
Thursday May 25, 2017. 09:00 AM
Before two companies merge, promises are made. It’s often about “synergy,” being more efficient, being more competitive. Quite often, it’s more about eliminating competition, gaining more control over a market. At the end of the day, however, these mergers may end up doing...
Wednesday May 24, 2017. 09:00 AM
As I write this column, we’re only days away from the WWDC keynote, which is scheduled for Monday June 5th. Tech pundits have been looking at Apple’s media invitation for the event, desperately seeking clues, but guesses about what’ll happen are only narrowly focused....
Tuesday May 23, 2017. 03:05 AM
Just the other day, I read an article from a somewhat confused pundit that started with some accurate statements. But it then went off the rails. So it correctly pointed out that Mac sales were up in the March quarter, whereas Microsoft Surface declined. This despite the...
Monday May 22, 2017. 09:00 AM
You may not recall this, but HDTV was actually demonstrated in the U.S. in the late 1980s. After the standard became official, it took a while for broadcast stations to begin to adopt the technology. The first was WRAL-TV, a CBS affiliate in Raleigh, North Carolina, which...
Friday May 19, 2017. 09:00 AM
I do enjoy the back and forth of friendly debate. I realize that my opinions are strictly those of one person, so I don’t make a big deal of their relevance. But I will defend them when I feel necessary. Now as you know, Apple has loads of critics. So does Google and...
Thursday May 18, 2017. 09:00 AM
I don’t want to consider the crazy developments in the world of politics, where the definition of “fake news” depends on your belief system. Instead, let’s look at the crazy developments in the tech world, where Apple is always failing or about to, and supposedly successful...
Wednesday May 17, 2017. 09:00 AM
It certainly makes sense for the rumors to ramp up ahead of Apple’s WWDC. You know there will be new versions of the company’s various operating systems, with the emphasis on macOS and iOS. But there has been sparse speculation about the new features, less than usual for th...
Tuesday May 16, 2017. 09:00 AM
To understand what Apple is doing with the iMac, you’ll want to recall where it all began. I’ve mentioned this before, but I was there when it started, as a member of Apple’s Customer Quality Feedback program, which allowed Mac users access to software and, on occasion, hardw...
Monday May 15, 2017. 09:00 AM
I cannot tell you how many times a tech pundit, or a wannabe, claimed that Apple should be looking to Microsoft for inspiration to make the Mac better. No, not cribbing a few ideas from Windows, which Apple has done from time to time, but from Microsoft’s PC hardware line...
Friday May 12, 2017. 09:00 AM
The Mac mini arrived in 2005, several months after its potential existence was basically denied by Apple. So at a conference call with financial analysts, Apple was asked if they planned to build a low-cost Mac. The answer was no. At $499, the Mac mini was strictly no...
Thursday May 11, 2017. 09:00 AM
Despite the fact that iPhone sales in the March quarter were a tad below the year-ago quarter, Apple continues to lead the smartphone market. Now on the surface, that may not seem logical. Isn’t Samsung the world’s largest maker of mobile handsets? Doesn’t Android control...
Wednesday May 10, 2017. 09:00 AM
So Apple has done what’s needed to jumpstart speculation about what is coming from the company for the rest of the year. Invitations have been sent to selected journalists for the June 5th WWDC keynote. As the rumors about the next iPhone continue to take shape, talk...
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