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Friday August 18, 2017. 09:00 AM
In yesterday’s column, I cited stats that indicated that the iPhone 7 was surprisingly successful in the June quarter, with sales slightly above last year, and ahead of every other smartphone on the planet. These are the kinds of numbers that continue to cement Apple’s...
Thursday August 17, 2017. 09:00 AM
Although Apple reported somewhat improved iPhone sales for the June quarter, there was, as usual, no breakdown for individual models. It was left to third parties to make good guesses. So we know the total was 41 million. But before we look at the estimated breakdowns,...
Wednesday August 16, 2017. 09:00 AM
Even though Android has a gigantic share of the mobile handset market, Google clearly needs Apple to generate income. How gigantic? I’m talking about roughly 85%, with iOS occupying roughly 15%. This varies a few points one way or the other from quarter to quarter. What this...
Tuesday August 15, 2017. 09:00 AM
When I wrote that Microsoft had a potential Consumer Reports problem on its hands, I didn’t see — at least not yet — the tip of an iceberg. Clearly the story has taken hold and has garnered attention in lots of places. It also raises the specter of a wider range of produc...
Monday August 14, 2017. 09:00 AM
So leave it to Apple to figure out what other companies haven’t figured out, which is how to simplify and enhance the living room experience. By that I mean doing something about the TV watching experience, as if it’s something that needs fixing. At its core, of course,...
Friday August 11, 2017. 09:00 AM
Believe it or not, Microsoft is now in the crosshairs of Consumer Reports for Surface laptop and notebook defects. This comes as somewhat of a surprise, since CR’s usual target is Apple Inc. So over the years, Apple has consistently been given short shrift from CR. In its ef...
Thursday August 10, 2017. 09:00 AM
So let me make this perfectly clear: The actual feature set of the 2017 iPhones has not been announced by Apple or anyone authorized by Apple. What you’ve read so far consists of rumors and speculation. So with that out of the way, let’s take a common rumor and give it a...
Wednesday August 9, 2017. 09:00 AM
After Apple reported a stellar June quarter — with a surprising resurgence of the iPad way above analyst predictions — it has quieted down  somewhat on the Apple front. Well, except for the usual predictions of doom and gloom and a few glimmers of hope. So there’s a publ...
Tuesday August 8, 2017. 03:48 AM
Making its way among the crowded coverage of the alleged iPhone 8, there are reports that may confirm some of my expectations about the Apple Watch. Now I’m not about to take most rumors seriously. While some are certainly based on genuine sources, such as product leaks in...
Monday August 7, 2017. 09:00 AM
To most people, the “fake news” phenomenon is a symptom of the contentious 2016 political campaign in the U.S. Some bloggers discovered they could earn lots of clickthrough ad money by focusing on false content that pandered to one campaign or the other. Posted on...
Friday August 4, 2017. 09:00 AM
With iPad sales on the rise — at least for a single quarter — I wonder about Apple’s plans for its future. I wonder about Apple’s plans to penetrate different markets to expand its reach. Mostly, I wonder if Apple plans any variations on the current design to give it more...
Thursday August 3, 2017. 09:00 AM
For the past four years, you might have regarded the iPad as a gadget whose time had come and gone. After several years of amazing growth, sales didn’t just flatten, they fell. Every single quarter, sales were lower than the previous year’s quarter. But Apple persevered, and...
Wednesday August 2, 2017. 09:00 AM
So it’s nice to have Apple report completely positive financials again, with all of Apple’s tech gear showing sales increases. But before I get to the totals, I want to mention a result that surprised me: The iPad, where sales grew for the first time in over four years. Accor...
Tuesday August 1, 2017. 09:00 AM
Amid all the chatter about the alleged forthcoming iPhone 8 — the expected 10th anniversary model — is its price. It’s supposed to be way high, more expensive than any other iPhone. Where does Apple have the temerity to raise its prices even further? I’ll get to pricing f...
Monday July 31, 2017. 09:00 AM
This really ages me, but I got my first car in 1967. I didn’t actually buy it; it was given to me by a relative, a 1957 Chevrolet sedan. There was no air conditioning, and the car had a three speed manual transmission. Yes, there was a decent radio. Had the car survived for...
Friday July 28, 2017. 09:00 AM
Let’s put this in perspective: When I bought my first Mac in 1989 (I had been using them at the office till then), it was a IIcx that was assembled in the U.S. Apple also built gear in Cork, Ireland as I recall. But I never really paid much attention to where the gear was...
Thursday July 27, 2017. 09:00 AM
Apple’s decision to create a podcast repository in iTunes in 2005 was a watershed for radio broadcasters and would-be radio broadcasters. It gave us all a method for greatly expanded distribution. But, yes, there was already such a thing as Internet radio. I was already...
Wednesday July 26, 2017. 09:00 AM
Let’s take a journey back through time. Not so many years ago, the best — and sometimes only — method to present video on a web site was Adobe Flash. Indeed, we still have some Flash content one site, devoted to the sci-fi novels I wrote with my son, “Attack of the...
Tuesday July 25, 2017. 09:00 AM
Last year, some people made a huge deal over Apple’s decision to ditch the old fashioned headphone jack on the iPhone 7. A feature that had been part and parcel of tech gear for decades would become history, and what was Apple’s follow-up plan? Some speculated that the...
Monday July 24, 2017. 09:00 AM
I received a third generation Apple TV in 2012 as a present. Mostly identical to its predecessor, it sported an A5 chip with support for 1080p video. Since that was the state of the art for its time, I didn’t consider what might come next, but mostly because the Apple TV...
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