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Friday January 12, 2018. 08:00 AM
Now that the U.S. Congress wants to meddle into Apple’s affairs in the wake of the iPhone throttling and battery scandal, you can bet the usual fear mongering from certain alleged tech pundits is in full force. Some of this comes from people who proclaim themselves Apple...
Thursday January 11, 2018. 08:00 AM
As if there weren’t enough political fireworks occurring in Washington, you can bet that Apple will find itself involved, somehow. It all started with what I’ve been calling Throttlegate, the faux scandal that erupted when it was discovered that older iPhones, with failing...
Wednesday January 10, 2018. 08:00 AM
As Apple patches serious long-standing CPU bugs on its iOS, tvOS and macOS gear, they claim you shouldn’t notice any performance dip. Well, maybe a little in Safari, where, after installing the Spectre fix, Apple reported that one web benchmark was reduced by 2.5%. But you ca...
Tuesday January 9, 2018. 08:00 AM
Not all of the coverage Apple has received in the past few months has been favorable; far from it. At a time when it no doubt would have preferred that we all speak in glowing terms about the iPhone 8, the iPhone X and the iMac Pro, the discussion occasionally went off the...
Monday January 8, 2018. 08:00 AM
This past holiday season, 4K TVs hit critical mass. Only the very cheapest models were strictly HD. Starting not too far north of $300, you can buy a genuine Ultra HD set with a decent-sized screen. It’s not that these sets are necessarily junk either. Many come from...
Friday January 5, 2018. 08:00 AM
Despite its pretensions of factual and technical accuracy, I’ve long had issues with the way Consumer Reports magazine manages its reviews. A notable example is the curious way in which notebook computer battery life is calculated. When CR first reviewed Apple’s 2016 MacBook...
Thursday January 4, 2018. 08:00 AM
Normally I don’t take notice the passing of a long-time auto executive, but I’ll make an exception with the news of the recent death of Kenichi Yamamoto. He once served as president and chairman of Mazda, but he became most famous by being head of the team of engineers that...
Wednesday January 3, 2018. 08:00 AM
Apple found itself in the thick of it when it quietly released an update, iOS 10.2.1, designed to fix a sudden shutdown problem on some iPhones. This was separate from a warranty repair program in which such an issue was caused by a battery defect on the iPhone 6s in which...
Tuesday January 2, 2018. 08:00 AM
Over the years, there has been a growing list of companies that Apple should/must acquire to remain relevant. Or something. Apple, after all, has $268.9 billion hanging out in overseas accounts and investments. However, if all or most of that money were brought into this...
Monday January 1, 2018. 08:00 AM
When the original Bondi blue iMac appeared in the summer of 1998, I would not have predicted where the product would go in the next 19 years. Not even close. At first, the iMac was marketed as a relatively low cost ($1,299) personal computer using repurposed PowerBook parts...
Friday December 29, 2017. 08:00 AM
It’s a rare thing for a major company to admit error. Clearly Apple has come to realize it has a growing problem on its hands with the admission about throttling iPhone performance when batteries are deteriorating. Indeed, with class action lawsuits and, most recently, a crim...
Thursday December 28, 2017. 08:00 AM
In yesterday’s column, I wrote about the contradictory information being posted about iPhone X sales. Some reports, claiming to be based on supply chain data, delivered a dire picture, that sales are way below expectations, and component orders have been cut for the March...
Wednesday December 27, 2017. 08:00 AM
To put this all in perspective, consider the time when published reports indicated that demand for the iPhone 5 had collapsed towards the end of 2012. It was all based on claims of reduced component orders from Apple’s complicated supply chain, and the stock price fell approp...
Tuesday December 26, 2017. 08:00 AM
Sometimes saying too little is a bad idea, and Apple may come to realize that with its latest so-called scandal. It all started when some people discovered that their somewhat older iPhones were running much slower, something readily confirmed with benchmark tests. Over the...
Monday December 25, 2017. 08:00 AM
I’ve been previewing this column for a while, ever since I worked out a deal where VIZIO provided the set in exchange for my agreeing to review it. But they put no restrictions on how I should rate the product, so I’m free to do what I’ve done for the past 25 years,...
Friday December 22, 2017. 08:00 AM
Many of you have heard of the term “fat binaries,” or “universal apps,” in which the code will work on more than a single platform or product. It may even offer a different look and feel depending on the needs of that product. So when Apple went to Intel CPUs beginning in...
Thursday December 21, 2017. 08:00 AM
I purchased my last TV set in 2012. Our 50-inch Panasonic plasma was showing its age, and it was time to find a replacement. Flush with some cash from an unexpected ad deal, I purchased a 55-inch VIZIO E-Series Full-Array Smart TV set. Picture quality was quite good for a...
Wednesday December 20, 2017. 08:00 AM
Apple can’t get a break. Software glitches that are not terribly unusual on other computing platforms garner amazing amounts of publicity when it happens to an iPhone or a Mac. That the average price of Apple gear is higher — even though usually competitive — means they h...
Tuesday December 19, 2017. 08:00 AM
For the longest time, you’ve read stories about why the iPhone X was fated to be unsuccessful. First and foremost, it was too expensive. How dare Apple charge $1,000 for a smartphone? Even when Samsung came out with the Galaxy Note 8, listing for about $50 less without counti...
Monday December 18, 2017. 08:00 AM
Part and parcel of our polarized society is the feeling that, if we accept the other side’s approach, it may be the end of the world as we know it. They wish us ill, and are doing foolish and/or evil things to take us all down. Now I’m not going to dwell on my political...
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