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US, UK, and 16 other countries ink non-binding agreement to make AI ‘secure by design’

Tuesday November 28, 2023. 12:13 AM , from Mac Daily News
The United States, the United Kingdom, and more than a dozen other countries on Sunday unveiled what a senior U.S. official described as the first detailed international agreement on how to keep artificial intelligence safe from rogue actors, pushing for companies to create AI systems that are “secure by design.”

In a 20-page document unveiled Sunday, the 18 countries agreed that companies designing and using AI need to develop and deploy it in a way that keeps customers and the wider public safe from misuse.
The agreement is non-binding and carries mostly general recommendations such as monitoring AI systems for abuse, protecting data from tampering and vetting software suppliers.
The agreement is the latest in a series of initiatives – few of which carry teeth – by governments around the world to shape the development of AI, whose weight is increasingly being felt in industry and society at large.
In addition to the United States and Britain, the 18 countries that signed on to the new guidelines include Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Australia, Chile, Israel, Nigeria, and Singapore.

MacDailyNews Take: Non-binding means just more valueless, waste-of-time, waste of taxpayers’ money BS.
So, how many tons of carbon were spewed via private jets around the world and how many expense reports were filed to the tune of how many taxpayers’ dollars in order to arrive at this worthless 20-squares of toilet paper?
This “document” is yet another “doing something” (i.e., nothing) scam that converts hardworking taxpayers’ money into trips, golf, gourmet meals, etc. and which could have been composed just as well via a Webex meeting or 300, given that government officials are involved. This meaningless tripe will do nothing whatsoever to “shape the development of AI.” Governments will be decades behind the tech as they always are. We’ll all be kowtowing to our robot overlords by the time “government” figures it out.
In closing, to all involved, great job*!
*wasting yet more money that you don’t have on yet more insipid twaddle

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