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10 More Interesting New macOS Ventura Features

Wednesday June 22, 2022. 05:00 PM , from MacMost
Here are some more new features coming to macOS with Ventura this fall, including Photo duplicate finder, the Weather app, Live Text in video and more.

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Video Transcript: Hi, this is Gary with Let's take a look at 10 more interesting new features coming to macOS Ventura.
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Now in a previous video I showed you ten really interesting things coming to macOS Ventura. Here are ten more. First let's start in the Messages App. You're going to be able to delete messages just like before. I'm going to use Control Click here and then Delete. What's different is that now you'll be able to go to View, Recently Deleted and see recently deleted messages here and Recover them. You'll also be able to select a conversation and mark it as Unread.
Now in that previous video I told you about the new app we're getting, the Clock App. But also we're getting the Weather App. It's basically the exact same app that you have on the iPad. So it gives you a nice big screen view of all sorts of different weather data. You can add different cities here or just search for one and get the weather data for it right now. You can go and look at Maps and get all sorts of weather information just like you can on the iPhone and iPad.
Now over in Safari there's a new feature for Tab Groups. Go to the Start Page. In addition to having regular Favorites, you can have favorites for a Tab Group. So you go into the settings here for the Start Page and there is one called Tab Group Favorites. So this will be different depending upon which Tab Group you are in. You can see these here in Bookmarks under Favorites. You can see Tab Group Favorites and for each Tab Group you can also go to Edit, Bookmarks and you can see all of the favorites for each Tab Group here as well.
Now there are two ways to do dictation in macOS. The simple way to do it is just to use the basic Dictation which you turn on by going into System Settings and then going to Keyboard, and then here you can turn on Dictation right there. You use it with the Shortcut set here. So press Control Key twice in my case. But you can do others as well. So it works the same as before. But now, if you notice, it will figure out punctuation. (This is a test. This is another sentence.) In addition this type of dictation now recognizes emoji. All you need to do is speak the name of the emoji character that you want and then the word emoji afterwards. (Pizza emoji. Smiley face emoji. Mind blown emoji.)
A new trick in the Photos App is Duplicates here on the left. You select that it will show duplicate photos. Now be warned! It's not just looking for photos that are exactly the same but ones that are extremely similar. Like if you take several photos very quickly of a still object each one is its own separate photo. But Duplicates will actually show them here. If you flip between them you could see that there's a slight difference between each one. So you don't want to just use this and willy nilly delete a bunch of photos. You want to use it and then look carefully at all the photos to make sure you keep the right one.
The Stocks App allows you now to have multiple stock's lists. So you've got My Symbols here but you can create a new watchlist and call it whatever you want. So you could have one that maybe reflects your retirement account. One that reflects maybe stocks that you may be interested in and things like that. Or you can just use this as a way to track news for companies you're interested in.
An interesting new feature in System Settings is the ability to get WiFi passwords out of System Settings. So if you go in here and then you go to WiFi and then scroll down to the bottom and click Advanced. You're going to see a list of all of the different WiFi networks you've ever connected to. You can select anyone of those, like that, and copy the password from it.
So in macOS Monterey we got Live Text. The ability to select and copy text in still images. Well now you can do it in videos. So here is a video. I just have it opened in QuickTime Player. I can select the text on any frame here. Copy it and then paste it into another app. You can even take actions on this text. So, for instance, here in this final frame of the video notice how there is a link and you can actually click here and open the link.
In Maps, as before, you can search for directions. So let's start here and then do Directions and notice how we can create another stop right here. Notice here you can add another stop and you can rearrange the order of the stops and everything. You can go up to five different destinations in one route.
Now I want to mention one last feature that's really important although you never see it working. It will be in the background. It's called Rapid Security Response. What it is is that security updates will be automatic and not be tied to software updates. So if there is a security threat to macOS you can get an update without doing the whole major dot 1 release or whatever it is of your Mac. It will just happen automatically and quietly in the background and protect you from any malware that may appear. Apple hasn't really needed this with macOS in the past. What they provided through software updates and updates to XProtect and such have been fine. But it is great that they are thinking ahead and putting even more security into macOS.
Hope you found this useful. Thanks for watching.Related Subjects: Ventura (6 videos)
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