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How to upgrade from Spotify to Apple Music and transfer your Spotify playlists

Wednesday February 2, 2022. 03:47 PM , from Mac Daily News
Apple Music has more tracks than Spotify (over 90 million vs. 70 million) in better quality (Apple Music’s library is lossless and offers Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos, Spotify’s doesn’t have either) with better features (Apple Music’s iCloud Music Library allows users to access their libraries wherever they go, Spotify doesn’t). Both services cost about the same (Spotify offers a “free” tier of their that’s festooned with ads for the truly cheap).
So, it makes a ton of sense to upgrade from Spotify to Apple Music and transfer your Spotify playlists. It’s easy. See below.

Chris Velazco for The Washington Post:

If you use any Apple products regularly, Apple Music is perhaps the obvious choice — the service comes preloaded on basically all of them. Ubiquity isn’t the only thing Apple Music has going for it, though — in addition to its full music library, you can sync up to 100,000 of your own songs (i.e. ones you didn’t pay Apple for) across your collection of Apple devices.
And while audiophiles generally turn their noses up at streaming services, nearly all of the music we’ve searched for on Apple Music is available at better-sounding “lossless” quality at no additional cost.

Upgrading from Spotify to Apple Music and transferring your Spotify playlists is extremely easy.
Adam Speight for Wired:

My personal favorite solution is SongShift — a tool I’ve used for many years with little trouble. It allows you to move your playlists back and forth between a range of popular streaming platforms — for free.
First off, you’ll want to download SongShift from the App Store. Once you’ve got it, it’s as simple as selecting the supported music services you want to transfer to and from, and then logging in to each via SongShift.
Once you’ve signed in to each, click Setup Source and choose the playlist you’d like to transfer from Spotify. Next, select Setup Destination and choose Apple Music. Then simply click I’m Finished, and the transfer of your precious playlists will begin.
You can now review SongShift’s work to check that everything is in order. Select Ready for Review and browse all the matches the app has made. If there’s a mistake, select the problem match, which you can then rematch by manually searching for the correct song. Click Confirm Matches when you’re all done, and SongShift will create the new playlist in your destination.
That’s it. You’re switched. In an age of locked-down ecosystems, it is admittedly surprising that there is still such a quick solution—so use it while it’s around.

MacDailyNews Take: If you’re still slumming it with Spotify, with its lesser library, lesser quality, and lack of important features like Apple Music’s iCloud Music Library, but were concerned about losing your playlists when upgrading to Apple Music, fret no more!
It’s time to upgrade to America’s No.1 streaming music service, Apple Music!
More info about Apple Music here.
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